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Top 10 Internet Uses
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Top 10 Internet Uses


Dr. Yang--Top 10 Internet Uses for Teaching and Learning

Dr. Yang--Top 10 Internet Uses for Teaching and Learning

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  • 1. Top 10 Internet Uses in Teaching and Learning Leslie-Ann Hendrix
  • 2. Research
    • Students use reference materials as well as the internet to research for various assignments.
    • Teachers use the internet to research lesson materials and supplemental supplies.
  • 3. Instruction
    • The internet is one of the most resourceful methods for locating lesson plan ideas, worksheets, tutorials, methodology, instructional games, and national/state academic standards.
  • 4. Lesson Planning
    • There are certain content-area topics that are difficult for teachers to teach, and the internet is a great place to look and steal from other teachers!
  • 5. Professional Development
    • A lot of teachers work on earning advanced degrees via the internet, as well as participate in courses offered by their respective employers through various online courses.
  • 6. Communication
    • Whether you’re communicating with colleagues or students’ parents, communication is a common use of the internet in classrooms across the country.
  • 7. Virtual Tours/Trips
    • With tools like Google Maps, students are able to visit new countries and/or landmarks without ever leaving the classroom!
  • 8. Collaboration
    • Whether it’s within grade-levels, teams, or for vertical planning, communication among teachers and staff is essential to student achievement and classroom management, as well as smooth operation for each school day.
  • 9. Remediation/Acceleration
    • By using the internet, teachers can allow struggling students and advanced learners the opportunity to learn and review material via resources online therefore varying instructional methods.
  • 10. Enrichment
    • For students who “almost” get it, enrichment is a great use of the internet. By getting extra practice, we are allowing students the opportunity to excel academically.
  • 11. Supplementary Materials
    • When teaching any content, there are an endless amount of resources for teachers to choose from which will help to supplement student learning.