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The Polar Express Final Project.
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The Polar Express Final Project.






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The Polar Express Final Project. The Polar Express Final Project. Presentation Transcript

  • Making inferences involves reading between the lines to understand what is not directly in the text. It’s important because readers who cannot make an inferences may not understand the author’s purpose or find the main idea. In order for us to help students on how to learn to make an inference we will show them everyday examples that they do in their lives.
  • We will demonstrate the children how to make inferences using the following passage “The Polar Express”. We will show the students how readers make inferences even before they read the articles by skimming throughout the passage.
  • What we are going to do is: we are going to get a bingo game that America has. Decorate the bingo cards with Christmas designs. For example stickers. Then we are going to let kids get a number and a another kid gets a detail. They put the number and detail together. Whichever kid in the class gets five details wins bingo. If a girl wins she gets a doll and a lollipop. If a boy wins he gets a toy car and a lollipop too.
    • 1. Which pair of words best describes the main character?
    • Fun
    • Shy
    • Kind
    • Adventurous
    • 2. What caused the main character to believe in Santa clause?
    • He heard the silver bell ring
    • The elves lead him to believe.
    • Santa told him to believe
    • He rode on the sleigh with Santa
    • 3. What caused the main character to get sad?
    • Loosing the bell.
    • Getting lost.
    • Not being able to believe.
    • Loosing the girls ticket.
    • Before Reading
    • What do you think this book is about based on the cover?
    • Who here has watched the movie the polar express?
    • How many people think Christmas is their favorite holiday?
    • During Reading
    • What do you know about the north pole?
    • How would you feel if Santa chose you?
    • How do you think the boy feels when he looses the bell?
    • After Reading
    • 1. If you had the chance, would you go on the polar express?
    • 2. What would you ask Santa for Christmas?
    • 3. What’s your favorite part of the story? Why?
  • Vanessa- I now know that infer is that you predict what may happen in a story. Olivia- What I know about infer is that it helps you understand the story better. Jorge- To infer you need details, when I read I imagine what is happening. America- We use inferences everyday, now I remember what they are.
  • “ I would like to start teaching the children by telling them what infer means. It means to imply, or to suggest, or to make aware. To infer gives you a hint of something that is going to happen. I would also read adjectives to give hints to see what's coming”.