Staff centric change management framework and methods


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Presented at Customer Experience Design Australia 2013

The framework helps CX professionals to structure their change management activities when implementing improvements in service delivery. Adopting a staff centric approach helps mitigate the risk of rejection.

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  • Innovate for the better of Cs Benefits <> behaviour change Risky, appetite for change Share framework, methods and tips to reduce risk Will increase odds you deliver
  • That’s it! Delivering a purchasing experience where staff foster a partnership with clients to educate them on the broader process that your product helps them to achieve Now, you have to get this guy to deliver on it... Changes are unknown and risky Values it way less more than we do Business versus Customer tension Not: frontline staff satisfaction, performance
  • UPFRONT staff early validated understanding of staff challenges co-designing the change state with staff co-designing the change methods with staff Embed the change Measuring the benefits
  • Provide tips instead of trying to sell straight away? Offer channel of choice to customers, Refer the customer to the right person ?
  • Asking staff to define the steps and tasks they go through to deliver a client outcomes Suitable Advantages leverage staff creativity staff negotiating their constraints between them see problems/demotivators Tips
  • Role play key scenarios and situations to see how it feels on both sides Suitable Advantages impro in the moment creates solutions see what is natural for staff Tips Doing, no talking Explore alternate options Create tension (eg grumpy client) Involve managers as spectators Low fi
  • Validated future practices & processes validatde Change needs Generated stakeholder/staff buy-in Identification of issues in controlled environment Now how do you get everyone to do it well? - staff to be knowledgeable about a process - get good at probing the right way
  • Iterative design and testing of communication artefacts not enough alone to empower staff to completely comprehend what they need to do differently in the future state. Activities to impart the skills and practice behaviours Use artefacts as “ingredients” Challenge the current ways Keep managers apart
  • By upfronting staff participation you validate the change managemnet assumptions all the way and reduce the risk of going astray To validate the future state from all perspectives: Enactment of the experience is key is creating and refining the solutions To validate the change methods before rolling them out: co-design the artefacts and the activities around the artefacts By involving staff upfront you get: Increased adoption speed; Reduced cost of rework; Increased staff satisfaction; reduced risk of reduced output and quality
  • apply the same empathy to the people who will deliver the designs than the one you apply to the customers who inspire the designs
  • Staff centric change management framework and methods

    1. 1. the risk ofchange failure with astaff centric approach
    2. 2. Don’t let risk aversionscupper the benefits ofyour CX efforts
    3. 3. roll-outchangeco-designchangemethodsnew CXco-designchangestatebenefitsrealisationStaff centric change managementInvolve staff here not just there
    4. 4. roll-outchangeco-designchangemethodsnew CXco-designchangestatebenefitsrealisationDefine future state processes & behavioursEvidence change needsPrevent non-viable solutionsStakeholder & staff buy-inCo-design change state with staffCo-designingchangestateco-designchangestate
    5. 5. - Leverage client personas- Challenge with CX principles- Keep managers awayProcess co-design
    6. 6. - Enact alternate options- Make scenarios though- Involve managers- Low-fidelity prototypingCX enactment
    7. 7. roll-outchangeco-designchangemethodsnew CXco-designchangestatebenefitsrealisationCo-design change methods with staffDefine how to enable staffStaff buy-inco-designchangemethods
    8. 8. - Test your artefacts- Use artefacts as ‘ingredients’- Challenge ‘training’- Keep managers awayArtefact & activity co-design
    9. 9. roll-outchangeco-designchangemethodsnew CXco-designchangestatebenefitsrealisationStaff centric change managementco-designchangemethodsco-designchangestateStaffempathyCustomerempathy
    10. 10. Empathise with staff asmuch as you do withcustomers
    11. 11. roll-outchangeco-designchangemethodsnew CXco-designchangestatebenefitsrealisationThank you!co-designchangemethodsco-designchangestateLearn moreUser centric change tools for service in touchlinkedin @madeinlafrance