The fan-economy


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The fan-economy

  1. 1. 2009 the fan economyBud Caddell Strategist, Undercurrent
  2. 2. Once upon a time, the internet was supposed to be the great homogenizer.
  3. 3. With common information, incommon places, we were allsupposed to become one massaudience – ripe for the picking.
  4. 4. This was not an original idea.
  5. 5. Fortunately, the world is fartoo complex for homogeneity.
  6. 6. The web has madeconstructing our identitythrough niche communitiesmore visible, accessible,and rewarding.
  7. 7. And whatever we hunger, we can find others like us offering the means to satiate that hunger.
  8. 8. Which means the days of thecaptive audience are gone.
  9. 9. Welcome to today. Welcome to standing fornothing means standing alone.
  10. 10. Welcome to the recession.
  11. 11. Today, we must commit our budgetsto have the greatest measurableimpact on human interaction.
  12. 12. Which means we can’t wasteour diminishing ad budgets on another awareness play.
  13. 13. Fans are our new economy.
  14. 14. A dollar spent on fans is a dollar spent on retention, recruitment, R&D and longevity.
  15. 15. Fans don’t just buy ourproducts, they convince theirfriends to give us a try.
  16. 16. And because we all define ourdigital identity around ourfandom, fans are now easierand more cost effective to findand engage online.
  17. 17. And engagement beginssimply by listening.
  18. 18. Fans are practiced at voicingtheir opinions. Understandingtheir desires and theirmotivations is absolutely critical.
  19. 19. Make no mistake, 2009 will wipethe floor with unremarkable ideas.
  20. 20. Customers come and go,but fans fight for your survival.
  21. 21. 2008 provided some fineexamples for how we canengage with fans in 2009.
  22. 22. Pent-up fan demand forthe McFly lead to linesaround buildings andpairs going for $2,000on eBay.
  23. 23. Nevermind pay-as-you-like, it was the box-setthat was the fanfocused product, andRadiohead sold over100,000 at $80 each.
  24. 24. Avril Lavigne puts asmuch content as she canon her YouTube channel.And it’s estimated shemade a cool $2 millionfrom her fan’s views.
  25. 25. Mountain Dew created agame to let their fansengineer the next flavorfrom scratch. Thecandidate flavors flew offthe shelves.
  26. 26. Virgin America teamed up withHBO to offer the Entourageexperience on flights from NYCto Las Vegas through a new‘Entourage’ first class ticket.
  27. 27. Joss didn’t let a little thing like a writer’sstrike stop him. Casual observerswatched for free, but fans pushed theshow and soundtrack to #1 on Tunes. i
  28. 28. Tune-in may have been down, but theadvertising drama, Mad Men, hadfans engaging fans, creating their owncontent and awareness for the show.
  29. 29. A bridge in his name, a hockeyteam’s mascot, humbling Kanye;Stephen Colbert deftly engages hisfan community, the Colbert Nation.
  30. 30. H&M, Target, and others work withmega-names in fashion to make highdesign more accessible to hungry fancommunities.
  31. 31. The ways to play with fansare many, but to become afan focused organization youneed 3 key ingredients.**Garnish as you please.
  32. 32. It’s time to stand for something; to use your size and power for the advocacy of an ideal.A Point of View
  33. 33. A Belief in InfinityFandom defies conventions of time, space, and material.Relationships require more than a single campaign.
  34. 34. Fandom demands pliability, and cultural significance requires exposing yourself to the mechanisms of culture (e.g. remixing).Open Source Relationships
  35. 35. In 2009, I challenge youto become fan focused.Don’t spend a dimeoutside of fan communities.Not a red cent.
  36. 36. About MeMy name is Bud Caddell. I work as aStrategist at the New York based digitalthink-tank Undercurrent. Find me acrossthe web at About This Deck All sources, stories, and images can be found at The illustrations used were stolen from the amazing artist Gerd Arntz., more info at I’d be honored if you stole anything from this deck.