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  1. 1. LAEFSatisfaction & PrioritiesSurvey 2012-13
  2. 2. Executive SummarySurvey Response• 1,449 starts and 1,237 completed surveys• Focus of the survey was on the satisfaction of programs in 2012-13 andprogram priorities in 2013-14.• Survey responses similar to 2011-12.• 22% less than 2010-11 when parents were concerned about pink slips.• Representative sample by school and by grade• Non-donors are under-represented.
  3. 3. Executive SummaryDonation Attitudes-Year 3 of LAEF’s $1,000 per student suggested donation amount.• Respondents hope all families will donate what they can afford, withbroad understanding that not all families are able to donate equally.•“District Counts on Me” remains the predominant sentiment for whydonors give•Among respondents, 96% report they donate annually
  4. 4. Program Satisfaction• Overall satisfaction high across all grades & most programs• Increased communication to improve parent understanding of programcurriculum needed for most programs• K-3 class size remains a priority for parents. Satisfaction levels indicateparents agree class size reduction is a good use of their donation.• Overall satisfaction is high at Blach and Egan across all LAEF-fundedprogramExecutive Summary
  5. 5. Pressure Points• Science- desire for more hands-on science at the elementary level.• Library- dissatisfaction in comments regarding lack of class time andlibraries which are not open consistently at recess and lunch.• Math- what is the path to provide geometry in 8th grade?• Music- can more instruments be offered?Executive Summary
  6. 6. Executive SummaryBoard & Grant-Making• Parents give LAEF Board good marks for communicating about fundingand reasons to give.• Majority of parents believe LAEF grant is distributed equally amongschools and grade levels.• Parents are still unclear about how LAEF works with District todevelop LAEF grant & how funds are allocated.
  7. 7. Executive SummaryFunding & Fundraising• Most parents remain committed to supporting high-quality, well-rounded education (smaller class sizes, enrichment programs) viadonations.•While committed to high quality public education, parents recognizechanges need to be made to public education funding• Ex: property tax inequities and state taxes.•Concerns over rising expenses•Ex: health care costs• Parents expect fiscal responsibility, accounting for funds.
  8. 8. Executive SummaryAction ItemsCommunication:-Despite high marks on communication, many comments note lack ofinformation about LAEF programs• LAEF Board needs to remain visible on campus, improve outreach toschool communities• Increase communications about LAEF programs• Regular program updates from LAEF-funded staff would be greatlyappreciated by parentsInvestigate Program changes w/ District:• Science- how can we support the classroom teachers’ delivery of thescience curriculum?
  9. 9. Survey Participation
  10. 10. Who took the survey?3030303030n = 1,479Almond Covington GardnerEgan Loyola Oak Santa Rita SpringerBlach055110165220193180194220121186208196187
  11. 11. Are all populationsrepresented?# of Families% ElementaryPopulation# of Response % of Responsesover (under)RepresentationAlmond 391 15.8% 187 14.4% -1.4%Covington 369 14.9% 208 16.0% +1.1Gardner Bullis 214 8.6% 121 9.3% +.7%Loyola 404 16.3% 220 16.9% +0.6%Oak 326 13.1% 194 14.9% +1.8%Santa Rita 419 16.9% 180 13.9% -3.0%Springer 357 14.4% 193 14.9% +.5%Blach 241 45.5% 196 51.3% +5.8%Egan 289 54.5% 186 48.7% -5.8%Survey sample proportional to actual elementary enrollment +/- 3%.Junior Highs- Egan is under-represented
  12. 12. HistoricSatisfaction & Program SurveyParticipationSurvey Starts Completes Complete %2010 S&P 1162 1023 88%2011 S&P 1927 1525 79%2012 S&P 1496 1237 83%2013 S&P 1489 1237 83%Note: “Completes” equals respondents who click “Done”.Effective completion rate even higher.
  13. 13. Donation Attitudes
  14. 14. Which statement best represents your attitudeabout donating to LAEF?0%15%30%45%60%Non Donor Tax Deduction Not High Priority Try Every Year Count on Me Every Family2010 2011 2012 Advocacy 2012 Program 2013n = 1,436“Counts on Me” response captures strongest sense of community “greatergood”While respondent pool changes over time, attitudes are highly consistent
  15. 15. Which statement best represents your attitudeabout donating to LAEF?Top Themes Comments ShareAmount- too high/too lowEvery family should give somethingTaxes- already paying high taxesOther ThemesPraise for LAEFFinancial Hardship- donate timeWould like targeted donationsSpend their money on outside programs23 24%13 13%10 10%Comments Share9 9%9 9%7 7%7 7%n = 97
  16. 16. How is LAEF doing?
  17. 17. Rate LAEF Board Membersn = 1,3510% 25% 50% 75% 100%The LAEF Board of Directors strives to represent all of the families inour school district. Please read the following statements and provide arating that reflects your thoughts/feelings about LAEF.Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly AgreeLAEF Board members are parentslike me who are interested inkeeping our schools strong.LAEF Board members at my schoolare accessible and open to hearingmy input.LAEF Board members effectivelycommunicate with the parentcommunity on funding issues.
  18. 18. Top Themes Comments ShareDon’t Know my Board memberNot Enough Communication/Details from boardThank You LAEF!24 32%13 17%10 13%n = 75Rate LAEF Board Members Comments
  19. 19. Rate LAEF Board Membersn = 1,3240% 25% 50% 75% 100%The LAEF Board of Directors strives to create a balanced grant. Pleaseread the following statements and provide a rating that reflects yourthoughts/feelings about the LAEF grant.Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly AgreeLAEF grants are spread fairly acrossall the SCHOOLS in our district.LAEF grants are spread fairly acrossall GRADES in the district so that allstudents benefit equally.LAEFs current level of fund raisingand funding to the school district isabout right.
  20. 20. Top Themes Comments ShareDon’t Know- don’t have the info to evaluateSpending Too High- reduce the grant/askSpending Too Low- increase the grant/askSpend On Other Things- we want “x” program85 49%21 12%20 12%20 12%n = 173Rate LAEF Board Members Comments
  21. 21. Kindergarten
  22. 22. Kindergarten Program Satisfactionn = 216How satisfied are you with the following LAEF funded Kindergartenprograms?** (The total cost to deliver each program this year to EVERYKindergarten at ALL 7 elementary schools)0% 25% 50% 75% 100%Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Do Not Know Neutral Satisfied Very SatisfiedReduce Class Size from 30 to 25or less ($225,000)**Library ($37,000)**Art Docent Lessons ($7,000)**Living Classroom ScienceDocents Lessons ($5,000)**
  23. 23. Top Themes Comments ShareClass Size Reduction- classes are still too largeLibraryLiving ClassroomArt DocentsOther ThemesMiscellaneous22 52%8 19%8 19%7 17%Comments Share5 12%n = 42Kindergarten Satisfaction Comments
  24. 24. n = 217Class Size Reduction ProgramHow is it going?LAEF spent $900,000 (or 38% of its grant) on class size reduction ingrades K-3.To reduce class size from 30 to 25 or less costs $225,000 forkindergarten.Do you believe this is a good use of your donation?0% 25% 50% 75% 100%Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
  25. 25. Top Themes Comments ShareClass Sizes Could Be Even SmallerHappy With Class Size Reduction/Good Use of FundsExtra Aides and/or ELL Support NeededOther ThemesFull-Day Kindergarten NeededMoney Should Be Spent on Other Programs23 64%8 22%6 17%Comments Share2 6%2 6%n = 36Class Size Reduction Comments
  26. 26. Grades 1-3
  27. 27. Grade 1-3 Program Satisfactionn = 675n = 480 Small GroupBelow is the list of LAEF funded programs provided to your children inGrades 1-3.The total cost to deliver each program this year to grades1-3 at all 7 elementary schools is indicated in parentheses. How satisfiedare you with these programs?0% 25% 50% 75% 100%Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Do Not Know Neutral Satisfied Very SatisfiedReduce Class Size from 30 to 25or less ($225,000)**Library ($37,000)**Art Docent Lessons ($7,000)**Living Classroom ScienceDocents Lessons ($5,000)**Physical Education ($140,000)**Small Group Instruction Time,Grades 1 & 2 ($92,000)**
  28. 28. Top Themes Comments ShareClass Size ReductionMore PELibraryMore ScienceOther ThemesSmall Group Instruction InformationLiving ClassroomMore Aides/More Small Group Instruction20 16%19 15%18 14%18 14%Comments Share12 9%12 9%10 8%Grade 1-3 Program SatisfactionComment Summaryn = 127
  29. 29. n = 676Class Size Reduction ProgramHow is it going?LAEF spent $900,000 (or 38% of its grant) on class size reduction ingrades K-3.To reduce class size from 30 to 25 or less in grades 1-3 costs$675,000.Do you believe this is a good use of your donation?0 25 50 75 100Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Stongly Agree
  30. 30. Top Themes Comments ShareSupport Class Size ReductionReduce Class Size MoreFund Other Programs Instead35 45%22 28%8 10%Class Size Reduction ProgramComment Summaryn = 78
  31. 31. Grades 4-6
  32. 32. Grades 4-6Program satisfaction0% 25% 50% 75% 100%Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Not Familiar Neutral Satisfied Very SatisfiedPE ($280,000)**Instrumental and Vocal Music ($350,000)**Library ($79,000)**Art Docent Lessons ($21,000)**Living Classroom Science Docents Lessons($15,000)**cSTEM- grade 6 ($28,000)**How satisfied are you with the LAEF-funded programs provided to yourchildren in grades 4-6? **(The total cost to deliver each program this year toEVERY student in grades 4-6 at ALL 7 elementary schools)n = 649n = 209 cSTEM
  33. 33. Grades 4-6Program satisfactionTop Themes Comments ShareChange MusicMore LibraryChange PEOther ThemesMore ScienceLess PE24 19%15 12%13 10%Comments Share11 9%11 9%n = 127
  34. 34. Instrumental &Vocal MusicLAEF provided $400,000 for Instrumental andVocal Music for students inGrades 4-6 at all 7 elementary schools this year. How satisfied are youwith the LAEF funded Music Programs in Grades 4-6 this school year?0% 25% 50% 75% 100%Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied4th grade - Weekly Vocal Music (Fall) /Recorder (Spring)5th grade - Twice weekly Instrumental Music(1st semester Vocal and Instrumental, 2ndsemester Instrumental)5th grade - Twice weekly Vocal Music (if yourstudent is not in Instrumental Music)6th grade - Twice weekly Instrumental Music6th grade - Twice weekly Vocal Music (if yourstudent is not in Instrumental Music)
  35. 35. Instrumental &Vocal MusicCommentsTop Themes Comments ShareDesire Program ChangesNot Getting Benefit/already take private lessonsLove It33 39%17 20%16 19%n = 147
  36. 36. Junior High
  37. 37. Junior HighProgram SatisfactionEach year LAEF designates 22% of its grant to the 2 Junior Highs whorepresent 22% of the district students. Below is a list of Junior Highprograms with LAEFs contribution is indicated in parentheses. Howsatisfied are you with these programs for this school year?0% 25% 50% 75% 100%Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very SatisfiedScience CSR ** $90,000Math CSR ** $90,000Social Studies CSR ** $90,000English CSR ** $90,000Library ** $70,00Electives ** $125,000
  38. 38. Top Themes Comments ShareMore High-Caliber ElectivesLibrary UnderutilizedClasses Still Too LargeLack of Geometry15 29%10 19%9 17%5 10%n = 52Junior HighProgram Satisfaction
  39. 39. Did your Junior High Student receiveone of their top 3 electives choices?n = 364050100150200Blach EganNo I don’t know Yes
  40. 40. Top Themes Comments SharePleased with ElectivesWant More ElectivesStudy HallLeadership Class Should be 8th Grade Only6 32%4 21%3 16%3 16%n = 19Junior High Elective Comments
  41. 41. Innovation Grantn = 1322This year, LAEF allocated $460,000 towards an Innovation Grant, which supports:* Instructional Coach to empower innovation in how students learn- including using technology in the classroom* Instructional Coach to bring more STEM (Science, Engineering,Technology and Math) to the classroom* Small-group Language Arts support for grades 1-2* Library Innovation- centralizing resources and access to ebooks year round* iLearn- a professional development opportunity designed to empower teachers to innovate and increasestudent engagement* iLearn for resource teachers- providing iPads and specialized training for teachers working to meet the needsof all students* "ReThink" Professional development days- project based learning strategies for K-4 teachersWhat statement best describes your awareness of these programs:0225450675900Not Aware Somewhat Aware Very Aware
  42. 42. Top Themes Comments ShareUnaware/Would Like More InfoWe SupportE-BooksNot a Good Use of FundsOther ThemesWary of Technology as a Substitute for InnovationSTEM44 34%25 20%17 13%16 13%Comments Share13 10%9 7%n = 128Innovation Grant
  43. 43. Innovation Grantn = 1295Programs like those funded by the Innovation Grant typicallyrequire the investment of resources over several years torealize measurable results.While exposure to these programswill vary based on your childs grade, how important is it tocontinue funding our Innovation in Education Grant?0175350525700Not Important Somewhat Important Extremely Important
  44. 44. Top Themes Comments ShareSupportNeed to Measure EffectivenessUnaware/Would Like More InfoTechnology is OverratedOther ThemesSTEMFund Other Priorities41 31%20 15%19 14%18 14%Comments Share14 11%12 9%n = 132Innovation Grant
  45. 45. Innovation Grantn = 1296 - 1306Teachers are rethinking and innovating their instructional practices as partof the Innovation Grant.The goal is to increase student engagement andensure teachers are providing relevant learning experiences for allstudents.Wed like to hear how aware you are that your child has beenexposed to the following tools:0% 25% 50% 75% 100%Not Aware Somewhat Aware Very AwareStudent PresentationWeb PublishingCollaboration & CommunicationStudent CreativityMultimediaLeveled Electronic ReadingMaterialsStudent Creativity had the largest “outage”Reading Materials had the highest awareness
  46. 46. Top Themes Comments ShareWary of Technology as a Substitute for InnovationNot AwareLimited Exposure in Lower GradesWe SupportRazzKidz34 24%25 18%25 18%22 15%20 14%n = 142Innovation Grant
  47. 47. Innovation Grantn = 477What areas of innovation in the classroom is your childexcited about?Top Themes Comments ShareiPadGoogle DocsRazzKidzFilmmakingEdmodoPresentation Tools69 14%59 12%53 11%51 11%48 10%36 8%
  48. 48. LAEF Annual ReportNo- Prefer paperI never read itMore likely to read paperWould read eitherYes- online0 275 550 825 1100LAEF is considering transitioning to an electronicAnnual Report How do you feel about receiving ourAnnual Report electronically?
  49. 49. Thank you to all the parents who providedfeedback, and thank to the LAEF volunteers whospent many hours analyzing the results.Your comments have been sent to the Board ofTrustees, LASD Superintendents, School Principalsand PTA Presidents.Your feedback will determine how the LAEFdonations will be granted for 13-14.