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Santiolympics Santiolympics Presentation Transcript

  • The Olympic Games
  • INDEX:The Olympic Games.Summer and Winter Olympics.Olympic year.Olympic cities.IOC.Gold, Silver and Bronzemedals.
  • INDEX:Olympic sports.Origins of The Olympic Games.Ancient Olympic Games.Modern Olympic Games: BaronPierre de Coubertin.Motto of The Olympic Games.Highlights.Mascots.
  • What is it?The Olympic Games orOlympics are multidisciplinarysporting events involvingathletes from around the world
  • How many kinds of OlympicGames are there?There are two types ofOlympics: Summer Olympicsand Winter Olympics.
  • When is an Olympic year?It’s an Olympic year every fouryears.This year is anOlympic year.
  • Where are The Olympic Games2012?The Olympic Games 2012 arein London (United Kingdom).
  • Do you know others olympiccities?Yes. Pekin, Atenas Athens(twice), Sidney, Atlanta, BARCELONA, Seul, Los Angeles(twice),… atiin summer.And Vancouver, Turin,Salt Lake City,…at in winter.
  • Who choosesthe olympic cities?Many cities wishto have The Olympic Games.But, it’s chosen only one city ischosenThe International OlympicCommittee (IOC) choses it.
  • What kind of prizes do thewinning athletes have?There are only three medals:GOLD (1st),SILVER (2nd),BRONZE (3rd).
  • Which are olympic sports?There aremany olympicsports.Cycling, swimming,athletics,…
  • Which are the origins of theOlympic Games?In the AncientGreece, athletes of thedifferent Greekcities playedas an honor ofZeus.
  • Do you know any words aboutthe Ancient Olympic Games?Yes, I know the word “stadion”.It was a straight line for 200steps.
  • When were the first AncientOlympic Games? And where?The first Ancient Olympic Gameswere in 776 BC at Olympia(Greece).For this reason, the Games arecalled Olympics.
  • When were the last AncientOlympic Games? And why?The Roman emperorTheodosius I declared theOlympic Games as a pagan cultand he decided they had to beeliminated about 400 AC.
  • Which were the first Olympicsports?The Ancient Games have thesecompetitions: pentathlon(jumping, discus and javelinthrows, a foot race andwrestling), boxing, wrestling, pankration, and equestrian events.
  • When were the first ModernOlympic Games? And where?The first Modern Olympic Gameswere in 1896 at Athens(Greece).
  • Who promoted the ModernOlympic Games?It was Baron Pierre de Coubertinwho promoted the ModernOlympic Games.
  • Which is the motto of theOlympic movement?The motto of the Olympicmovement is“Citius, Altius, Fortius”. It wascoined by the Rev. HenryDidon, a friend of Baron Pierrede Coubertin."Faster, Higher, Stronger".
  • And Takeichi Nishi?1932 Los AngelesTakeichi Nishi was thegold medalist with hishorse Uranus in the equestrianshow jumping individual event.Nishi would later die in 1945 inthe defense of the island of IwoJima.
  • And Jesse Owens?1936 BerlinJesse Owens wonfour gold medals in the sprintand long jump events.
  • And Bob Beamon?1968 MexicoBob Beamon of theU.S. leapt 8.90 min the long jump.It remains the Olympic recordand stood as the world recordfor 23 years, until 1991.
  • And Mark Spitz?1972 MunichMark Spitz, a swimmer from theUnited States, set a world recordwhen he won seven gold medalsin a single Olympics.
  • And Nadia Comaneci?1976 MontrealAt age 14, gymnast NadiaComăneci of Romania scoredseven perfect 10.0 and wonthree gold medals.
  • And Miguel Indurain?1996 AtlantaMiguel Indurain won the goldmedal in mens individual roadtime trial.
  • And Gervasio Deferr?2000 SidneySpanish gymnastic GervasioDeferr won the gold medalmens long horse vault.
  • And Michael Phelps?2004 AthensAmerican swimmer MichaelPhelps wins 8 medals (6 goldand 2 bronze), becoming thefirst athlete to win 8 medals innon boycotted Olympics.
  • And Rafael Nadal?2008 BeijingSpanish tennis player RafaelNadal won the gold medal in themen’s singles.
  • Do you knowany mascots?I know Cobi.