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Michael Jackson Project Andrea Aldao 2ºc

  1. 1. MichaelJackson The King of Pop 1958-2009
  2. 2. Michael Joseph Jackson Scruse borns was born the29th of August in 1958 in Gary,Indiana.His mother is Katherine Esther Scruse,was JehovahsWitness.His father,Joseph Jackson,worked in a factoryand sang in ‘’The Falcons’’.Michael had three sisters (Janet,Rebbie and La Toya)and five brothers (Jackie,Tito,Jermaine,Brandon andRandy).
  3. 3. During his childhood lived in Gary with his parents and brothers,inthe Jackson street.From an early age he showed interest in music. In 1964, he and hisbrother Marlon joined the band Jackson Brothers, formed by hisbrothers Jackie , Tito and Jermaine. Michael stood out from therest of his brothers for his hability to sing and dance and he andJermaine became in vocalists of group who later called TheJackson Five.
  4. 4. At fourteen years old, began his solo career with albumsGot to Be There and Ben, at the time to combine theirwork as lead singer of the group that formed with hisbrothers.In 1982, he contributed the song "Someone In the Dark"to the audiobook of the film ET the Extra-Terrestrial andwon a Grammy for best album for kids. That same year, Michael released his second album withEpic, Thriller, the biggest selling album in history. On the25th of March(1983) acted in thespecial Motown 25:Yesterday, Today, Forever,where he played the song"Billie Jean" and introduced the "moonwalk".
  5. 5. • On January 27th, 1984, he filmed a commercial for Pepsi Cola and other family members at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. During the filming of it, the singer suffered second degree burns on her scalp and part of his face because the fireworks that were used in a scene, had an explosion was greater than the expected. ·On May 14, 1984, was invited to the Whitehouse to receive a special prize awarded then U.S. President Ronald Reagan, for his humanitarian work. Also in 1984, the artist won eight Grammy Awards.
  6. 6. In early 1980, began to make a strict vegetariandiet because he wanted a "dancers body."In 1986, he was diagnosed with vitiligo, so hisskin was missing pigmentation, so it had toavoid sun exposure .. In order to give more BADconsistent tone his skin, resorted to makeup.Later, he starred in the short film Captain EO3D, directed by Francis Ford Coppola.Then released Bad (1987), his first studioalbum in five years.On September 11, 1987 Bad World Tourbegan, tour which culminated 14th January, 1989.Jackson entered to the Book Guinness of theRecords when it filled completely seven timesWembleys stadium, congregating to more thanhalf a million spectators. His tour consisted of123 concerts and obtained a collection of 125million dollars, part of which donated tohospitals, orphanages and to entities ofwelfare.
  7. 7. • In March, 1988, he bought an estate in Holy Ynez, California, for seventeen million dollars to construct there his mess Neverland. At this property was to be built a theme park, a zoo and a cinema. In 1989, thanks to the sales of his albums and his concerts, it obtained earnings estimated in 125 million dollars,became this way into one of the artists best full of the world. Thanks to the enormous popularity that he harvested it was nicknamed " the king of pop ".
  8. 8. In March 1991, renewed his contract withSony for $ 65 million. In this year publishedDangerous, his eighth album of study.Dangerous sold seven million copies in TheUnited States and 32 million copiesworldwide. The first single was "Black orWhite“and the second was "Remember theTime“.In 1992, Michael created the Healthe World Foundation,to help the worldspoorest children, victims of violence andterminal illness.
  9. 9. • In the summer of 1993, the singer was accused of sexually molesting of Jordan Chandler, one of the many children who he was receiving in Neverland,by the child and his father, Evan Chandler. At the request of justice, his Neverland Ranch was searched and some children and families accused the singer of being a pedophile. To Avoid to come to Judgment, the court singer Reached an agreement With The family of Jordan, paying twenty- two million dollars for the charges were dropped.• On 30 June 2009, five days after the death of Michael Jackson and sixteen years after the accusation Jordan Chandler -the child, already adult - declared publicly that THE SINGER HAD NEVER TOUCHED HIM AND THAT HE LIED BECAUSE WAS FORCED BY HIS FATHER TO GO OUT OF THE POVERTY.
  10. 10. In 1995 published the doubleIn May, 1994, Jackson married album HIStory: Past, PresentLisa Marie Presley in and Future, Book I. It soldDominican Republic. They more than twenty millionseparated two years later. copies in the world and turned on the double disc most sold of all the times.
  11. 11. • In November, 1996, he married a nurse of his habitual dermatologist: Debbie Rowe. Debbie gave birth the first two children of the singer, Michael Joseph Jr (Prince) and Paris-Michael Katherine (Paris). They were divorced in 1999 but they remained as friends and Rowe granted the custody of the children to the singer.
  12. 12. • In 1997, he threw Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix. Throughout the world it sold six million copies and turned into the album of remixtures most sold of the history. In June, 1999, Jackson took part in several charitable events. It took part in a charitable concert organized by Luciano Pavarotti in Modena, Italy, which collection was destined to help the refugees of Yugoslavia and the children most needed from Guatemala. At the end of this month it realized two charitable qualified concerts "Michael Jackson and Friends" in Germany and Korea.
  13. 13. • In October, 2001 published the album Invincible. Invincible made début in the top of the hit parades of thirteen countries and sold approximately thirteen millions of copies in the whole world. In the United States it was certified by " double platinum ".
  14. 14. • In 2002 the third son of Jackson was born, Prince Michael Jackson II.By Michael, the child was conceived by means of artificial insemination, using his sperm and an abdomen of rent. In November of this year the artist returned to be a news when newborn child showed to his son across the balcony of the Hotel Adlon, in Berlin, covering it totally with a blanket, attitude that turned out to be very criticized in the mass media. Later he said to the press that this episode was a terrible mistake of his part and he apologized for the happened.
  15. 15. • On November 15, 2006 received the price Diamond in the World Music Awards, in London, where he interpreted the song " We are the World " close to a group of young people . Later it took part in the honoring and James Browns public funeral, in The United States, celebrated on December 30, 2006. At the end of this year, the singer agreed to share the custody of his first two children with his ex-wife Debbie Rowe.
  16. 16. • On March 5, 2009, in an audience in London, before 20,000 spectators, Michael Jackson announced his return to the scenes with the tour This Is It. Initially, it would rely on ten concerts that Sand would be celebrated in the above mentioned city in the O2 in July. According to what the same one said, these concerts would be the last ones that it would give in the English capital. The expectation increased the demand of the public, for what they added forty more presentations of the established ones in a beginning.
  17. 17. • In the morning of June 25, 2009, the artist suffered a cardiorespiratory unemployment in his mansion rented of Holmby Hills. The members of the service called to the hot line 911 to request aid them 12:The paramedics, who came nine minutes later, found it without pulse or breathing, for what they applied resuscitation to him cardiopulmonar and they it moved the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center located in Los Angeles to her 1:14 pm, but in spite of the efforts of the doctors he was declared a dead man at 2:26 pm. After realizing his autopsy, the forensic ones of the Department of the Coroner (court officers) it determines that Jacksons death had been provoked for " sharp poisoning of propofol " in combination by " sedative benzodiacepinas ", supplied by Conrad Robert Murray. From the death of Michael, the accusations his doctor Murray have not dismissed. On February 8, 2010, the court accused of " involuntary homicide " Murray, using in proof the official report of his death (that was announced in Internet the same day of the judgment) . He declared himself " not culprit ", paid a bail of 75.000 dollars not to join prison. Two days later, the doctor continued attending to patients, though the restriction was imposed of not realizing sedations.
  18. 18. • The public brief was celebrated on July 7, 2009 in the Staples Center of the city of Los Angeles. His funeral celebrated privately on September 3, 2009 in the Great Mausoleum (Holly Terrace) placed in the cemetery Forest Lawn of Los Angeles.
  19. 19. POSTHUMOUS WORKSAfter his death, Michael Jackson turned into the artist who more sold in 2009 inThe United States, where more than 8,2 millions were sold of álbumes, whereas in the rest of the world more than 35 millions were sold of albums in twelvemonths later to his death. Meanwhile, the magazine Forbes qualified it in theannual list of 2010 as the third one of the deceased celebrities that gain moremoney, with 90 million dollars. Epic Records (of Sony Music Entertainment)published on October 12 simply qualified " This Is It "; the same month therethrew a new double posthumous album of the artist on October26, called, again This Is It, which assembles the musical tests for the tour. Addedto it, Kenny Ortega released throughout the world the movie called MichaelJacksons This Is It two days after the premiere of the album, October 28, 2009.Which treats on last musical tests for the homonymous tour before his death.The album and the movie had together a collection of more than 250 milliondollars. During the sales of the artist. On March 16, 2010 a movement headedby the Columbia/Epic Label Group (of Sony Music Entertainment) signed themajor contract in the musical industry with the inheritors of the singer for 250million dollars for the rights of exploitation of ten musical projects at least until2017, which would be the release date of the last posthumous album
  20. 20. A great person. A great artist. The king. You have worked hard, but the project is a bit scrambled.I hope you could understand everything because you have to translate it into Spanish FIRST PART-NOTABLE (7) SECOND PART------? Andrea Aldao 2ºC.
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