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  1. 1. Miami City Miami is an American city locatedin the south-east part of Florida on the river Miami BANKS
  2. 2. Miami City
  3. 3. Miami City Places of Miami● Ocean Drive● Bayside Marketplace● Art Decó● Little Havana● Coral Gables● Coconut Grove● Vizcaya Museum and Gardens● Monument of the Holocaust
  4. 4. Miami CityOcean Dreave● Ocean Drive is one of the most popular zones of Miami.● A maritime walk in South Beachs area.● In Ocean Drive they find restaurants, bars and hotels, in the street always this full of people it is a day or nigh●
  5. 5. Miami CityBayside marketplace● Bayside Marketplace is a mall and of leisure placed in the maritime walk of the Biscayan Bay, in the zone of Miami.● This mall has more than 150 shops, mixture of shops of clothes with some of crafts, restaurants and terraces with a few privileged sights of the sports port.
  6. 6. Miami CityArt Decó● The District Art Decó of Miami in South Beachs south end, is composed by hundreds of buildings designed with this peculiar architectural style.● The buildings with style Art Decó are characterized by the geometry (buckets, spheres and straight lines),surfaces of terrazo, moldings in the ceilings, tropical colors and tones cake, parallel stripes, boards with bas- reliefs and the signs with neon lights
  7. 7. Miami CityLittle Havana● Little Havana is a small part of Cuba in the United States.● The population BELONGS TO MORE THAN 90.000 PERSONS.● The life in Little Havana turns around the Street Eight, In this street craftsmen coexist.● In the same street you will be able to find WALK OF THE REPUTATION with the most known Cuban stars.● THE SMALL HAVANA HAS A PACE OF DIFFERENT LIFE, TO THE CUBAN THING.● LITTLE HAVANA IS ONE OF THE BEST PLACES TO BE GOING TO EAT, OFFERS CUBAN VERY TASTY FOOD.
  8. 8. Miami CityCoral Gables● Coral Gables is a neighborhood the houses are enormous mansions surrounded by elegant gardens.● In this neighborhood is:● Biltmore Hotel:Gran hotel● Venetian Pool:Pscina● Miracle Mile: principal commercial
  9. 9. Coconut Grove Miami City● Coconut Grove is a neighborhood known by histranquility and his beauty● Coconut Grove is one of the most special neighborhoods of Miami.● CocoWalk is one of Coconut Groves warm points both for the tourists and for the inhabitants of Miami.● There are three floors where i know they can find cinemas, shops, cafeterias and restaurants of all kinds.
  10. 10. Miami CityVizcaya Museum and Gardens● It is much more than a museum it is a palace of three floors that IT SHELTERS to the museum, THERE IS distributed in 34 rooms decorated with hundreds of relics a Renaissance Italian mansion that has an ancient aspect, as if out of the 16th century.● The THIS mansion surrounded WITH enormous and beautiful gardens creating a landscape of dream.
  11. 11. Miami CityMonument of the HolocaustThe Monument to the Holocaust inaugurated in 1990, it is dedicated to six million Jews who were murdered by the Nazi in EuropeMore showy part of the monument is a hand of bronze of 13 meters for which they climb hundreds of human tormented figures.The monument has a dark tunnel of stone with the names of the concentration camps recorded in the walls. The Monument to the Holocaust makes remember all those that they died of such an unjust form.