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Leopardos Leopardos Presentation Transcript

  • Lions in general In general lions are the biggest wild cat inAfrica. They are carnivores and so they eat meat Ichose to do my subject on lions because Ifound them cool. The most a lion family can have is 2 adults and4 baby’s .
  • Male lions Male lions can weight up to 150 - 250 KG They eatbuffalo, zebra, wildebeest, waterbuck birds, young rhinos, hippos, deer and elephant. Here is a photo of aRole model lion.
  • The female lion Female lions weigh 150kg - 250 kg They eat zebras deer buffalo rhino hippo andmore. Here is a photo of a female lion and a photo ofa cub View slide
  • Lion cubs Lion Clubs like to play as hard as anyyoungsters. Their playground is the back ofa lioness, perhaps their mother. They eat the same as mothers and fathersdo. Lion cubs like toPlay tag and loveTo play rough. View slide
  • Lions prey Species killed by lions would be everymammal in its path. they also eat buffalo, zebra ,wildebeest andmore. They mostly eat buffalo and zebras. The reason they go for such big animals isbecause they are big cats and they love eatingmeat.
  • Lions habitat For a suitable habitat for lions consists ofsemi-arid plains and savannah grasslands. This habitat is exhibited almost extensivelythroughout sub-Saharan Africa with theexception of the Congo region. The savannah grasslands are spotted withAcacia trees which provide shade and restinglocations for lions.
  • Leopards prey Leopards are the most successfulhunters of the cat family. Theirprey includeImpala, Bushbuck, Warthog andalso the young ofWildebeest, Kudu and Waterbuck.Rodents, groundbirds, monkeys, baboons, frogsand fish, also make part of itsdiet.
  • Leopards habitat• Leopards are more commonly foundalong reverie forests and bushes.Although less common, they alsocan be found along open plains andsavannah, mainly in hills and rockyoutcrops.
  • Male leopards Male leopards weigh 66-155 lb Leopards are carnivores so they eat a variety ofFoods like for example they eatMonkeys, baboons and many mammals.
  • Female leopards Female leopards weigh 66-155 lb They eat the same as any leopards would likemonkeys deer antelopes and many mammals Here is a photo of a female leopard and a cub.
  • Leopard cubs Leopard cubs eatbaboons, monkeys, deer, antelope ,andother mammals. Cubs weigh up to 66-155 lb Leopards love to play rough and they like torun in the sun.