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  1. 1. My virtual holidayin GermanyMaría Vázquez Co1ºA. E.S.O
  2. 2. I have chosen Germany because itsmonuments are very nice and I love itsweather.Germany is a country with many placesand landscapes to visit.In my project I am going to talk aboutGermany.I HAVECHOSENGERMANYBECAUSE…____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. People inGermany·Germany has a population of about81 million.·There are about 39 million men.·There are about 41 million women.·There are more deaths than births.In Germany there are peoplefrom different backgrounds asTurks, Italians, Greeks ....The official language is German.
  4. 4. Climate:The average temperature in Germany is 9.1°CThe summers are hot and the winters arevery cold.The month with the wettest weather is Julyand the month with the driest weather isMarch.
  5. 5. Typicalfood.Sausages and beer are really popular inGermany and the most famous dessertis a chocolate cake called“schwarzwaelder-kirschtorte”.
  6. 6. Typical ClothesThe tipical costumes forparties consist of a shirt and browndungarees for men and red dressfor women.♥
  7. 7. Main IndustriesIt represents Germany is the seventh richestnation in the world.Manufacturing is thefoundation of Germany’s economy. The Ruhr,Dortmand, Duisburg, and the Dussel-dorfproduce most iron and steel, which is used tomake automobile, ships, and tools.
  8. 8. Typeofgovernment-Germany is a democraty.-Chief of State: President Joachim Gauck.-Chief of Government: Chancellor Angela Merkel.
  9. 9. TransportThe most important cities inGermany have night busservices. The train andsubway are widely used by allpeople to move arround.
  10. 10. RepresentativeanimalThe representative animal in Germany is a RomanEagle. It is the official figure in the German shield.
  11. 11. Germany Location Germany is a country between France, Poland,Austria, Czech Republic ... The capital is Berlin.The sea nearby are the Baltic Sea and theNorth Sea. The most important cities areBerlin,Hamburg,Munich and Frankfurt.Berlín.
  12. 12. Cologne Cathedral√Cologne Cathedral is aRoman Catholic church inCologne.√It is a well-knownmonument of GermanCatholicism and Gothicarchitecture.√It is Germanys most visitedlandmark, attracting 20,000people a day.
  13. 13. BrandenburgGateThe Brandenburg Gate is a formercity gate, a neoclassical triumphalarch, and now one of the importantlandmarks of Germany.It is located on the west of the citycentre of Berlin.And there is a long history of thismonument
  14. 14. SiegestorSiegestor is a libertysymbol in Munich. It wasbuilt by barbarians. Thismonument wasdestroyed and therebuild some years later.
  15. 15. BerlinWallThe Berlin Wall was a barrier builtby the German Democratic Republicto separate West Berlin from EastGermany.In 1989, a series of radical politicalchanges occurred in the EasternBloc, associated with theliberalization. The fall of the BerlinWall favored the way for Germanreunification, which was formallyconcluded in 1990.
  16. 16. RömerRömer is a medieval building inFrankfurt.It is used as a civil registryoffice, weddings are on the firstand second floor.Römer is fantastic!
  17. 17. Town hall of HamburgThe town hall of Hamburg is theseat of the government ofHamburgs city center.It’s very important in Hamburg.
  18. 18. Declared a historic building in 1999,this tower has part of the history of theBMW brand cars. An exhibition of oldand modern cars can be visited in yougo to Munich.Building BMW
  19. 19. Ginnemer SparchelGennimer Spaschelis an importanttelecommunicationstower, located in thecity of Frankfurt amMain. It is 337.5metres high.
  20. 20. ernsehturm in BerlinTheFernsehturmis a televisiontower in thecenter ofBerlin.It is 368metres high .It is the fourthtallestbuilding inEurope andtheseventeenthtallest towerin the world.
  21. 21. The Maintower is a skyscraper inFrankfurt am Main. The building is200 meters up, but with thetransmission tower is 240 metershigh. It has 56 floors.Maintower
  22. 22. Neuschwanstein -CaThe Neuschwanstein Castle wasbuilt during the 19th century ona hill in Bavaria, Germany.Neuschwanstein is a Germanword that means “New SwanStone Palace” in English..
  23. 23. Port ofHamburgThe Port of Hamburg is a port in Hamburg on the river Elbe.It is named Germanys "Gateway to the World" and it is the largest port in Germany.The port of Hamburg is the third-busiest port in Europe and 15th-largest worldwide.
  24. 24. The museum of historyIn hamburgIt is located in SanPauli avenue,adminst the nicepark.It is the mostimportant museumin Hamburg.In this museumthere are beautifallphotos,sculpturesand they showvideos
  25. 25. Deutsches Schauspielhaus___________________________________________________________________________The Deutsches Schauspielhaus, it has a leading theater located in the city of Hamburg, hasa capacity for over 1192 spectators and is one of the leading and largest theaters inGermany.
  26. 26. It ismyprojectandhopeyoulike it.Berlin.María Vázquez Costa1 E.S.O. A