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Radio program format

  1. 1. Date: July 15, 2011Subject: Radio Production/ DirectionCourse Instructor: Ms. Antonia T. VillareteName: Lee, Lady M.Course, Year & Section: BAMC-3CFashion Radio Program FormatDefinition: Fashion Radio Program Format is a kind of radio program format that dealswith the styles or practices especially in terms of clothing, foot wears, accessoriesand so on. This format gives tips that will make your look so trend and alsopersuade you to dress up.Importance: This helps you to introduce and express your personality in a creativemanner because the way that you look and dress is the first impression that peoplehave of you. Fashion also helps people to increase their self-confidence to face andinteract within the society. Otherwise, Fashion Radio Program Format is importantin dealing with the Radio Broadcast Industry because this may helps to increasethe listeners, because as we all know many are being touched with trends andwants to hear some tips to be fabulous in a way.Sender: • Program Host • Producer • Researcher • Station Manager • Writer • Technical PeopleMessage: To help the listeners in increasing their self-esteem and to persuade themnot to be stress up, but instead to get up and have a fabulous change.Medium: RadioListeners: • Teenagers • Fashionistas • Models • Students • Adults
  2. 2. Radio Program Format FASHION RADIO PROGRAM FORMATTitle: “Fashion ION”Running Time: 70 minutesTime Slot: 10:00am- 11:10amTarget Hosts: • Anne Curtis • Iya VillaniaTarget Audience: • Teenagers • Students • Adults (below 50 y/o)Target Advertisers: • Ricky Reyes Salon • Prada • Techno Marine • Ever Bilena • L’oreal • Bench • Folded and Hung10:00-10:01am Station I.D.10:01-10:02am Program I.D.10:02-10:07am Introduction (Program and Host)10:07-10:12am 1st Fashion Ion Issue of the day (Hairstyle)10:12-10:13am Will be right back…..10:13-10:17am Song (Who’s that girl by Guy Sebastian)10:17-10:19am Commercials (Vaseline, Bambini, Hapee toothpaste…)10:19-10:24am Tips for Fashion Issue for the day (Hairstyle)10:24-10:29am 2nd Fashion Ion Issue of the day (Foot wears and accessories)10:29-10:34am Tips for the 2nd of the day (Foot wears and accessories)10:34-10:35am Will be right back….10:35-10:39am Song (Fire by 2NE1)10:39-10:41am Commercials (Ever Bilena, Coke…)10:41-10:46am We’re here again………etc.10:46-10:49am Letter Sender (Read the Letter)10:49:10:52am Introducing the 3rd issue of the day (Letter Sender)10:52-10:56am Song (Telephone by Lady Gaga)10:56-10:58am Commercials (Sunsilk, Coke, Bambini….)10:58-11:05am Solutions and tips for the letter sender11:05-11:09am Final Words (Ending)11:09-11:10am Program I.D.Date: August 18, 2011Subject: Radio Production/ Direction
  3. 3. Course Instructor: Ms. Antonia T. VillareteName: Lee, Lady M. Amante, Ceenadel C. Santos, Claire B.Course, Year & Section: BAMC-3CHealth Radio Program FormatDefinition: Health Radio Program Format is a kind of radio program format that dealswith the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merelythe absence of disease or infirmity. This format also tackles about achieving andmaintaining health.Importance: This program helps everyone to guide their lifestyle and living in a rightmanner. It is also important because it helps to prevent and to lead people forbeing healthy because being healthy helps people to interact well within thesociety. Otherwise, Health Radio Program Format is important in dealing with theRadio Broadcast Industry because it helps to increase the listeners’ interests tolisten on radio because as of now, many are being conscious to their health.Sender: • Program Host • Producer • Researcher • Station manager • Writer • Staff • Technical PeopleMessage: To add healthy living to the life of listeners, and to contribute someinformations that will help everyone to know the fact about some things related tohealth.Medium: RadioListeners: • Teenagers • Athletes • Adults Radio Program Format
  4. 4. HEALTH RADIO PROGRAM FORMATTitle: “Doctor Health”Running Time: 10 minutesTime Slot: UnknownTarget Hosts: • Claire Santos • Lady LeeTarget Audience: • Athletes • Adults • Health Conscious person • Body BuildersTarget Advertisers: • Biguerlai Tea • Fitrum • Skelan • Centrum • Yakult • Pond’s • Calcium-Cee • PanOxyl • Pharex • Pau • Placenta • Energo‘2 Opening Spill‘1 Introducing the topic‘3 Discussion‘2 Health Tips‘2 Closing Spill