Yakko's World OWBC - Chapitre Dix-sept - Part B


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Yakko's World OWBC - Chapitre Dix-sept - Part B

  1. 1. Welcome to Part B of Chapter 17, this one should be a little more upbeat than my previous chapters and there’s lots of stuff toget through so lets get started.Just so you know, there’s going to be a Part C as well. Coming whenever it’s ready.
  2. 2. “What are you doing?”“Making sure the kids get on the bus safely.”“Why?”“Maybe you forgot, there’s a homicidal maniac on the loose. Just because she hasn’t attacked us yet doesn’t mean she’s not goingto sometime in the future.”“And just what can you do about it?”“Do you want the truth? Or do you want to give me a little time to think up a good lie?”
  3. 3. “Truth. You should know that by now.”Doc sighed. “I do. The answer is I can only do what Lark, the real one not the voice that you’re familiar with but the non-pixelated one, allows me to do.”“So what does that mean?”“It means, that if she lets me, I can call down lightning with a thought. Or erase memories and feelings with the wave of my hand.I can make ladders disappear or fences appear in an instant. I can stop time. I can live forever and never get sick. I can evenresurrect the dead. That’s the power of a simself. But unless the real Lark lets me do any of those things I’m as powerless asthe next sim.”“So why haven’t you done anything?”
  4. 4. “You think I haven’t tried? I know what it’s like to have a sociopath on the loose. Like really, really know. I know that they needto be put down early. And Lark knows that I know that.”Oz’ eyes narrowed. “So she’s blocking you?”“That’s one way to put it. I can feel the hints of power there, so she didn’t just strip me of them outright, she can do that youknow, but when I try to do something. I can feel the power there just out of reach. Like it’s waiting for something specific tohappen.”“So you’re hoping that she’ll let you have access if the kids are in danger?”Doc nodded. “Not just the kids. You too.”“I can take care of myself. I’ve been doing it all my life. And right now I am going to take care of this family by going to work sowe can pay the bills.”
  5. 5. “I know you can take care of yourself, Oz. But I love you and I hope, really and truly hope, that when the time comes I can dosomething so that you and our family won’t get hurt.” ~*~
  6. 6. The wind blows hard against this mountain side
  7. 7. Across the sea into my soul
  8. 8. It reaches into where I cannot hide
  9. 9. Setting my feet upon the road
  10. 10. ~*~
  11. 11. “Anything interesting happening, Dre?”“Onslow Warner’s house burned down.”
  12. 12. “Poor guy. First his wife and now his house. Granted, he was an ass for how he treated you but no one deserves that.”Drea made a non-committal noise.“So subject change, how is that project of yours coming?”
  13. 13. “Funny you should ask that, because I was going to surprise you later but I suppose I can tell you now, it’s finished. The last bitwas carried out last night.”“So now what?” Rhys asked, pouring a pancake into a frying pan.Drea got up from the table with a smirk. “Well, I was thinking of helping you out with your morning wood problem.”
  14. 14. ~*~
  15. 15. My heart is old it holds my memories
  16. 16. My body burns a gem-like flame
  17. 17. Somewhere between the soul and soft machine
  18. 18. Is where I find myself again
  19. 19. ~*~
  20. 20. “Oman? What are you doing here this early? The kids haven’t even left for school yet.”“Osaka’s dead.”“Oh dear plumbbob!”Oman shook his head. “I just had to come, I had to see, to make sure, that you and our family was alright.”“Well as you can see, we are.”“I know,” he whispered. “I’m glad.”
  21. 21. Cee pulled him into a warm hug. “It’s okay, we’re safe. You’re safe.”“For now. We can’t keep doing this.”She stepped back. “Doing what?”“Can we go inside?”“Of course.”
  22. 22. “Pray explain what it is we cannot do?”“All of this. Living apart, walking on eggshells, living in fear of the future. All of this stupid childish shit.”“Oman!”“Well, it is. And I’m done with it.”
  23. 23. “And just what are you planning on doing about it. Nothing rash. Nothing illegal, I hope.”“I wasn’t planning on illegal. But this may be rash. Marry me, Cee. Now. Today.”
  24. 24. Cee blinked and then shook her head. “Just like that. ‘Marry me?’ What about the plans, the cake, the dress.”“If it’s important to you, I’ll make sure they happen. I’ve got friends all over town. Just, I don’t want to go another day withoutyou with me. Without waking up each morning with you next to me.”“I don’t sleep,” Cee said dryly.
  25. 25. “You know what I mean. I just want to wake up knowing that you and the kids are alright. That we’re alright. I don’t want towake up feeling scared of what might have happened the night before. I’ve been feeling that way for a while, but losing Osaka andher family. It’s just made it even worse.”“And you think getting married, right now, will make it better?”“I don’t know,” he answered honestly. “But I do know that there’s a Cee shaped whole in my heart and I’m tired of beingincomplete.”
  26. 26. “A Cee-shaped hole, huh?”“It’s positively gargantuan. Look, you don’t have to do anything. I’ll make the arrangements. I’ll invite the guests. I’ll even be theone to change my name. All you have to do is show up.”“I’m not sure it’s that simple.”
  27. 27. “It is that simple, Cee, You and the kids are the most important things in my life. I may have taken a while to realize it, but I’mgoing to spend everyday from this day forward making sure that you know it. Marry me?”“Yes.”
  28. 28. “It’s perfect.”“The sky’s a little cloudy. But it’s the best I can do on short notice.”“It’s perfect.”“Thanks.”
  29. 29. “Although our guests could use some manners.”“Ignore them.”
  30. 30. “I, Cee ‘Madam’ Regacy, do take you, Oman ‘Wishy-washy’ Warner as my lawful wedded husband. To poke and to prod from thisday forward. To love and to care from now until we both perish or the neighborhood explodes in a fiery ball visible from space.”
  31. 31. “I, Oman ‘Finally Got a Clue’ Warner, take you, Cee ‘I Don’t Have Enough Adjectives to Describe You’ Regacy, as my lawful weddedwife. To honor and cherish through good times and bad, through bee-stings and plant-things in this ‘hood and the next.”
  32. 32. “I see that thought bubble, Marina!”And with the ceremony over, the guests scattered to make fools of themselves. As you do.
  33. 33. “Where you going, Narf!”“I don’t do weddings. Should you really be jumping into your pregnant wife’s arms?”“She’s strong, poit! She can carry me.”“The real question is, will I?”
  34. 34. “So cake?”“I don’t really need to eat anymore. One of the downsides of being a plantsim.”“So what do you want to do with the cake?”“I’ll think of something.”
  35. 35. “How you holding up?”“Pretty well, actually. I’m kind of surprised I was invited, to be honest.”“I’m not. You needed to see this.”Marina sighed. “Yeah, I did. Now it’s time for me to move on.”“And have cake!”“Indeed! Cake makes everything better.”
  36. 36. “Ewwww! Kissing!”
  37. 37. “Play nice, you two!”“I am playing nice, Aunt Cee!”“Good. I don’t want you two to get into any mischief.”“We shan’t, Madam.”
  38. 38. “So want to go get into some mischief?”“I thought you’d never ask.”
  39. 39. So finally, after many years of trials and tribulations Oman and Cee got married.And there was much rejoicing. ~*~
  40. 40. Kyrie EleisonDown the road that I must travel
  41. 41. Kyrie EleisonThrough the darkness of the night
  42. 42. Kyrie EleisonWhere Im going will you follow
  43. 43. Kyrie EleisonOn a highway in the night
  44. 44. ~*~
  45. 45. “Gee! Thanks for inviting me home with you, Wil!”“I didn’t invite you, you just followed me home.”
  46. 46. “It’s not like you said ‘No, Erin, you can’t come over.’ So really, you wanted me to come over.”“That’s some strange logic.”“My daddy taught me that.”“Your daddy sounds weird.”“You have no idea.”
  47. 47. “So, since you’re here. Whatcha want to do?”“Whatcha got to do?”“Well, there’s stuff.”“What kind of stuff?”“Stuff, stuff.”
  48. 48. “Hmmm… Let me think about it for a moment.”“’Kay!”
  49. 49. “I think I’ll go with stuff! Let’s do stuff!”“Great! Let’s play cops and robbers.”“Only if I’m the cop!”“Deal!”
  50. 50. “Bang! You’re dead!”“Hey! No fair. You didn’t tell me we were starting!”“Is too fair! Real cops don’t tell the bad guys when they’re coming. P.S. You’re supposed to be dead!”
  51. 51. “Oh yeah! Urgh! Argh! Ack! I’M DYING!!!”“That’s what you get for messing with a feisty redhead!”
  52. 52. “I’m better!”
  53. 53. “Well that was fun. I should probably go home now. My mom’ll be worried about me.”“What about your daddy?”
  54. 54. “He’s not home.”“Oh. Sorry.”“It’s okay. It’s not your fault.”“So want to play again some other time?”
  55. 55. “I’m growing up tomorrow.”“Oh. So I guess this is goodbye then.”“I’m glad you followed me home.”“Me too.”
  56. 56. “So friends?”“Best friends!”
  57. 57. “Oz! Can you come in here! There’s something I want to show you!”
  58. 58. “What’d you want?”“You know how you mentioned security at the last family meeting.”“Yeah.”“Well, I just had this delivered.”
  59. 59. “What is it?”“It’s a robot station. You can make sentry bots and servos for protection.”“You can? Sweet! So we’ll be able to make enough for the whole family.”“More like you.”“Why me?”“Because one of us needs to not be chained to the thing and since I had it delivered you get to do the building. So hop to it!”“I can’t argue with your sneaky woman logic.”
  60. 60. “I don’t think banging on it with a screwdriver is going to help.”
  61. 61. “Do you want to do this?”“Not really, no.”“Then let me do it, okay?”“Okay. Sorry.”
  62. 62. “I don’t think that’s going to do much good as a guardian,” Oz said with a sigh. “Oh well, back to the drawing board.” ~*~
  63. 63. When I was young I thought of growing old
  64. 64. Of what my life would mean to me
  65. 65. Would I have followed down my chosen road
  66. 66. Or only wished what I could be
  67. 67. ~*~
  68. 68. “I don’t see why have to wear a skirt.”
  69. 69. “It’s a kilt. You know that. Your brother wears one and since I’m the one who did the proposing, I get to wear the pants. If you’dwanted to wear the pants, you should have been the one to get down on one knee. Simple as that.”
  70. 70. “But I feel silly.”“I don’t know, I think your ass looks pretty hot from here.”“Star! You’re horrible!”“Come on, history-britches, you were thinking the same thing.”“True, but a lady does not say those things.”“Good thing I’m not a lady.”“Can we just get this over with, please?”
  71. 71. Three become one,Now three times as strong,
  72. 72. Hearts,Minds,Souls,
  73. 73. Burning more brilliant than the sun,Three become one.
  74. 74. It is done.
  75. 75. “Would everyone please gather around. Gather around! Oh and Oman, I see that thought bubble. Stop checking out my wife’sbutt and listen.”“Just get on with it.”“I want to propose a toast to the woman who has more balls than me and to the other woman who looks better in a dress than me.”
  76. 76. “Oh, I don’t know, I think you look damn good in a dress. I think you should wear one all the time. And maybe go shirtless. Andget tattoos.”“Who do you think I am? Orkney?”“Nope, I think you’re mine.”“Possessive much?”“You have no idea.”
  77. 77. “Anyway. To the two women who fill up my life, a toast! To Mary and Star Walton!”“Hear hear!”
  78. 78. “Hey Quinn, glad you could make it.”“Oh, it’s great! You have a really nice house.”
  79. 79. “You want to know the best part about it?”“What’s that?”“It’s on the beach. Come on, I’ll show you.”“Okay.”
  80. 80. “Too bad you didn’t bring your swim trunks.”“It’s okay. Sitting here is fine.”
  81. 81. “I wanted to ask you something.”“Sure!”“You get along with your twin, right?”“Erin? Yeah. She’s my best friend.”
  82. 82. “Lucky.”“You and Maia still not getting along?”“She’s so mean to me. Even when I try to be nice, she’s mean.”“Have you told your parents, yet?”“I tried but they just told me to stick up for myself and not let it get to me. But it’s hard you know.”“Yeah.”
  83. 83. “Oh what do we have here? Is the crybaby bothering you?” Maia asked snidely sneaking up behind the two seated kids.“Spica isn’t bothering me,” Quinn answered.
  84. 84. “Huh? That’s new. What’d you do, crybaby? Did you finally find someone who’ll put up with you?”“Yeah,” Anemone chimed in. “No one likes her at school.”“Go away!” Spica said.“Oh? You wanna make me?” Maia taunted.“Just ignore her,” Quinn counseled.
  85. 85. “I can’t. I’ve got to stand up for myself.”“Ohhhh we’re so scared, aren’t we Annie?”“Right, we’re practically crying.”“No, that’s Spica’s thing. Real Waltons don’t cry, so I guess you’re not a real Walton.”
  86. 86. “I am too,” Spica said softly.“Are not!” Both Maia and Anemone taunted back.“Both of you cut it out!” Quinn said getting to his feet.
  87. 87. “Make us!”Maia went after Spica, tormenting her by pulling on her hair and ears. While Anemone tried to lure Quinn away.
  88. 88. “Cut it out!”
  89. 89. “No! I’m having too much fun.”“Why’re you doing this?”“Because, I can.”
  90. 90. “Both of you back off!” Quinn shouted.“Whatcha going to do?” Anemone asked. “Shoot us? Pew!”
  91. 91. “No, but my Daddy said that bullies always deserve the worst kind of ass-kicking.”“You wouldn’t hit a girl!” Maia protested.“Try me.”
  92. 92. “Fine! But this isn’t over!”
  93. 93. “You made her stop! No one’s ever made her stop! You’re my hero! My knight in shining armor!”
  94. 94. “Aww. It wasn’t nothing. You know, I wouldn’t really have hit her. My Daddy always taught my sister and me not to hit girls. Notto hit anyone really, at least unless they really, really deserve it.”
  95. 95. “Your Daddy sounds pretty awesome.”“He’s the best Daddy in the multiverse! Even if he doesn’t remember Erin and me right now. I wouldn’t trade him for any otherDaddy ever!”“You’re lucky! I wish I had a Daddy like yours even if only for a little while.”“Maybe your parents will get better now that they’re married.”“I hope so!”
  96. 96. “So I’m your knight huh?”“Yeah-huh!”“So does that make you my lady?”“Do you want me to be?”
  97. 97. “Yeah, I think I do.”“Then I’m your lady.”“Can I kiss you?”“You promise not to give me cooties?”
  98. 98. “Promise.”
  99. 99. A few days after the wedding, Frank was on morning duty when he went outside to get paper and found a little surprise waiting.“What the?”
  100. 100. “That’s weird. Who’d leave a dusty old lamp instead of a paper? I’ll have to speak to the newspaper about this. Oh well, might aswell not leave it out here. Who knows who will run off with it.”
  101. 101. “Hey wives, either of you know anything about a lamp delivery?”
  102. 102. “Whazzat?” Mary mumbled.Star was significantly less coherent or polite.
  103. 103. “Someone left a dusty old lamp outside on the doorstep. No card, note, or nothing. It’s kinda nice looking.”
  104. 104. “He woke up two sleeping women one of us hugely pregnant for that.”“Clearly he needs to be taught some manners.”“Clearly. Just put it on the dresser and we can figure it out later.”
  105. 105. “Hi Daddy!” Spica called walking down the stairs to get breakfast. “What’s that?”“It’s an old lamp, sweetie.”
  106. 106. “A lamp! We read about one of those in class. Something called a genie lives inside and can grant wishes.”“That’s nice, kid,” Star replied distractedly. “Why don’t you have it wish for men to get pregnant?”“Indeed,” Mary echoed from the bathroom.“That’s only a story, Spica. It’s not real,” Frank said. “Now why don’t you go get some breakfast. I made cereal.”
  107. 107. “But Daddy!”“No ‘buts’ kid. You got school.”“Okay.”
  108. 108. Later that night…
  109. 109. “I know that they don’t believe me. But I gotta try. Maybe it will help me with Maia. Now what’s the story say? Rub the lampand the genie will appear.”
  110. 110. “You summoned me, my little mistress?”
  111. 111. “Whoa! It really worked! So I can make a wish?”“You may.”“Can I wish for my sister to go away? She’s really mean.”
  112. 112. “You cannot, little mistress. I can only grant certain kinds of wishes.”“That’s crappy. So what kinds of wishes can you grant?”The genie explained everything that he could do to an increasingly confused Spica. However, there was one thing that caught herattention.
  113. 113. “I can wish for Peace?”
  114. 114. “Yes. It is an exceptionally powerful wish, little mistress.”
  115. 115. “Then that’s what I want! I want Peace. Peace would mean no fighting, right. So that’d solve my problem with Maia!”
  116. 116. “GRANTED!”
  117. 117. “Whoa, it kind of tickles!”
  118. 118. “I have fulfilled my bargain. You have two wishes remaining, little mistress. Farewell!”
  119. 119. “That was so cool! It’s going to be my secret!” ~*~
  120. 120. Kyrie EleisonDown the road that I must travel
  121. 121. Kyrie EleisonThrough the darkness of the night
  122. 122. Kyrie EleisonWhere Im going will you follow
  123. 123. Kyrie EleisonOn a highway in the night
  124. 124. “Where am I?”
  125. 125. “You are home, my childe.”
  126. 126. ~*~
  127. 127. I finally killed Liv for real in the neighborhood. Onslow was not happy. I needed her for a few of the other scenes so she got to“live.” But once I filmed those, I didn’t need her photobombing things. Because she did like mad when she was supposedly ill andin cryostasis.Lyrics used were from Mr. Mister’s “Kyrie.” It fit.As for the Poem used for Frank/Stary/Mary’s wedding, that I wrote myself. I got sick of writing vows. It sucks. I recommendskimming.
  128. 128. Thanks go out to Peasant007, DrSupremeNerd, RegacyLady, FuzzySpork, Orikes, TheMorganLegacy, SmoothieQueen, andOlivetheGreat for the use of their simselves and sims.One more part of Chapter 17 then picspam on my journal.I look forward to seeing what you think.Until next time, happy simming!