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I.M. Bored: A Legacy in 10 Generations - Gen 8 Part 2

I.M. Bored: A Legacy in 10 Generations - Gen 8 Part 2



Teens grow up and get married

Teens grow up and get married



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    I.M. Bored: A Legacy in 10 Generations - Gen 8 Part 2 I.M. Bored: A Legacy in 10 Generations - Gen 8 Part 2 Presentation Transcript

    • Hi! Welcome back to the Boreds.Last time the quads grew up and there was making up.Since I can’t make decision about who is my heir I am going to keep both Vegeta and Jill home until they breed then the onewho has a kid with the characteristics I want will be heir. I was keeping them both home so I could get the plat stone so thisdoesn’t really change all that much.Let’s get started!
    • As always the ghosts are out in full force any time there is a party going on. Alexander decided that he wasn’t just contentwith making poor Jill have an accident at a party that he needed to traumatize our co-heir, Vegeta for good measure.
    • “Aaaah!”“Did you hear something?”“Mmmmm… Metallic lips.”
    • “I thought I heard something. Did you know that your grandson is being scared by the dead dormie again?”“And? It’s this house. Being scared by a ghost is a rite of passage.”“Perhaps we should inform him that playing with the bird is a bad idea.”“Nah. Let him figure it out on his own. He’s got to learn sometime.”“Aaaahhh!!!”“I guess he hasn’t learned yet.”
    • In another room, Annie Walker figured out the joys of playing Myshuno by herself.“Yay! I’m winning!”
    • She played so long that she finally reached maximum enthusiasm in gaming for her efforts.“I’m still winning!”
    • Since I’ve got four kids and my well will drop teens for adults I figured if I got any teens I could just age them up with thekids. That and not have to wait four days to get all of the kids hooked up.Ayla was up first…
    • And she got Chase Trottier here as her drop. Interesting features there but not someone I will be saddened to have out of thegenetics pool.
    • Then it was time to check on Jill McBain. I’ve been waiting for her to drop into the low green because I have plans for her…
    • Plans that involve a Re-nu-yu senso orb…
    • “Mmmm, I could really go for a grilled cheese sandwich right about now.”
    • “So I think I shall make one! +500 aspiration!”
    • Her future cheesiness ensured it was time to get her started on maxing her gaming enthusiasm.
    • She was joined by Vegeta who started in a game that involved little in the way of actual playing but more in who could cheatthe most and not get caught. Jill was clearly the champion in that department.
    • See what I mean… Vegeta gets caught all the time. Jill, not so much.
    • Jill also discovered she was now endowed with the greatest power on earth…
    • Conjuring grilled cheese!Let me take this moment to bless Freetime and their aspiration perk system. Without it, this lifetime want becomes a breeze.I could make her permaplat in a few days using this since the sandwiches are only one bite and then they are gone.
    • I recommend having a steady supply of engergizers on hand you can conjure about 8 grilled cheese before you have torecharge. So one of these babies is worth about 40 grilled cheese. Do the math. If I wanted Jill permaplat, I could have herthere fast. However I want her to grow up in the green so that her elder years aren’t so long.
    • Moving on, Annie Walker found herself a townie teen named Elmer Miguel. He’s got one of my favorite faces but genetically Iam not going to miss him much.
    • Vegeta also found himself someone to mack around with. But since he’s an heir possiblity I am not going to do his well dropuntil he’s an adult. For now he can play around all he wants.Vegeta is bi, by the way. So much like his mother, he is an equal opportunity sim.
    • Vegeta also moves really fast here with lock-popper here. But his coitus was interrupted by Penelope calling a family meeting.
    • So reluctantly he got dressed and went upstairs for the meeting.
    • “Um, I’m not really sure how to say this.”“Just say it, Mom.”“Okay… I’m leaving. Moving out. Escaping this ghostly hell. Oh and I’m getting married to your brother.”
    • “Let me be the first to say, ewwww!”“You are the first.”“Thank you, Big O. But seriously, talk about squick factor. Not only is the servo you initialized married to our grandfather.But you’re marrying our big brother.”
    • “Well to be fair, he was supposed to be your father but other things happened.”“What she means to say is that she was swept off her feet by your actual father, Bones.”“I can tell this without your help, Big O.”“Then by all means tell it.”“I did. I’m leaving and none of you can stop me.”
    • “We’re not going to try to stop you, Mom, but you’ve got to admit it is a bit of a shock.”“Is this what you’ve been planning since college, Penny?”
    • “It is, Dad. I love Booth, and he’s my well drop but since he’s a playable sim I can’t have him live here and I don’t want tolive without him. I didn’t want to make this choice. But I want to get married. I want to be with him. I want to see himmore often than every few days when I have time to call him. Is that so much to ask?”
    • “No, it isn’t, Penny. If I were in your shoes, I would do the same. I fact if I didn’t have Big O here, I would have consideredmoving out myself.”“So you aren’t mad at me, Mommy?”“No, baby, I’m not. But your kids on the other hand, I can’t speak for them.”“We’re fine with it, Granpa. I know that I’m counting the days until I can move out and marry Chase and become Mrs.Trottier.”“Trottier? What are you a horse?”“Shut up, Veggie-head.”
    • “Well in that case I have some things to pass on to you, Jill.”“Why me?”“Because either you or Vegeta will be heir and honestly I’m not sure I’d pass this on to him anyway.”“Why not?”“Because he’s meaner than you.”“I’ve only got one nice point.”“And he’s got none.”“Good point.”
    • “Now here’s all the crap I’ve been carrying around for years.”“Seven hundred Eggplants? Thirty Snapdragons? Holy crap how am I going to carry this all?”“I suggest investing in a pocket dimension.”“Will do.”
    • Plot taken care of, Penelope went outside to de-age herself in preparation for marrying Booth. She didn’t want to be an oldwoman for him.
    • No sooner than she drank the juice, than lock-popper became the cowplant’s next victim.Speaking of I need a name for them… How about Audrey I and Audrey II?
    • Lock-popper was quickly resurrected and sent off to college with a spare bone phone in his inventory.
    • Where he resurrected our problem dormie ghosts and re-townified them and himself.
    • And then all was quiet on the main house front… Except for Big O deciding that he really just wants to run amok by playing inthe water wiggler.“But have you seen Vash play in the thing. He’s such a sexy sim when wet. I wanted to see if the sexy rubbed off.”
    • I see your point.
    • Then it was time for moment that Penelope had been waiting for.
    • “Pen, you’re swooning. It’s scaring me.”“Oh! But I’m just so happy!”“People are starting to think you’re weird.”“Do you care?”“Not really but your kids might.”“Oh, right, good point.”
    • “So are you ready to begin?”“I am!”
    • “Where’s your doohickey?”“I’m a romance sim, we don’t like getting married and I don’t want to hurt your feelings by expressing red rings.”“Awww, and that’s just one more reason why I love you!”
    • “So how do you like your mom being married to your brother?”“I try not to think about it.”“Good plan, bro. Did you know that they are kissing?”
    • “I try not to think about it.”
    • Then there was the obligatory cake shove.
    • Followed by odd conversations with former lovers cum in-laws.
    • And then there was cuteness.
    • Lots and lots
    • Of cuteness.
    • “Hey, son, nice catch. Now if I catch you cheating on her with her father I will be really cheesed off and not in theyummy, gooey way.”“I’ll remember that, Mom. But what if I catch her with you?”“You won’t.”
    • “Wait. Does that mean that you’re going to cheat on Mom with Penelope.”“I didn’t say that.”“Gah!”
    • Still all went well and Penelope finally had her man and her chance at happiness.
    • Along with another small thing…
    • “Hun, I didn’t think I was that bad of a kisser.”“You aren’t. I just know this feeling. I’m pregnant.”“Ah. Well I guess that means that I should start looking for a place to live for us, then.”“Yeah, you probably should.”
    • “Booth, do you really think it’s a good idea to gossip about the time you caused my father to cheat with you right here whenboth my dad and step-dad are in the room?”“You’re right. Sorry about that.”
    • “Oh dear, it’s really time to go!”
    • “That’s okay, I’ve found us a house with plenty of room for two.”
    • And so with that, our Gen seven heiress bid the house and her four children a fond good night.
    • And magically found herself in a new outfit and hair and time of day when she moved into her new house.
    • Through the magic of the simblender, I sped up her pregnancy. Cheating is totally cool on non-main house lots.
    • And she and Booth had two lovely little boys called Derek Morgan and Aaron Hotchner.
    • I think she is happy now, although she wasn’t unhappy before. But now she’s got her spare life with a mostly empty housewith a phone so that we can invite her over. Such is the life of my spares.
    • Back at the main house, life continued. We still fix all of the electronics that break even though sticking a screwdriver intoholes is really not a good idea.
    • We also took care of one little piece of unfinished business.
    • “Oh my plumbbob! I’m back. I couldn’t help it I went into the light!”“You might want to skip that next time.”“Boy I could sure go for some cake.”“How about not. Goodbye.”
    • “Whee!!! Mom’s gone! Mom’s gone! I can fly around the house now like a real Saiyajin.”
    • “Hi Grampa, no scaring us please.”“I’ll scare you if I want to.”“But we didn’t do anything to you.”“Doesn’t matter.”“Well, why don’t you go hit Vegeta. He’s outside doing nothing useful.”“Alright, I will!”
    • “That was fun!”“Not for me!”“Buck up kiddo what kind of warrior are you?”“The kind that doesn’t like ghosts.”“Well, you’re sure in the wrong house. Now if you excuse me I’ve got more people to scare.”
    • “Ahh I love the smell of urine in the evening.”
    • “Excuse me, sis, while I spray paint your shoes. This is my way of saying thank you for siccing the ghosts on me.”“That isn’t paint, it’s bug spray.”“Oh. Well your feet are a bastion of germs”“Oh you are so asking me to kick your ass.”“You can try.”
    • Between the hauntings the kids were exploring their sexuality and building relationships. Because I don’t really feel likeshowing the rest of their teen years let’s skip ahead shall we?
    • Much better. Birthday time! Let’s see what kind of bad outfits our kidlets age up into?
    • I don’t mind the skirt on either of them, but the tops… Not so much.
    • “I’m not a widow yet. I don’t need the black dress.”
    • “Nice hipster wannabe style there.”“I’d like it if you removed your arm from my spleen.”“Sorry Grandpa.”
    • Chase and Elmer fared a lot better in the clothing lottery. Not a buttcrack to be seen.
    • Then it was on to much more important things. Like makeovers and wedding proposals.They both said yes.
    • “Oh wishing well, drop me someone young and good looking. I don’t care if it is a girl or a guy, just give me someone good.
    • “Here I am!”“Grampa Jason! Stop messing with me!”“I couldn’t help it. I have nothing better to do. By the way, turn around, your mate’s here.”
    • “…Mmmph!”
    • “Hmmm… Still firm. You’ll do.”“Oh my, I haven’t been groped like that in, well, ever.”
    • “Well, seeing as we just met how about we get engaged?”“Then married?”“Nah, we have to wait until my sisters get married first.”“Well we wouldn’t want to rush into things, now would we. I suppose we can wait five minutes.”
    • Five minutes later…“Nice turn out… So let’s do this.”
    • “I, Jill, take you… What’s your name?”“Felix.”“Felix as my really old husband.”“And I Felix, take you, Jill was it, as my hot young wife.”“Great! Here’s some Re-Nu-Yu Porta-A-Chug I’m going to go make a grilled cheese sandwich.”“Cheese sim?”“Yep. Best thing in the world, cheese. No offense love, but you can’t really compete.”
    • “Can’t compete, huh?”
    • “I’ll show her! Mmmm… Cheese… now I know what the attraction is.”
    • “Jill, I have a confession to make. I didn’t understand your obession with cheese and I admit that in my past I’ve openlymocked and refused to serve people like you who love the cheese. But…”“But what?”“I’ve had a change of heart since meeting you… I don’t want anything to keep us apart and if that means I have to changethen so be it.”“Does that mean…”
    • “Yes, my darling, I’ve become a cheese sim. Like you.”“Oh my plumbbob, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anything sexier!”
    • “Let me show you how Sexy I think you are.”“Totally worth it.”
    • And would you believe that all of this occurred during the quads’ birthday party? Talk about moving things right along.
    • And in that vein it was time to kick the spares out to enjoy their life of immortality and non-playing. I also think Vash is alittle confused, Vegeta is totally not leaving, at all. In fact, I have plans for him.
    • Since Felix here doesn’t really have a whole lot of time to live and I didn’t want every one of those moments to be eatinggrilled cheese so I had him wish for peace.“I’d really like a sandwich…”“Too late, you already wished for peace!”
    • “So, this purple guy said I would have peace of mind for the rest of my life, you know what that means?”“Lots of grilled cheese kisses?”“You bet!”
    • “How about we start with the kisses now?”“Okay.”
    • “Woo!!!”“I don’t think qualifies as a kiss, Felix.”“I’m kissing your neck.”“You’re also breaking my back. Now I’m putting you down so I can go throw up.”
    • “Okay… A good drop please. I’m not picky. Just someone who isn’t fucking everywhere.”
    • “This works!”
    • “Woman, you will be my mate. Take this gold and carbon finger ornament and any squeal your acceptance.”“Oh my, it is really big.”“I will not deign to respond to that obvious taunt. What is your answer, woman?”
    • “Eeeeeee!!! Yes!”“Ooof! I believe I find this acceptable. Now to the flower strew arch to marry. I am Vegeta. You are?”“Prof. Veronica.”“It is an acceptable name.”
    • “And that is a most acceptable outfit.”“You like? I always carry a wedding dress in my purse for just such an occasion.”“A woman who is prepared. I like that!”
    • “Let’s do this!”“You’re rich! Why didn’t you tell me you were rich?”“I didn’t want to influence your decision unduly.”“Oh.”
    • “I suppose I should tell you that I am a romance sim…”“Is that going to be a problem? I admit, I would likely be most put out if you were to cheat.”“Well, I don’t want Twenty of anything. Just lots of woohoo.”“I believe I can accommodate you with that.”
    • And he did too…
    • “Nice wedding. I’m pregnant.”“Well, that was sudden.”“You’re not getting any younger.”“True.”“So can I make you a grilled cheese sandwich?”“I’d thought you’d never ask!”
    • I think this is a good stopping point. Jill is pregnant and Vegeta is married. Woo. So of course you know what that means…I am on step closer to Gen 9.So I’ll see you soon with another update and with an heir choice.Until next time, Happy Simming!