Ding Dong Adult Start - Chapter 4


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Ding Dong Adult Start - Chapter 4

  1. 1. Ding Dong Adult Start Apocalypse Chapter 4
  2. 2. We’d left off last time with the kids moving onto a blank lot with inventory stuffed full of things thatthey would need for the house. After building, I was left with $20.
  3. 3. Once built, Anita got to work calling the college to get to know the dormies. Granted they were fromAcademie La Tour since my La Fiesta Tech is an empty template. But they’re dormies. Short, seen inthe mirror, was the first to get to work on his creativity skill.Only trick I can give you is to NOT declare a major right away. Most of the time the kids will rollwants for specific ones and you can get easy aspiration that way. Then change it to what you reallyneed right after that. It’s like the job wants of unemployed sims.
  4. 4. For the most part College was intensely boring. The kids skilled, went to class, made friends, didhomework, and were otherwise really boring.
  5. 5. In fact, they rarely cooked, instead energizing most of the time. Short went PermaPlat off of LTAduring his Sophomore year. So he was really, really boring.
  6. 6. The girls didn’t go PermaPlat in college, but I was able to keep them in the gold all the time becausethey rolled the following wants EVERY DAY after class - Talk to Relative, Talk about hobby, and goJogging. Then most of the time they would give me other fulfillable stuff like gain a skill or doassignment. I think that they saw green aspiration ONCE.
  7. 7. The bed got used more for Woohoo than for sleeping.
  8. 8. And Everyone loved the hot tub. Which I got more to socialize the dormies/townies with each otherthan to have my kids in.
  9. 9. I did take the college reroll for Short and Tiny. Short became Popularity/Knowledge with the lifetimewant to be a Visionary. Tiny became Knowledge/Romance with the lifetime want to become an Icon.I laughed. All of my kids want to top uni careers. Good to know. And easy to do.
  10. 10. Which meant that all kids would give me skilling chains which kept them plat all of the time (Short wasalready permaplat by this point).
  11. 11. Plus there was the writing novels boost that happened a lot. I’ll admit I suck at novel naming, most ofmine are A, B, C, or Bird, City, Cloud, Rocket, etc. Because seriously, I have yet to see what giving adescription or naming them actually does other than make a longer pie string menu on the bookcase.
  12. 12. And for the most part, the house was almost always full of people because hey socializing is a goodbreak from studying.
  13. 13. I admit it, I am a slave driver in college. My kids did not like me very much.
  14. 14. But I made it up to them by letting them get Booty Calls. It was the least I could do.
  15. 15. And then it was over. Thank the gods. I HATE playing through college. Hate it! And now I don’thave to do it again.
  16. 16. And then it was time for the kids to move back to Strangetown. Short went first and channeled hisinner goth.
  17. 17. Followed by Tiny who felt the need to try to out do Short in the Goth department.
  18. 18. Finally Anita grew up into a sensible shirt and skirt combo. She seems to like that kind of skirt forsome reason.
  19. 19. Welcome home graduates, the perpetually knocked over trash can greets you.
  20. 20. Then it was job checking time. Nothing useful here. All base game jobs and I am going for thecollege ones. And even though, I only sent 3 kids to college, I have a plan for getting the fourth lift.
  21. 21. Then it was time to get the babymaking underway. Anita called up Marion.
  22. 22. Who dropped everything and came over at a run to be greeted by Tiny.
  23. 23. Then she and Anita made a beeline for the photobooth.
  24. 24. Where Anita was promptly knocked up. Congrats. Not even 4 hours into her adult lifespan and she ispregnant. That has to be some kind of record.
  25. 25. So Anita celebrated her dropping motives by making hamburgers. It was the best I could do at themoment.
  26. 26. We also moved out Holly and Long. Anita has enough friends for the moment that the extraneouselders are extraneous and it means they aren’t using up my energizers or eating my food.
  27. 27. At midnight, I checked the jobs again. This time it was golden – Adventurer, Paranormal, ShowBusiness, Business, Slacker. Anita snatched up Paranormal and is an Exorcist. While Tiny grabbedShow Business at Blockbuster Movie Director.So both are one promotion away from lifting.
  28. 28. Which is of the good since Anita is showing signs of pregnancy.
  29. 29. “Mmmm Aspiration points taste like candy.”
  30. 30. Okay, here is another trick one to do with networking. Don’t start calling people/answering phone callsuntil you have a job. This way you can trigger the higher wages and calling in a promotion scenarios.Otherwise you’ll get lots of crap, lower household costs, and reputation going up. Over the phone,you don’t get the Date, job transfer, and give a number options. Those are only in person. So if youwant the promotions from networking, do it over the phone.BTW, Tiny got the promotion network along with two tvs, lower household goods, and higher wages.
  31. 31. Dick’s already hard at work on his skills.
  32. 32. While Anita is hard at work on the next generation.
  33. 33. While Tiny just works the town. I swear, she is determined to get her LTW.
  34. 34. Seriously, I am/was bored like crazy at this point, I played this two months before I updated it so Ihave no clue what some of the things I was thinking at the time were.
  35. 35. Anita went plat after writing a best selling novel.
  36. 36. Then promptly walked to work. Please note the faint form on Ding in the background. It’s like heknows that Paranormal is getting lifted.
  37. 37. Ding took the time to say good bye to his bed.
  38. 38. And when midnight ticked around Short checked for jobs. Natural Science was there but I didn’t wantthat one. Short is going to get Artist for me. I have a plan for Natural Science, since unless you canset up for a snapdragon, Natural science is pretty useless until you can get Music, Business, andCriminal.
  39. 39. Then Anita came home with her promotion to Cult Leader.
  40. 40. Meet project Natural Science, Aka Andrew Walderson Romance Sim Dormie. He’s going to babydaddy with whatever Anita is carrying at this time. He might baby daddy with Anita, I haven’t reallythought about it.
  41. 41. One quick move in and he loses most of his hair. Well, I’ll fix that once Tiny comes home from work.And hey, look, it’s her carpool right there!
  42. 42. So Tiny goes off to work with the hope of better clothes on the horizon.
  43. 43. While Andrew here takes the Natural Science job.
  44. 44. Then heads to work for hopefully a same day promotion.
  45. 45. Dick is still here. He’s still boring. That is all you need to know.
  46. 46. Since Andrew is a romance sim and Chloe is a romance sim, they should make good aspiration fodderfor each other. Especially once they can date.
  47. 47. And now they can date.Please note the panicking townie back there. That is because it was one eventful hour.
  48. 48. Meet heiress Wanda Dong! She’s got the eyes and freckles. And now Marion’s Athletic lift is well andtruly good.
  49. 49. Tiny took advantage of her ability to change makeup and clothes. Then promptly moved out. Whichwas fine with me.
  50. 50. With Tiny gone, it’s now time for Anita to get to work on the next baby. And the next baby daddy. Ithink Pascal’s a little annoyed that she didn’t pick him, but Anita liked Vicund.
  51. 51. Really liked him. Like lullaby liked him.
  52. 52. And Chloe and Andrew also explored the photobooth options. For lots of aspiration.
  53. 53. Because balding is never sexy unless you are Sean Connery or Patrick Stewart, Andrew invested in aWilliam Shatner toupee.
  54. 54. Artist?“Artist.”Yay! And barring any promotion accidents, all of the college careers will be lifted.
  55. 55. With that done, it was time to concentrate on other things. Like Skilling.
  56. 56. And changing clothes. I plan on keeping Anita pregnant as much as possible to try to get through asmany lifts as quickly as I can.
  57. 57. And already we have a baby sign.
  58. 58. And there goes Short lifting Artist.
  59. 59. And before doing anything else, I bought these two things. The toddler table to get Mechanical earlywith the Bird I can get Charisma later. Mechanical is harder with the fun restriction still in effect. AndI also got the electronic player thing – visitors won’t bogart it for busking and it is something kids andteens can use and it won’t wake up sleeping sims. I wouldn’t recommend the toddler table withouthaving athletic lifted though. It takes up a lot of space.
  60. 60. And with his lift completed we say good bye to Short.
  61. 61. Thank you, Chloe for giving us a gift we can use.
  62. 62. Anita is still working, the top of Paranormal is pretty compatible with Natural Science for days off. Andit feeds people.
  63. 63. Especially when said people’s ACR’s timers goes off.
  64. 64. Pascal Curious does not approve.
  65. 65. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve forgotten that Dick Dong still exists. He aged up pretty happilyand became a Popularity/Knowledge sim with a LTW of becoming a Rock God. Sorry as a spare thatisn’t happening.
  66. 66. Instead from here on out, I am going to be using a little trick I learned from the Bass-ackwards apoc.Find the teen career of what you need and age up into that. It is a quick jump when they becometeens to level 6 of the career. Almost as much as you would get from college.
  67. 67. Dick found a job in Adventurer (which I am really looking forward to) and then promptly broke thecomputer. That’s okay. He needs a Mechanical point.
  68. 68. Wanda and Andrew meet and start the bonding process. She’s actually really cute as a Cancer withstats of 10/6/4/3/10.
  69. 69. And the tradition of being potty trained by the prospective baby daddy continues.
  70. 70. Vicund, to show that he wasn’t like his brother dropped off an object of his affections – a VroomMaster 500. It quickly got put into inventory.
  71. 71. “Promotion?”“Yeah. Bills?”“Yeah.”
  72. 72. Have I mentioned I love Walk to Work lately?
  73. 73. And it is time for baby!
  74. 74. Again a singleton, Peter Dong. I was hoping for blond or some other hair color. Oh well.
  75. 75. “You know this could be awkward later.”“So? It’s an apocalypse. Awkward is par for the course.”Still, sadly there was no lullaby.
  76. 76. Anita also fell in love but failed to get impregnated by this guy, Ford Dixon. She’s got more loversthan most Romance sims and she’s Knowledge/Popularity. And I’m not even trying.
  77. 77. Still, Anita is the most attracted to her apoc legal baby daddy, Marion – post makeover.
  78. 78. They beelined for the photobooth.
  79. 79. And got the expected result – baby chimes.
  80. 80. Wanda will be happy to have a full-blooded sibling. Or not. I’m just happy I can skill mechanical nowleaving cleaning the only non-fun skill to get.
  81. 81. Another promotion, but I need to get Andrew plat before the next carpool so I can energize him andkeep skilling him. And well there is one really fast way to do that.
  82. 82. “Oh yeah, I’m awesome! Look at those aspiration points.”“I’m going to be sick. The things I do for my family.”
  83. 83. Still, the date was a dream one and it was time to do more skilling.
  84. 84. Teaching toddler skills.
  85. 85. “Arrr, I’m a pirate.”
  86. 86. Another promotion, come on Andrew!
  87. 87. “Come on, Wanda! You can grow more!”“No, I think I’ll be a kid for a while.”“Damn.”
  88. 88. “But you still love me right?”“Sure, kid.”
  89. 89. “So let’s get engaged right now!”“I don’t think the game will let that happen.”“Sure it will.”“That’s called cheating.”“So isn’t that what you’re doing with my mom and all of those women?”
  90. 90. “You might have a point. I am getting a little desperate. Still…”“Still?”
  91. 91. “I’m not desperate enough to get hitched to a kid. What do you think this is? Medieval Europe?”
  92. 92. Bigger baby bump!
  93. 93. Her plans for an early enagement quashed, Wanda consoled herself with wanding the toilet.
  94. 94. That night, Peter aged up and I see a lot of his father in him, but not too much. I have a hunch he’llbe a handsome one barring any facial explosions later.
  95. 95. And seriously, No. What is it with my sims and their inappropriate thought bubbles?
  96. 96. Anita swooped in to save her little man from the creepy big one.Peter is a Virgo. 10/3/10/4/8. The mutant continues.
  97. 97. The family finally got a genie lamp, so I need to talk about this. Or rather its power. Did you knowthat Genie lamps are only restricted by one thing, Paranormal. Yet you can Resurrect sims, get Money,extend life, become a teen again, and more. But the most important wish is for Peace andpermaplatness. One lift. Yet Fishing, Medicine Cabinet, Craft Benches, Gardening, and WITCHCRAFTtake 3 or more lifts to access. Genie Lamp. One. Granted it’s a college career so it’s harder to getespecially in an adult start, but it is something you could feasibly get in college and bring back withyou and then one lift later you can access. Combine that with getting wishing well in college andwatch a few restrictions become moot (like Gamer).
  98. 98. “Can someone get the tiptoeing gypsy out of the way? I need to go to work!”Also amusingly, the lamp belongs to Peter. The youngest in the family. Strange how Maxis has thatsince it takes some high LTA meters to trigger the gypsy.
  99. 99. But Peter isn’t going to be the youngest for any longer.
  100. 100. Meet Sookie Dong.
  101. 101. And what appears to be her identical twin, Tookie.
  102. 102. Womb once again unoccupied, It’s time for another occupant to take its place. I think Anita wantsthis apoc done as fast as possible. And desperate times call for desperate measures.
  103. 103. And this is a good stopping point. I am kind of burned out on the sims at the moment. So whoknows when I will publish next. It could be tomorrow, it could be next year.But until then, Happy Simming!