Ding Dong Adult Start Apocalypse - Chapter 3


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Ding Dong Adult Start Apocalypse - Chapter 3

  2. 2. Tour time!!!I have lights now. So you can see stuff. I like lights. I like my lighting mod, but the dark can be aproblem in apocs.The downstairs eating/skilling area.
  3. 3. The main floor.I still have the two tile objects that are crappy. But that‟s okay. I have a plan!
  4. 4. Second floor.I still move around the shower as needed. But now it doesn‟t need to be up against a wall.
  5. 5. Finally the roof. It is still covered. But I wanted you to see my energizer supply. These are courtesyof Margaret who left them before she moved out.
  6. 6. And because Holly had been holding a gnome in inventory, I briefly placed it on the ground to haveYoung give it to Johnny. Well, apparently Long thought that Johnny had stolen it. So he went and gotit back. Good thing I‟d just cleared out his inventory (the TV is on the wall and the computer he got ison the table).Why can‟t my OWBC sims do this?
  7. 7. I‟d say this was an impregnation scene. Except my game rolled high. I tried again without ACR, andgot no chimes again. So they get to wait. They have time, they are both only 20 days to elder.
  8. 8. Holly learned physiology. She‟s only got two body plus she rolled the want so it is worth it to me. Ialso have the fix from Pescado so it is okay. However, from what I‟ve seen you only need the fix if youhave an unpatched AL game. So just patch your games people.
  9. 9. Okay stuck on skilling? Sims not making things messy enough? Here‟s a trick. Dig a hole but cancel itbefore it is deep enough to get treasure. Then fill it in. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. You gain fun fromdigging for treasure. This becomes even more powerful if you have intelligence lifted, you can justgift away the stuff you get (but you can put the maps on the wall). Then dig until you get a brokenwater main and mop up the puddles. Just like a sink it will keep splashing and you can keep cleaning.
  10. 10. Splashing is a go.
  11. 11. I love knowledge sims. They want to gain skills so are so happy to keep happy in an apoc if they rollthe skill chain.“Holly, I want another kid.”“Can‟t talk, skilling.”
  12. 12. “I‟m not pregnant yet!”Back in you go!
  13. 13. “I‟m pregnant now. Can we stop?”For some reason, I think that Holly isn‟t as fond of woohoo as Long is.
  14. 14. My lot kept glitching where I wouldn‟t have any walkbys. So I finally broke out the townie maker andmade 10 social group townies. Now this will do me no good in the spouse department since fromdoing this in my BACC hood they come with 0 skills and no job. But I will get walkbys, I hope, just byhaving them. I was sick of having to batbox force errors on all every 2 days or so.
  15. 15. Sigh… Dishwashers. I almost say they should be allowed pre medical because of the chance ofelectrocution. I‟ve failed more asylums by having the playable fix the dishwasher and die thananything else. Still, Young needs Mechanical. I‟d like 5 by the time she ages up.
  16. 16. Tiny aged up and looks a lot like her mother. She is a Pisces with 1/8/10/3/10. I swear I am gettingalien personalities this time around.
  17. 17. Okay, here‟s another trick to gain Body for teens/kids who need to gain fun because of pets rules.Once Military is lifted, a sim who has high enough in Fitness can go jogging. You can also invitepeople to jog with you. It tanks motives, especially hygiene, so I don‟t recommend this unless youalso have a way to deal with tanked motives – I have the energizers and showers - but you will gainBody and your kids have fun doing it. And after a few runs you can have your teens do Yoga. It‟s notmy favorite method, but it works. It is also debatable because of Law Enforcement and yourinterpretation of leaving the lot. It is up to you as the rules are currently written.
  18. 18. Short aged up. Only had 6 charisma but he sucked at skilling. I don‟t know if I am going to reget thebird or not, I am leaning toward not.
  19. 19. Jogging got the girls to 3 body so they both started on Yoga.
  20. 20. And did Short‟s homework.
  21. 21. Please don‟t die and get me to level 5 on mechanical...She did get the point, and didn‟t die. So I was happy.
  22. 22. Did you know that the oven is slower than heck at raising cooking skill? And it requires a metric buttton of micro managing. Too much for me to be interested in. I had Short finish making the muffinthat Duck left when she aged up and then shoved it in Long‟s inventory to gift away. It annoyed meand I don‟t need it with energizers and “Talk about Hobby/Play Game with Relative” that I have going.
  23. 23. Note the Muffin in this, that‟s the one that Short made. It‟s been sitting there for about 12 hours andis still good. While the hamburger isn‟t. I let it sit there for three days and it was still good.And we have baby sign.
  24. 24. Meet Anita Dong. She‟s the only one with the custom eyes still so I am tempted to make her heir.
  25. 25. Not sure why Holly is worrying over Tiny here. Maybe she just realized that Tiny is a spare in anapocalypse.
  26. 26. Young Aged up and she did have the fear of being uneducated in her panel. But she‟d also just maxedBody when I grew her up – it‟s Tuesday I want to have a friend party and move in the next spouse.Plus have the bonus of higher starts for jobs – so I took the chance since she also wanted to age upwell. She got into the red (she was plat), but not enough to trigger a psych visit.Skills at aging – 7 cooking (thank you TV), 5 Mechanical, 10 charisma, 10 body, 10 Logic, 0 creativity, 6cleaning.
  27. 27. Friends visit time! This is Marion UnspellableLastName and she is in Athletic. It was between her andRenee Andrews back there. She‟s in high level Culinary. Bella‟s low level in Politics (and annoys me).While Gerard back there is in Medical. Johnson Pai who will likely be marrying in with that name is inlow level Business. Quinten McAuley is high in Science. And Jenny Smith is now in possession of theToy Oven.Guess who moved in?
  28. 28. If you guessed Marion, you were right. She‟s changing her turn-ons to black hair and Charismatic.With a turn off Red hair. Don‟t need her hitting on dear old dad.
  29. 29. With Marion in here, it was time to get a job. The listings sucked today – in order of usefulness – LawEnforcement, Slacker, Criminal, Law, and Oceanography.Guess what I picked? I debated waiting until the paper arrived and doing the paper trick to see if Icould get education. Then I remembered something. I can get Elixir with Oceanography. Thatwould be good for Marion and for something else – the aging up of teens when they are green. Thatsealed the deal for me.
  30. 30. BELLA!!!She must really have a thing for med with Red Hair and Fauxhawks. First Toast, then Peasant007, andnow here. Geez.
  31. 31. Another day, another promotion. Doesn‟t Short look excited?
  32. 32. Marion is also apparently at least bi. I don‟t have the heart to break it to her that Young is lifting andmoving out as fast as possible.I also don‟t think that Short approves since this very firmly relegates him to spare.
  33. 33. Obligatory „I Have Hands‟ shot.
  34. 34. This is pretty much a typical day in the house. The teens do the kids homework, the kids watch theyummy channel, the adults skill, which Long fields the ton of phone calls he gets.
  35. 35. Also the kids clean, some are more excited about this than others.
  36. 36. “Shouldn‟t you be wearing a longer shirt?”“Probably. But this is an apocalypse. Bad clothes are par for the course.”
  37. 37. So is skilling in the snow.
  38. 38. Anita has a personality of 1/2/10/3/10. Not bad. A bit mutant, but she‟ll get lots of cleaning pointscleaning up after her messes when she is old enough.
  39. 39. Since Marion was going to be her baby daddy, I thought they should get to know each other a littlebetter.
  40. 40. Like better relationships through Potty Training!
  41. 41. Well, Mechanical is now maxed I just need Cleaning high enough and she will be good to go forOceanography.
  42. 42. Don‟t you hate that feeling when you realize that you missed the Insta-lift because you didn‟t have adowntown apoc compliant lot.
  43. 43. Still, promotions are coming quick and easy.
  44. 44. And it‟s time for Duck to grow up.
  45. 45. And she‟s very happy about it.
  46. 46. Just to point out how many papers I currently have spread out through inventory.
  47. 47. Although there was nothing useful in there - Medicine, Athletic, Slacker, Entertainment, Music. Iconsidered Music. But Duck‟s a spare so her suppressing Artist wouldn‟t be good for unless I want anextra mouth to feed. And Entertainment while nice, I want Education.
  48. 48. I had better options the next day - Dance, Athletic, Slacker, Law, Gamer. But something elsehappened…
  49. 49. “You missed work.”“Meh. I want to be a Game designer anyway.”
  50. 50. So I paper tricked her into Gamer. Which if she lifts this will make Journalism totally useless. I almostthink she missed work on purpose.
  51. 51. And since she could, she went straight off to work.
  52. 52. Marion‟s slowly climbing the athletic ladder. This isn‟t a career you can chain promotions on. Whichsucks.
  53. 53. So while we‟re waiting for a good job to show up, I set Duck to work filling up her skills so that she canget promoted that much faster.
  54. 54. I also had her hail a walkby to get rid of a few pesky wants.
  55. 55. “This is boring.”Welcome to an apoc.
  56. 56. Young needs creativity for Gamer, so she‟s also absconded with the computer. I could get two, butMeh. That requires more babysitting to keep the sims off of it because they want to browse the webor play SSX3.
  57. 57. The jobs today tempted me a little - Culinary, Business, Politics, Military, Intelligence. Mostly Culinary.But I have a spouse option in mind for that. So It‟s another day of skilling in preparation. Howevercome Tuesday I am taking a job even if Education isn‟t there.
  58. 58. I‟d say get a room, but they really can‟t. The photobooth is about as much privacy as they get.
  59. 59. Gamer, unlike Athletic, you can chain some. So that is what we are doing.
  60. 60. Only one more promotion to go.
  61. 61. While I think at this point, Young has about six. It‟s hard to tell because the car doesn‟t change andthe clothes don‟t either until much later.
  62. 62. Ahhhh, ACR I love you. We have baby chimes, not that I mind. I didn‟t pull my larger householdshack that I use for the OWBC when I played this. I figure with culinary NOT lifted it is more of ahindrance than help. And since I haven‟t reinstalled my game since my last Apoc, I know that thepets glitch is still on this computer. Besides, I have a plan.
  63. 63. Sigh… Medicine, Law enforcement, Law, Dance, Music… Looks Like Duck is feeling the same way Iam.
  64. 64. “I want a Job and I want it now! I have plans and staying here isn‟t part of them.”
  65. 65. Holly made BFFs with the toilet.
  66. 66. Duck hit the Zone for Films and Literature.
  67. 67. And the best thing ever happened, Marion lifted. Now I can pick up the framming two-tile items andshove inventory full of things people want but I don‟t feel like buying because they take up space (likeexpensive stereos, electronic entertainment, expensive living chairs, etc.)
  68. 68. And Short grew up. He rolled the horrible combo of Fortune/Knowledge. Poor kid isn‟t going to behappy unless I get Education lifted. He also wants to be Mad Scientist. Which isn‟t happening.
  69. 69. Another promotion, another walk to work. Just showing you why Military is one of the best early liftsever and it doesn‟t even have to do with moving out.
  70. 70. Short didn‟t have any mechanical points when I sicced him on the broken computer. But he was fullyenergized which meant that he wouldn‟t die. He got one mechanical point out of this, which was mygoal.
  71. 71. And now showing the new and improved beds. Thanks to pet security, I need to keep a few crappybeds out for the kids who don‟t have 10 body. But since all of the adults do, they get the nice beds.Also the little bedroom on the first floor now holds 4 beds. It‟s great use of space since people needto sleep and this makes for good useage.
  72. 72. Also with Marion‟s promotion, I can now have kids get a start to getting 10 body and fulfill wants at thesame time.
  73. 73. And yes, Holly is pregnant again. Like you didn‟t guess already.
  74. 74. And Anita is getting very close to her baby mama. It kind of creeps me out knowing that I amarranging relationships like this, but it‟s an apocalypse.
  75. 75. Noon on Tuesday rolled around and with bated breath I checked the computer. And I about had aheart attack. Education was the first job offered. I took it then checked to see what else was there:Education, Adventurer, Architecture, Oceaongraphy, and Politics. Bloody career GOLD! Geez. Whenit rains it pours.
  76. 76. “Finally going to quit being a layabout?”“Yeah. I am so ready to get out of here.”
  77. 77. Yay Aspiration points.
  78. 78. Okay the next two slides are a trick that isn‟t a closed loophole. It is Tuesday, despite not having auniversity or education lifted you can still have your kids call the college to apply for scholarships solong as they don‟t go before Education and Military are lifted. Why would you do that, you ask?
  79. 79. Aspiration points. Both the kids and parents roll wants for scholarships. It keeps people happy. Nowgranted it‟s a little weird to get scholarships when you aren‟t going to University. But it‟s there.
  80. 80. And since it is also Tuesday, I am moving Marion out.But I hear you say that she needs to stay to bring in the next generation. Actually, no she doesn‟t.Not if she‟s fathering them and Anita‟s doing the carrying. So long as I have her genetically donate tothe kid that is the heir at some point down the line, I could have moved her in and then out longbefore.
  81. 81. So this is another reason why Intelligence is so bloody strong. You pick 3 sims who have instalifts youwant (like Science, Medical and Military) and move them in on the first generation after liftingIntelligence. Then move them out and just have them father/genetically donate to the heir of eachsuccessive generation (it has to be the same number of heirs as sims moved in) and you can get a lotof lifts out in a hurry. And you don‟t have to worry about them dying on the lot or eating your foodpre-Culinary.
  82. 82. Nothing to see here, just Duck getting aspiration points for getting engaged.
  83. 83. And synchronized clothing changes mean that it is Duck‟s first day of work. Get Promoted like thewind! Which isn‟t very easy with Education unless you get Hobby chance cards.
  84. 84. And Short has 10 body now.
  85. 85. Yay promotion.
  86. 86. Yay baby!
  87. 87. And our for sure last child of gen 3 is a little boy named Dick.
  88. 88. Tiny also grew up and was happy about it, until she looked at her aspiration. Romance/Pleasure witha want of 20 lovers. Yeah. No. Impossible wants are not done in an adult start apoc. Sorry.
  89. 89. Now start mopping. I love messy sims.
  90. 90. Holly gets tons of aspiration for maxing all skills, and I feel a lot like Long here. Bored.
  91. 91. Two more promotions. And look, Young is actually in different clothes.
  92. 92. And with luck, she‟ll be able to get a promotion today. I know I‟d like Gamer to be lifted. It wouldmake Journalism totally pointless.
  93. 93. And it is. Young is now permaplat and I can use the computer whenever I want for whatever I want.
  94. 94. And so we celebrate by moving Young out. Bye Young, I promise to come into your house and fixyour pants sometime.
  95. 95. And Dick is now a toddler. With stats of, well, do you really care at this point? They don‟t meanmuch. If you do care they are 9/5/6/10/3.
  96. 96. “I hate my life. I hate that I have to eat green food.”“You can always leave.”“Maybe I will.”
  97. 97. “I‟m home! And now the kids can go to school! And I can get out of here!”
  98. 98. “Do you ever move from that spot?”“Nope! Permaplat off of LTA I go upstairs and energize then come right back here and watch theyummy channel.”“I hate you.”
  99. 99. And so kids Skilled.
  100. 100. And people energized. Also see the bed off in the corner. That‟s Ding‟s ghost bed. He doesn‟t evenbother haunting anymore. I think he‟s sad that there‟s no one around for him to scare.
  101. 101. Yay more mechanical points.
  102. 102. And the teens set off for school for the first time ever.
  103. 103. And that afternoon, Anita grows up. I think the townie in the back likes her bum.
  104. 104. She also gave Short his first kiss, which did NOTHING. The first kiss want from so long ago rolledaway.
  105. 105. Did you know that the treadmill is one of the fastest ways to gain body? And it raises temperature sodoing it out in the cold is good? Sims get hot then you can have them do yoga or something else tocool down again. And they have fun doing it.
  106. 106. +1000 for bringing home someone with the flu!
  107. 107. “I hate you.”
  108. 108. And there‟s Anita‟s 10th body point. Now all of the kids have 10 so they can go to college.
  109. 109. Well, other than this dude.
  110. 110. Holly grew up as well, she‟s quite the good looking elder.
  111. 111. Long on the other hand seems to be channelling his father in fashion choices.
  112. 112. All of the kids are in careers that have been lifted. I think one is in athletic while the others are inmedical. That is because I want scholarships. And Tiny here is the first to get one.
  113. 113. Sigh, the perils of inviting townies over. They get in fights more than cows and llamas do.
  114. 114. Okay, apparently Ding is haunting. I just never see him. Project move the Ghost Bed to the roofworked.
  115. 115. And we have another promotion. Looking at Short‟s life bar it is time to send the kids to college.
  116. 116. And so the kids moved to college. Okay I need to talk about this. I am only doing this once for onesimple reason, I don‟t like that I have to move to an empty lot every time I send kids to college. Youend up with a hood full of empty apoc legal houses. Go check the rules, you have to move to a blanklot every time. So all of you apoc players who think that only the first gen of kids to go to college willhave it tough because of no money, think again, every gen has to start out fresh. I‟m just lucky that Ilifted athletic and can stuff inventory with all of the buy mode stuff I need or want so I only need to dothis once.Plus I hate college – next chapter promises to have the shortest college visit ever.
  117. 117. “Hey there chair! Nice to see you!”Outgoing sims!Until next time, happy simming.
  118. 118. Creepy smiling driver hopes that he doesn‟t haunt your dreams.