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Crater Lake - BACC - Week 1 - Abraxis
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Crater Lake - BACC - Week 1 - Abraxis


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  • 1. Hello! I’m back and I have a short update for you all.I’m going to try to continue the story I developed in the introduction without having to do much in the way of staging. I hatestaging and I do it enough in two of my other stories I don’t really need to do it in my for fun things. I also want to prove tomyself that I don’t have to stage like crazy in order to tell a good story. We’ll see how that goes.I also will admit to using a cheap plot device here and there. In this case, it’s the ubiquitous diary thing. Hey, it’s useful.And I have to admit I do like the unreliable narrator bit of it.
  • 2. Arlen’s Log – Entry OneI have been persuaded, encouraged, pick a verb you like but ultimately I have been ordered to keep a chronicling of eventssince the Abraxisian disaster as many have taken to calling it. I keep wanting to ask ‘Why me?’ but in this instance I knowthe answer. It is so that we do not forget where we come from while we are travelling to where we are going. Others havementioned that they will be keeping logs as well so the duty doesn’t solely fall to me, still this is the most writing I have donein my life.I find it…odd.Perhaps I should begin at the beginning.
  • 3. I started our first week of remaking by inviting all of the survivors plus the two, they call themselves humans, over to get toknow each other better.I admit I did it for an ulterior motive that I will cover in time. But there was an altruistic motive as well. Most of us did notintermingle on the Abraxis. The slaves did not have time for socializing and in fact were punished most severely if we did. Itwas seen as spreading sedition or worse, planning mutiny. While the crew stayed in their own compartmentalized sectionsrarely interacting outside of them. Only the sisters, Bree and Brenna really saw anyone outside of their station and eventhey did not know many of the people on the Abraxis.
  • 4. Speaking of Bree and Brenna, it seems that something has happened to Bree since arriving on this planet. When I asked theLady Brenna about it, she got defensive. Claiming it was some kind of allergic reaction and to date they had not figured out acure.
  • 5. Naturally, I apologized for offending her. It was not my intent to cause her distress, but as their chosen leader it is my dutyto make sure that they are adapting well. The news that some allergy could affect us was disturbing and I hoped that in timewe would be able to develop a cure.Lady Brenna accepted my apology.
  • 6. She then expressed her appreciation for my concern. I will admit I was very flattered by her attentions. I’d always wantedmore and now it seemed that I was going to get it.
  • 7. The thought of finally being able to experience pleasure in another’s arms drove me to be quite rude to my other guestsleaving them to entertain themselves.
  • 8. While I entertained the Lady Brenna.I will say that if given the choice, I would happily do so again. Being in her arms, well it was like nothing I had ever feltbefore. And I wondered if I would feel the same if the arms were different. I was determined to find out, damn theconsequences.
  • 9. I rejoined my guests to find that my absence was noted but forgiven. Daxon in particular seemed to know what the LadyBrenna and I had been up to. However, I tried to deflect his teasing. A proper man does not kiss and tell where a lady isconcerned. Especially if the lady in question is sitting right next to him.I may be an uneducated slave, but I am no fool. At least I hope I am not.
  • 10. After the gathering, I did my best to settle into this new life. It is strange, but now that I have to only care for myself I findthe daily chores not nearly as onerous as the used to be. It is amazing what a little freedom can do.
  • 11. The freedom to play when you want to play.
  • 12. To love who you want to love.
  • 13. Even the freedom to pay for things yourself. All of them are denied you as a slave and they are somehow the more sweetwhen you realize just how easy these freedoms are to lose.
  • 14. Despite the difficulties, I would not trade this life for any other.
  • 15. Anyway, since I had a responsibility to this community, small though it is I did my best to talk build bridges between thehumans and the rest of us. I want to make this community of Crater Lake one where all are welcome no matter whatcolor, creed, origin, or any other label. I am meeting some resistance but I have faith that I will prevail.
  • 16. I shared these thoughts with the Lady Brenna and she told me that it was as she expected, that so many people in politics allwant to make sure their interests are taken care of first.I guess I can understand how this is. I know that I would much rather work on making this community better than listen tomen and women blow hot air about other agendas. They probably feel the same. It is worth remembering for the future.
  • 17. Lady Brenna also confided in me that she found herself more and more at odds with Cental Clenthar. It had started as asimple misunderstanding, but had since grown greatly. She asked that I not reveal what she was to tell me, but that thedisagreement in question was that Cental had not wanted me to be leader but instead wanted the role. But when others hadbacked me she had decided not to challenge me, yet.I promised I would keep her secret and that I would keep my eye on Cental.
  • 18. After that her confession, I felt even closer to Lady Brenna and showed her in the best way I know how. I don’t really haveany other way.
  • 19. It is interesting to note that apparently among the elite, giving gifts is the way that you express your gratitude. That issomething I will have to remember for the future. As a slave, we owned nothing so could give nothing to anyone else.
  • 20. To receive flowers or more is now something I am going to have to get used to. Although I would still rather have physicalcontact or kind words than any inanimate object in the galaxy.
  • 21. I think that Celdu enjoyed how I showed my gratitude.
  • 22. I like Celdu. I truly do. But I find that his touch doesn’t make me feel the same as Lady Brenna’s. Celdu is fine with that.He likes a relationship with no ties, as he calls it.
  • 23. I am not quite sure how to tell him that his ties with me will not ever be truly severed.
  • 24. However, that surprise hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my responsibilities. Like laying in a store of food before this winterthe humans have told me about arrives.
  • 25. Nor has it prevented me from experiencing all sorts of new things.
  • 26. Yes, I would not trade this life for any other. I look forward to the coming week with great anticipation. I have plans torestore the water and electrical supply and would like to get started on that.
  • 27. Until next week.Arlen.Postscript Note: I have chosen the last name of Abraxis to remember where I have come from. Lady Brenna found it mostappropriate. Cental found it morbid. Isn’t that interesting? ~*~
  • 28. Hi! Author’s notes time!While I do that, I’ll also show you the house.(Bottom Floor)Since I placed houses for the sims, rather than build them (I hate building) I can’t modify the walls of the houses at all untilArchitecture is unlocked. That means I will have to be frugal on space. However, I can buy stuff that is legal whenever Ineed to – like cribs or beds.
  • 29. (Top floor)The one thing I can do is redecorate – paint, floors, doors, since those are things that do-it-yourself-ers can do.Arlen really is pregnant by Celdu’s child. And thanks to ACR there is not much in the way of Jealousy. At least in this house.That is it from the Abraxis household. Up next the Borealis house and the fun there!
  • 30. Stats to Date:Sims: 10 (10 adults)Community Lots: 0Sim Multiplier: 1Founder Career: 3 (Held at Lobbyist until someone he’s Best Friends with Maxes Mechanical)Taxes: $100Furious sims: 0 (Despite Cental getting caught stealing the paper, twice!)Sick sims: 0Fires / Burglaries: 0Current Population: 10