Challenge Island: Rotation Two


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Challenge Island first Summer rotation. It's hot!

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Challenge Island: Rotation Two

  1. 1. Summer 1 on Challenge Island and we have three families to check in on. At some point, I will be splitting these updates but now is not that time. Also at some point, I will be getting bored with this. But now is also not that time. Why am I updating again so soon? Because I cut myself off from playing until I update. It’s an effective motivator for me.
  2. 2. As normal, we’re starting off with the Joneses. I shouldn’t really need to identify who’s who considering when I updated, but I’m going to try to keep doing it for now. I know as the neighborhood grows and becomes incestuous it’ll be a good thing.
  3. 3. The house that digging built. Full disclosure time, this house didn’t last long. There was some kind of glitch where I couldn’t place walls of ceiling tiles so I had to bulldoze the whole thing, move it forward about four squares, re-level the lot, and try again. Now it seems to work. I’ll show you a picture of it when I get there.
  4. 4. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood... The kids are off to school.
  5. 5. Which means that the adults are all huddled in the backyard digging for crap.
  6. 6. Amara: Dig faster. Damion: You’re not helping. Amara: I dug up a treasure chest. Now I need a nap. Let me know when you find something useful.
  7. 7. Damion: Amara, love, you’ve got to calm down. We’re the richest family on the block. We’ve got the best of everything. We can’t spend all of our time digging we need to live a little.
  8. 8. They did.
  9. 9. Then they went right back to digging.
  10. 10. Regina: Hi, so I’m a family sim and I’m getting desperate. You’re going to stand there and let me build my aspiration up, okay?
  11. 11. Elvis Haired Teen (Adam): And what if I say no?
  12. 12. Regina: Oh, you’re so funny! I’m a playable and unless you get struck by lightning and run off, you’re stuck here until the coding sends you home at midnight. Plenty of time for me to get what I want. Teen Elvis: Well, when you put it that way... Sure... Be happy to help. Just so you know I’m a Romance sim and we have no bolts. Regina: Don’t care.
  13. 13. And so it goes. It was about this point when I redid the house. They have a fishing pond now and the roof now covers the porch as intended.
  14. 14. Amara: So bored... I’m bored eating.
  15. 15. Damion: I know something that can relieve boredom. Amara: What? Damion: How about couch woohoo?
  16. 16. Amara: Sounds awesome! Damion: That’s not all that’s awesome... Gods, just look at his hand and where he’s looking. Damion’s a boob-man through and through. No wonder he likes fuller figured women.
  17. 17. Arya: I hate to break up this love fest, but there’s a walkby outside and I have zero outgoing points and a full bladder. Amara: If you hit it off will you be moving out? Arya: Yes. Amara: I’m on it.
  18. 18. Walkby: Hi, I’m Merlin Midlock. Arya: *sticks hand out blindly* Um... Hi... Merlin: Whoa there! I don’t think you meant to be that friendly. Arya: Oh my gosh! I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’ll just go back to digging now. Merlin: Wait. I didn’t get your name. Arya: It’s Arya. Arya Jones.
  19. 19. Merlin: Nice to meet you. It’s nice to see someone else with the same skin color as me. There aren’t enough greenies out there. Arya: Yeah. Um. Yeah. Merlin: Hey, don’t worry about it. You’re shy, I get it. So how about you ask me something and I’ll babble for a while until you get comfortable with me. Arya: Okay. Merlin: Cool. So I’m a Cancer and I want get married and have kids one day. I’ve put it on hold for my career, I’m a celebrity chef, you know. You might have seen me on TV. Arya: We don’t have a TV. Not yet. Sorry.
  20. 20. Merlin: Hey, you don’t have to go. I didn’t mean anything by it. Arya: You didn’t? Merlin: Yeah. I guess I’m not as outgoing as I was trying to pretend. Arya: Oh? Oh! Merlin: Yeah. Pretty silly, huh? Arya: So you want to have a pillow fight?
  21. 21. Merlin: Sure!
  22. 22. Damion: I sense a disturbance in the Force. Amara: Sorry. Shouldn’t have had that expired milk.
  23. 23. That wasn’t the problem. Arya’s shyness wore off and things progressed quickly.
  24. 24. Maybe a little too quickly.
  25. 25. They also weren’t the only ones in a family way. But they did have one problem.
  26. 26. A problem quickly solved by moving Merlin in and having him propose. I admit it, I kind of love them together.
  27. 27. Then it was wedding time! The Bust of Typhodia will be officiating.
  28. 28. Merlin: I couldn’t do my tie. I was too nervous. Arya: You don’t want to marry me? Merlin: No! No! I do! I just don’t want to screw it up.
  29. 29. Arya: Well then, let’s get started! Merlin: Is everyone watching? Arya: Well, other than that one townie who’s fishing. Yeah, everyone’s watching.
  30. 30. Random Townie: Meh! You’ve seen one sim wedding you’ve seen them all. You know... She’s got a point... Here’ have a collage and we can just move on with this thing.
  31. 31. Arya: Well, that was exciting. But I’m pregnant and exhausted. I’m going to bed. Merlin: I think I’ll join you.
  32. 32. While the newlyweds were sleeping, outside things were heating up. Literally. Pretty much every wedding guest got heat stroke. Oops? Oh well.
  33. 33. Regina: Oh great Bust of Typhodia, when will I find the man to whisk me away from this life. Bust of Typhodia: Soon...
  34. 34. Amara: Oh gods! I’ve got to stop eating cake before bed. I get nightmares every time. Talking statues. What’s next? Weeping Angels?
  35. 35. Nope, no weeping angels. Just pancakes. And Amara passively aggressively staring at people she doesn’t like.
  36. 36. Namely these two. Merlin: So when do we move? Arya: At the end of the rotation. Merlin: Can we make it that long? Arya: What choice do we have? Now, I’m off to barf for the second time today.
  37. 37. Arya: Make that third. Merlin: Noted.
  38. 38. We interrupt the Arya/Merlin show to show that Kailee is still here. Drinking, but still here.
  39. 39. Arya: Ugh. Swamp gas.
  40. 40. Arya: Can I move now? No.
  41. 41. Regina: Yep. Still pretty. Just checking.
  42. 42. Finally, the digging has paid off to the point that I can have the girls skilling. I’d forgotten I have 8-day teens in. So the girls have almost nothing in the way of skills. This is not a good thing. Skill, girls! Skill like the wind!
  43. 43. Meanwhile the adults did things other than skill.
  44. 44. Arya: Um...
  45. 45. Arya: Guys?
  46. 46. Merlin: Don’t bother them. They know we’re planning on moving soon. We’ll just take the furniture I bought with the 16,000 I brought in and go. Arya: Will it be enough? Merlin: With everything else in my inventory it should be. Arya: Okay.
  47. 47. So the skilling continued.
  48. 48. As did the pregnancies.
  49. 49. Until one fine day... Merlin: Finally! Regina: Take me with you! Merlin: Sorry. You’ll have to find your own way.
  50. 50. Regina: This house sucks. Kailee: Tell me about it. We’ve got roaches! Roaches! Regina: I’m going to go brood now and dream of the day I can finally leave. Kailee: Have fun!
  51. 51. Merlin: So, do you like it?
  52. 52. Arya: It’s perfect! ~*~
  53. 53. So moving on to the Hardens. Expect this to jump around a lot. This house isn’t easy to play.
  54. 54. And part of the problem has to do with the size of the house. I have less problems in an Apoc Tower. Seriously.
  55. 55. Bonnie: I see you took redneck literally. Stu: So’d you. Bonnie: I was just following the crowd. No one said that it’d hurt though. Being burnt sucks.
  56. 56. Betty: You ain’t whistling dixie.
  57. 57. I think the lightning in this hood hates me and wants me to fail. Seriously. Now it’s trying to burn my house down.
  58. 58. And so time passed...
  59. 59. Toddlers were trained some.
  60. 60. Pregnancies advanced.
  61. 61. And dates happened. So did parties. Because I have people who like socializing in this house.
  62. 62. Bonnie: Mmmm... Damion’s hot. Damion: And so I said, that everyone looks better at two in the morning and through a pair of beer goggles. Bonnie: Well, if you like beer we’ve got some punch outside you might be interested in. ‘Sides, I got a question for you. Damion: Sure, why not?
  63. 63. Bonnie: I was wondering if you’d be the father of one of my illegitimate spawn? Damion: But I’m married. I shouldn’t. Bonnie: So am I. It’ll be in good fun. Have some punch and think about it.
  64. 64. Two hours later... Damion: Sure, why not!
  65. 65. Just so you don’t think Bonnie’s a complete homewrecker, she does love her kids and her husband. She’s just planning ahead to the possible family kudzu that’ll happen later.
  66. 66. And to be fair, Damion isn’t the only one who gets a little silly after some punch.
  67. 67. The thing’s addictive.
  68. 68. And leads to questionable choices. And pantsfish. You can’t forget the pantsfish.
  69. 69. Damion: Why do I think I’ve just made a horrible decision.
  70. 70. Bonnie: How about we just practice today and later you can put a bun in my oven if you’re still willing and less juice-addled. I don’t want no regrets. Damion: Okay. No regrets.
  71. 71. Damion: No regrets.
  72. 72. Bonnie: So, no regrets. Damion: No regrets. Bonnie: Good.
  73. 73. And so life, and pregnancy continued.
  74. 74. Bonnie: Stu-honey, can you make me a sandwich? Stu: Busy, sweetie. Bonnie: But I’m hungry. Stu: Make something for yourself then.
  75. 75. Bonnie: Mmmm finger stew.
  76. 76. In preparation for the yard sale that’s happening later, it’s time for some digging and fishing so we can fit all of the kids Bonnie’s planning on spawning. And so we don’t have to have finger stew for ever they’ve also started a garden funded by date flowers. Date flowers... Funding trailer park challenges since 2012.
  77. 77. Meanwhile the kids grew up and there was a massive sigh of relief.
  78. 78. And Stu got a job in Culinary, and there was another massive sigh of relief.
  79. 79. And we could finally pay our bills and there was another massive sigh of relief.
  80. 80. You know, there’s just a little something wrong that children can pour themselves a nice cold one.
  81. 81. But this is even more disturbing.
  82. 82. And then it was time for baby sign. *prays for a singleton*
  83. 83. Meet Suzie Harden she’s giving you that soulless stare that all newborns do. The stare that says, “I’m going to keep you awake forever!”
  84. 84. To prevent any more finger stew, Stu took his rightful place in the kitchen. Appropriate considering he’s part cheese sim and in the culinary career at the moment.
  85. 85. While Bonnie got to gardening and waiting for Stu to go to work so she can invite the next baby daddy over.
  86. 86. And waited.
  87. 87. But soon enough Damion arrived and placed a bun in her oven. Then she kicked him out before her husband could come home.
  88. 88. Damion in return left her a Bust of Typhodia so that all future weddings can have an officiant of their own.
  89. 89. Then last day of summer finally arrived. Yard sale day. Picture is a bit delayed, this was taken closer to noon and the lone treasure chest and two orby things had sold already. Here’s the trick, show item to customer. The prices are so low that they’ll buy them on their own without you prompting it. Stu here is showing orange shirt townie another statue of some kind. Keep some bones out because they’re like candy for the townies and they can’t resist a good bone but if you want to make money, show item from the most expensive to least. By the time the sale was over I’d made about 5,000. I still had some fish and rocks left, but all of the statues, maps, and expensive fish had been sold. Along with the 40 or so bones and 10 boots. It adds up.
  90. 90. That meant I could build another trailer.
  91. 91. This one is white, and not beige. It still has the two doors and a window in every room along with wallpaper/flooring. But it means I can start having room. The plan is to move the main bedroom into the white trailer and have the nursery there too with a second fridge and the main room being the skilling/fun area. Then turn the beige trailer in the bedroom/eating trailer. I think it will work. And just in time too...
  92. 92. Bonnie: Hi honey! I’m pregnant! ~*~
  93. 93. This part of the update should be quick. Since there’s only one sim and there’s only so many times I can show him going to school, going to work, doing homework, or sleeping.
  94. 94. Yay non borked or overstuffed house!
  95. 95. Random Townie: Is that kid on his own? Shouldn’t someone call child services? Someone probably should but this is the sims where twelves are totally okay on their own.
  96. 96. I meant it, he didn’t do much other than work, school, eat, sleep.
  97. 97. Although I did have him dig for money twice and which he had issues finding his shaft. In the interest of fairness, Jack was only allowed as many digs as it took to hit a gusher or bottom out his hygiene. This is not the Joneses. And I don’t want to get bored too quickly.
  98. 98. To those people worried about Jack’s social meter. You shouldn’t. Dragged someone home from school every day starting with Face One Tish here. They’ve got two bolts and she’s a potential spouse.
  99. 99. Things couldn’t get very far before Jack had to go to work.
  100. 100. But Tish proved her potential by waiting around for Jack, even if he would rather sleep than go on a date. Tish straightened out his priorities with a good swift air punch.
  101. 101. And she managed to score his first kiss.
  102. 102. Jack: Wanna stay over? Tish: Ha ha, no. You’ve got ghosts and I’m a fortune sim. It was a dream date, Jacky. Let’s keep it that way. Jack: Aww man!
  103. 103. Tish was probably smart, Saorise was out which would become a pattern sadly. She came out every night of the rotation. If this keeps up, I predict drastic measures will be taken.
  104. 104. Jack: zzzzIWentOnADatezzzz.... Saorise: I’m not sure I approve. Let me scare some sense into him. She did. Twice.
  105. 105. Which meant I spent the rest of the night moving Jack around so he would avoid her. Time for drastic measures.
  106. 106. Meet drastic measures. AKA a death island. Now I don’t have to move the graves later, but I will anyway to prevent lag.
  107. 107. Another day, another picture of our lone founder going to school.
  108. 108. And today he brought home Joy here. Jack: Sweet! Maybe I can score with this one!
  109. 109. Joy: Hold it. No Joy for you. What kind of sim do you think I am? Jack: A townie? Joy: Townie, I might be, but I’ve got standards. Jack: Awww man!
  110. 110. At least Jack’s making better progress with his career. He’s gotten one promotion but needs charisma for the next one.
  111. 111. Time to invest in talking to yourself 101. AKA mirror me!
  112. 112. Saorise: I can’t scare sense into my son! There’s water in the way.
  113. 113. Jack: Hi, Mom! Don’t mind me, if I fish in your prison. There’s got to be more than boots down there. Saorise: No, no, don’t mind me. I’m just dying over here. Again. Jack: Okay, I won’t.
  114. 114. Yep, things are going pretty good at the moment.
  115. 115. Another day, another friend.
  116. 116. This time Teen Elvis. Thankfully, Jack doesn’t want to hit on him so that’s something. I already have two girls in the running for spouse, I don’t need any more.
  117. 117. And now Jack’s at the top of his game. Which is good it leaves more time for more important things.
  118. 118. Like dating!
  119. 119. Jack: So I was thinking, when we grow up you might want to move in and get married. Joy: What?
  120. 120. Jack: I said... Joy: No, I heard you. Look. We’re teens. And I’m a townie. I don’t grow up, ever. Not unless you make me. Jack: I could have you grow up with me... Joy: Maybe. Ask me later. Just for now, let’s have a good date and enjoy what’s left of your teen years.
  121. 121. They did.
  122. 122. Jack: I don’t want to go to work. You need money. Jack: The uniform’s stupid. You need money. Jack: Fine!
  123. 123. Jack: Not one word! Driver: Whatever. At least you’re not a giant french fry. Jack: Point.
  124. 124. I am so glad I resorted to drastic actions. This is ridiculous.
  125. 125. Joy left this. She’s definitely moving up in my book. But, this is house with uncontrollables. An attractive item like this could cause trouble.
  126. 126. So that’s the end of this update. But I’ve got a question for you.
  127. 127. Which of these two should I have Jack marry? Tish or Joy. Both are Fortune sims and both have two bolts with Jack. I’d rather not wait for him to befriend an adult townie since I want to get to the funtimes of the insanity and uncontrollableness. And you do too. So help me pick! I like them both for different reasons.
  128. 128. So that’s it for Rotation One. We have a new house with the Midlocks (Arya and Merlin) which will be doing a career only matriarchy. AKA all of the money must come from careers other than the first day build money (which has been spent to build the house) and the only people who can inherit are women. So until next time, whenever that is, happy simming!