Challenge island rotation four - Harden


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Trailer Park Challenge Winter 1 Rotation

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Challenge island rotation four - Harden

  1. 1. Hi, I’m back for another one house update. This one is more because there’s going to be an heir poll at the end. We like heir polls. Maybe.
  2. 2. So here’s where we left my Trailer Park Family, the Hardens. They still needed one more pregnancy and money to buy a greenhouse lamp. Because plantsim!Bonnie needs sun. Pauline is off at college and I’ll play her at the end of the rotation. Let’s get started.
  3. 3. Just a normal day in the Harden household...
  4. 4. The adults were conceiving.
  5. 5. The kids were spying on their neighbors.... Seriously, Hayleigh came home from school and immediately started looking through the telescope. IMMEDIATELY!!! The only things that would unchain her were if some one called her over (which I admit I used liberally) or her bladder got the better of her. And there are things to do and people to meet.
  6. 6. Which meant that I spend a lot of time throwing parties. Parties that led to uncomfortable conversations like... “Remember that time I kissed you?” “Yeah, I totally do! Let’s never talk about that again!”
  7. 7. And... “I think I’m going to kill my husband.” “Well, if you do and need help hiding the body you know who to call.” “Not you?” “Exactly.”
  8. 8. “I think things are a little crazy around here.”
  9. 9. “OMG! I can’t believe what Arya’s doing!”
  10. 10. I laughed and then went and found Arya, who was getting a juice while watching her nephew potty. Not really all that crazy.
  11. 11. “And I-ai-ai-ai will always stalk yooooouuuuu!!!” “Will you stop!” “No.” “Dammit!”
  12. 12. “So what’s your family like.” “I don’t know, I just got one.” “You mean you’re adopted?” “Yep!” “Can I be adopted too?” “Nope!”
  13. 13. “Whatcha doing?” “Reading.” “I didn’t know you could read.” “I know a lot of four letter words.” “That you do.”
  14. 14. Nothing says uncontrollable teens like tub pirating. I hate overly playful sims. They drive me up a wall. They’ll kill themselves trying to have fun and playful kids trigger social worker visits. Seriously, they’ll jump on the bed until they overheat and are starving. The only time I lost my kids was because of this. Give me serious sims any day.
  15. 15. “Hey son, congrats on growing up!” “Thanks! Didn’t much have a choice.” “Still good on you for growing up well.” “Probably’ll be the only time.” “Probably.”
  16. 16. “Mom, can you help me with my homework?” “Sure, baby, I got my GED around here somewhere.” “On second thought maybe I’ll just have some food.” “Mmmm... Food,” Hayleigh hummed to herself, listening in on her little sister’s conversation. “I could sure go for something grilled.”
  17. 17. “Damn. Too big for babby griller. I’m disappointed.” “Sissy? Up?” “Meh. Whatever.”
  18. 18. “Did I hear you threaten to eat your brother?” “Of course not!” “Oh good. I was worried for a minute there.” “No need to worry, I don’t even have any cooking skills.” “Want to fix that?” “Does it require actual cooking? If so, then no.”
  19. 19. “Isn’t this better than cooking?” “I suppose so. The burning lady is amusing.” “You have a morbid fascination with fire.” “Fire’s awesome.” “I think I’ll leave you here. Chores to do and all that.” “That’s fine.”
  20. 20. “Now when I die, don’t let nobody eat me.” “Why would you think that, Momma?” “Oh no reason...” “I think I need a drink,” Brent muttered. Stu looked over at his son. “The keg’s right outside.”
  21. 21. And so it was.
  22. 22. “How’s the learnin’ going?” “Gotta pee.” “Then pee.” “Can’t. Momma’s in the toilet.” “Doing what?”
  23. 23. “Whatever she does when you knock her up.”
  24. 24. Vomiting over, it was time to start toddler training Heck. Doesn’t he look pleased?
  25. 25. “Are you expecting again, Momma?” “Yep!” “Is it gonna be green like you?” “Probably not.” “Okay.”
  26. 26. Another day another party. Although there’s a townie who really finds Brent hot. She’s got interesting Genetics so she’s a possibility. Plus she’s got totally mismatched clothes already.
  27. 27. Yep, she really likes Brent.
  28. 28. She’s even got a baby daddy all lined up for the illegitimate spawn.
  29. 29. One who makes pretty awesome expressions.
  30. 30. “Heh, juice...”
  31. 31. “Heh... Juice!”
  32. 32. Meanwhile, Hayleigh wasn’t doing as well with making friends. Mostly since her ideas of friends making included noogies, pranks, and Rock, Paper, Scissors. This is when I broke out the townie spawner and made some more teens. I realized having only 6 teens wasn’t going to be enough. Not when two of the three girls were already married in.
  33. 33. And then Heck grew up. Not that he was happy about that.
  34. 34. And after a diaper change, it’d be Debbie’s turn too.
  35. 35. Then it was cake time.
  36. 36. She’s kind of a good mix of features. Although all of the kids are looking a lot like Stu and less like Bonnie.
  37. 37. Hayleigh continued to attract my attention. Simply because she’s so dynamic. She’d get up and stalk her siblings.
  38. 38. Quite literally. Boundaries? Hayleigh doesn’t know what those are.
  39. 39. “So, you’re a kid now?” Hayleigh said, eyeing Heck. “Just to let you know, school sucks. You’re gonna hate it. It’s a soul sucking place that drains all the fun out of life.” “It’s not that bad,” Suzie protested. “Recess is fun.” “There’s no recess in High School,” Brent chimed in. “So go anything to say, Heck?” Hayleigh challenged. Heck shrugged. “Thanks for the warning, sis.”
  40. 40. “No problem.” Suzie scrunched up her face. “You probably shouldn’t believe everything Hayleigh says.” “That’s good advice,” Brent agreed. “Sorry sis,” he added looking at Hayleigh. Heck just shrugged and went back to his pop tart. He wasn’t going to instigate his big sister further. Especially not since he had vague memories of her wanting to eat him.
  41. 41. And so time passed and bellies popped.
  42. 42. And kids glitched while playing games.
  43. 43. And then it happened.
  44. 44. “You know those things are going to kill you.” “Awww man...”
  45. 45. “Have a drink. Tiki drinks are much better.” “Woohoo!” “Maybe later.”
  46. 46. Betty died leaving a distraught family and money to seven sims. And this is where I’m not going to be following the rules. I have no20khandouts in my game from Pescado. With the family funds hovering right around 1000 most days I’m not going to have money to move the spares out. Betty left the family 16,000 simoleans I bought two statues one for 6k and one for 5k and shoved them in inventory. Then with the remaining 5k I bought what I needed to get for them. Namely a bed and a bathtub. When the kids are closer to moving out, I’ll take the statues out and sell them. That way the kids get at least 1600 which is the minimum needed to buy their own lot.
  47. 47. Then, since Betty isn’t the founder she got shunted off to the local cemetery. I think she was happy to finally leave the place. Even if it took dying to do so.
  48. 48. And so life moved on, as it does. Older siblings taunted younger ones.
  49. 49. Went to school.
  50. 50. And toddlers were trained.
  51. 51. “Oh my goodness! Baby!”
  52. 52. The last baby was a boy, I admit I cheered, and his name is Jimmy. He’s got brown hair and green eyes and totally looks like a mini version of Debbie.
  53. 53. “So I need to find someone to fertilize my eggs.” “Are you so forward with all the guys you bring home?” “Yep.”
  54. 54. “I’m not gonna have the cops called on me, am I?” “Nope!”
  55. 55. “You’re not some member of a criminal mastermind family?” “Does this house look like a criminal mastermind’s house?” “Point.” “So are you going to do it or not?”
  56. 56. “Then sure. Sounds like fun.”
  57. 57. They retired to the new white bedroom for more fun.
  58. 58. So Hayleigh is the first to have a definite contender for a spouse in Armando Gaither and they have a solid three bolts, which could be annoying or awesome... It’s a crapshoot.
  59. 59. Not sure where the 3000 aspiration points came from, but we’ll take it.
  60. 60. “I’ve got a niece who looks like me.” Yep, it looks like Danielle might be the new schoolbus stalker.
  61. 61. Heck wasn’t the only one to bring home a friend. Suzie also is upping the family friend count with Tabitha here.
  62. 62. Sigh... I admit it, I screwed up. My uncontrollables go for brushing their teeth over showering or spongebathing. As awesome as minty freshness is, it’s still not comparable to a shower or bath.
  63. 63. Now this was a good idea and something I learned from my OWBC and bad apples. Alarm clocks are your friend. Your kids may hate you, but at least they’ll go to school.
  64. 64. Mr. Cheesy is a bit of a voyeur, he likes it when people make out in front of him.
  65. 65. “I feel like I’m underdressed.”
  66. 66. “I wonder if Arya’s kicked Merlin to the curb yet?”
  67. 67. And it’s time for another round of birthdays. Debbie is up first.
  68. 68. And she’s kind of rocking the fauxhawk/prim dress combo.
  69. 69. Although I wouldn’t really call Debbie prim.
  70. 70. Jimmy, the forgotten child, also has a birthday. He looked so much like Debbie that I had to double check to make sure he wasn’t a first born effect kid. He wasn’t. Stu’s genetics are just really strong.
  71. 71. Brent and Multi-buns then settled into the get to know you thing. They have two solid bolts, but I probably won’t grow her up for him.
  72. 72. Even if he does like her quite a lot.
  73. 73. “zzz I wanna use the engergizer zzz”
  74. 74. “Hug?” “Ew! Hell no! I barely know you.” “Awww shucks!”
  75. 75. “Hayleigh’s mean,” Debbie observed. “Truth!” Suzie agreed.
  76. 76. “Don’t worry big brother. I think you’re golden.” “Aww, thanks!” “I can’t wait to noogie you.”
  77. 77. “So wanna be besties?” “Sure!” “Where’s Heck?”
  78. 78. “Outside, he wants to make his own special friends.”
  79. 79. “Hayleigh’s mean.” Brent grunted and tried to extricate himself from Hayleigh’s grip without much success. He was looking forward to growing up, if only to escape the morning noogies.
  80. 80. So that’s we’re going to leave you. Now stay tuned for some important information about the heir poll. I’ve got to hold it now since Hayleigh and Brent are three days from adult and that’s shorter than my rotation.
  81. 81. So here are the kids who are eligible for heir. I admit I am pre-rolling this mostly so that I don’t get screwed by the dice if say you vote for my youngest and then he rolls knowledge. Pauline is already out of the running so I am not even bothering to include her. I am listing those kids who pre-rolled knowledge here, but they will not be on my actual poll. Name: Brent Sign: Aquarius Stats: 2/5/3/9/7 Aspiration: Romance/Family LTW: Marry off 6 Children Sexuality: Straight Pros: Kind of has a teen girlfriend. Doable Lifetime want. Cons: Kind of boring. Not born in game. OMG the playful.
  82. 82. Name: Hayleigh Sign: Taurus Stats: 4/6/4/9/2 Aspiration: Popularity/Romance LTW: Media Magnate Sexuality: Straight Pros: Genetics are awesome. Has a teen boyfriend. Cons: Not born in game sim. Has enemies. OMG! The playful.
  83. 83. Name: Suzie Sign: Virgo Stats: 10/1/10/7/3 Aspiration: Knowledge/Cheese LTW: Unknown Sexuality: Bi NOT IN THE RUNNING! That’s okay, I have a plan for her.
  84. 84. Name: Heck Sign: Capricorn Stats: 9/6/4/7/9 Aspiration: Pleasure/Family LTW: Unknown Sexuality: Bi Pros: Likely to have a doable LTW, Genetics are awesome. Cons: Not descended from the founder.
  85. 85. Name: Debbie Sign: Taurus Stats: 4/5/4/10/3 Aspiration: Popularity/Family LTW: Unknown Sexuality: Straight Pros: Born in game, Decent mix of parents. Likely will get a doable LTW Cons: OMG the playful! Not terribly fond of her.
  86. 86. Name: Jimmy Sign: Libra Stats: 5/10/3/7/10 Aspiration: Family/Pleasure LTW: Unknown Sexuality: Straight Pros: Well, the house will be empty when he’s ready to breed. Born in game. Cons: I don’t know him very well. It will be a long time before he’s able to breed.
  87. 87. So there are your choices: Brent Hayleigh Heck Debbie Jimmy Please vote in the poll on my LJ. I hope you enjoyed! Happy Simming!