Challenge island Rotation four - jones


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Keeping up with drama of the Joneses.

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Challenge island Rotation four - jones

  1. 1. Hi, so a few things. First off only one family is getting an update this time. So much happened that I don’t want to go too nuts. Not to mention, that it’s a lot easier to type up one of these if it’s shorter rather than longer. Still 100+ slides ain’t bad. Secondly, I’m going to change up a little how I’m writing this. I’m not a big fan of script format, but I’m not going to go full on narrative either. So this is going to be more like my OWBC with a mix of commentary and dialogue. Thirdly, I’m open for challenge suggestions. I have a few I’m going to be doing but for the most part I want things that aren’t pure legacy/apoc/bacc.
  2. 2. Welcome to boring central mixed with minor drama. I’d planned on buying a business this rotation. That didn’t happen because other things did. But I’m getting ahead of myself. This is a pure entrepreneur/patriarchy. Currently more of a patriarchy than entrepreneur but I have hopes that will change.
  3. 3. It’s a lovely day at the Jones house, the help was busy picking up after the very messy Joneses.
  4. 4. While inside, Damion and Amara settled into taking care of their toddler triplets. After her older two daughters moved out, the normally prickly Amara seemed to mellow a little.
  5. 5. Even wanting to have something to do with her toddler daughters which was a big change from the disdain she showed Kailee and Regina.
  6. 6. Also how cute is it that Tabitha’s glitched with a doll in her mouth? It’s adorable if I weren’t worried about how I was going to get it to stop.
  7. 7. I needn’t have worried too much, just like chess arm, the problem solved itself once I had Tabitha play with her dolls. Amara even joined in.
  8. 8. Outside, Deanna was having a conversation with Teen Elvis Wannabe. “You’re going to use me for aspiration fodder again, aren’t you?” Deanna shrugged. “I was thinking about it.” “Fine. Go for it. Ask me on a date. I promise not to enjoy it.”
  9. 9. “Okay! Wanna go on date?” “Do I have any choice?” “You could say no. No big deal.” “Fine. Just get it over with.”
  10. 10. She got it over with.
  11. 11. This slide serves no purpose but to show that Damion is working on making friends for his LTW. I admit it, I’m totally slacking with him.
  12. 12. “I’m not hungry,” Damion said, pushing away his plate. “You’re the one who married her,” Deanna pointed out. “I know. Sometimes I wonder why.”
  13. 13. Amara looked up from her plate. “I was the only one who’d marry a broke guy like you. That and you liked my boobs.” The random townie mooch eyed said boobs. “They are lovely.” “I’m not hearing this,” Deanna muttered to herself.
  14. 14. “I gon dance!” “Yeah whatever, kid. Come talk to me when you need aspiration of something like that. For now, I’m out!”
  15. 15. “Wow! Now I can do jazz hands!”
  16. 16. “I do them better!”
  17. 17. “What’s a jazz hand?”
  18. 18. Birthdays over, it was now time to get back to the humdrum things that make up life. Like fixing broken computers. “Why do I get to do this? You hate me don’t you?”
  19. 19. Nope! I just think your parents are a little occupied at the moment.
  20. 20. “Fine! But I’m going fishing after this.”
  21. 21. While the kids got relegated to taking care of themselves. “Burnt muffins are icky.”
  22. 22. “Icky,” Ellen said, taking a bite of her burnt muffin. “So is this what I’m supposed to be doing?” Alexander wanted to know. Tabitha shook her head. “You’re doing it wrong. Mix first then bake.” “Cooking is hard.”
  23. 23. “I’m flying!” I’m headdesking. These kids will NOT stay off of the beds. Seriously. The beds must have a super fun rating when a TV, Computer, Piano, and everything else in this house doesn’t attract them.
  24. 24. “Oh my goodness! My eyes! My virgin eyes!”
  25. 25. Insert Obligatory Winter Olympics joke here. I’m too distracted by figure skating to even try. Ooooh pretty twizzles.
  26. 26. “Hey Nicole, I think you’re pretty hot. You want to go on a date?” “Wait, I thought you had a thing going with Teen Elvis Wannabe.” “Nah. It’s cool. We’re just aspiration fodder buddies.”
  27. 27. “Is that what I’m going to be for you?” “Is that what you want me do be?” “Not really. I’m a family sim. I kind of want the happily ever after.” “Me too. I just was hoping that someone else would want the same thing. Until then, I was willing to play the field.” “Oh.”
  28. 28. “I’m not willing to play the field anymore.” “Oh.”
  29. 29. Judging Townie is Judging your teens.
  30. 30. “Whatcha drawing?” Alexander asked looking up from his blocks. “A family. Like the one our sisters all have now that they’ve moved out.” “Oh. Does that mean you’re going to move out?” “Probably. Once I get married.” “I don’t want you to move out. I want you to stay and be my family.”
  31. 31. “Do Ellen and Tabitha have to move out, Mommy?” “It’ll be better if they do.” Alexander stared at his burnt muffin. “I don’t want them to go.” “You’re going to need the space and they might want a family of their own.” Alexander frowned but didn’t say anything.
  32. 32. And so time passed.
  33. 33. Alexander played with his sisters, but deep inside he was scared of them leaving him.
  34. 34. While the adults did what they did best.
  35. 35. And Deanna felt ignored and under appreciated as always.
  36. 36. “Wow, this house looks nice!” Suzie exclaimed after stepping off of the school bus. “A lot nicer than my house.”
  37. 37. “So you like it?” Alexander asked, after showing his new friend around. “I love it! You’ve got toys and a ballet barre and more toys and a computer. This is awesome!” “Great, so you’ll stay?” “Sure, at least until my parents come and get me.” “Oh.”
  38. 38. “I think the headmaster’s here,” Damion called from where he was looking out of the window. “How’s that fish coming?” “Good it’ll be ready in a minute. Go invite him in and let’s try to get Alexander into private school.” “I’m on it!”
  39. 39. “I will pay you lots of money if you say you like my wife’s cooking and let my son go to your school.” “How much are we talking here?” “Does ten thousand sound good?” “Sounds like it’s time for dinner.”
  40. 40. “This is delicious. In fact, I think I’ll let all of your kids attend for the low rate of two thousand five hundred for each.” “Sounds good to me!”
  41. 41. “You just made me waste twenty five hundred.”
  42. 42. Deanna didn’t care, she had someone else on her mind.
  43. 43. Namely me for not sending her to college. She likes to stare at me. I’m a little concerned.
  44. 44. “I’m going to stare at you until you give me what I want. I want a house and a kid or two and allowed to be happy.” I think I can swing that.
  45. 45. “Nicole! Great to see you. Want to move in?” “Sure!”
  46. 46. “Great! Now, not to freak you out, but I’ve got a little brother. He’s a bit clingy but he’s not too bad.” “I can work with that.”
  47. 47. “Then there are my parents I have no clue how they’re going to react to you. They didn’t like the last sim one of my sisters married.” “We can work with that.”
  48. 48. “Then will you marry me?”
  49. 49. “I’d thought you never ask.”
  50. 50. Okay, I admit it. I find these two seriously cute together. They aren’t traditionally pretty, but screw traditional.
  51. 51. They throw me great faces...
  52. 52. And are super cute together. What more can you ask for?
  53. 53. Unfortunately Nicole had to quit her job when she moved in. All of the spouses have so far. The joys of following the rules. Nicole is a Family/Popularity sim who wants to graduate 3 kids from college. She’s also a stock Aquarius.
  54. 54. “You’re gonna hit the tree!” “No, I’m not!”
  55. 55. “You hit the tree.” “I was distracted, okay? Who’s that girl Deanna’s kissing?” “I have no idea.”
  56. 56. “So, who are you?” Damion asked the unknown to him woman. “Nicole Wheeler.” “She’s my fiancée,” Deanna interjected. “Oh,” Amara muttered. “Well, at least she’s not the help. Welcome to the family.”
  57. 57. “So how’d I do?” “They liked you,” Deanna said. Nicole smiled and shook her head. “Not them, you, just now. How’d I do?” “You were perfect.”
  58. 58. “Come on, it’s time for school,” Ellen said. “I’m not going. Deanna’s going to get married and leave. I’ve got to keep her from leaving!” “Suit yourself.”
  59. 59. “Why aren’t you dressed?” “I’m not going! Everyone leaves. It’s not fair.” “Why is this such a big deal?” Tabitha asked.
  60. 60. “I don’t want to be alone.”
  61. 61. Tabitha sighed. “Fine. I won’t leave.” “Really?”
  62. 62. “Yeah, really. I’ll even talk Ellen into staying too.” “You will? Thanks! You’re the best!” “I know! You’d better pick an awesome wife though.”
  63. 63. “I will! I’ll pick the bestest wife ever!”
  64. 64. “So ready to get married?” “Do I have to wear a tux?” “Only if you want to.”
  65. 65. “Can you hurry it up? There’s some drama going down and I don’t want to miss it.”
  66. 66. “Ready?” “Absolutely!” *BOING!!!*
  67. 67. Aw crap!
  68. 68. Crap!
  69. 69. Crap! I swear I didn’t plan this!
  70. 70. “I can’t believe this happened at our wedding!” Deanna sighed and didn’t say anything. “Our wedding day is ruined!” Nicole lamented.
  71. 71. Deanna glanced out over the crowd. “It looks like things have calmed down for now. Let’s try again.” “Okay!”
  72. 72. And this time it worked with only minimal drama.
  73. 73. “Hi, I couldn’t help but notice that you’re having a crisis. But I wanted you to know that I think you’re awesome!” “Gee, thanks!”
  74. 74. “Hey, not to cockblock you or anything, but let my aunt-in-law figure out what she’s going to do with her husband before making the moves on her.” “Yeah. Thanks for the advice. But I think I struck out anyway. So what you doing tonight?” “My wife.”
  75. 75. We interrupt your drama to point out that this random townie is Damion’s best friend number ten.
  76. 76. “You need a place to stay?” Robert asked Arya. “No, I should be okay.” “You sure? Kailee and I love to have you.” “I’ll think about it.”
  77. 77. “You know if you need anything?” Arya looked at the townie. “What is it with everyone? My husband cheats on me and suddenly I’m the belle of the ball.” The townie regarded Arya seriously. “No else had a chance with you before.” “Oh.” The she looked off in the distance. “Excuse me.”
  78. 78. “How dare you!” Arya hissed slapping the townie who’d made the moves on her husband. “...” Pong approved.
  79. 79. “You don’t hit me!” the townie snarled, slapping Arya so hard that her head smacked into Merlin’s. “Ow!” Arya cried. “Ow!” Merlin echoed. “...” Pong sighed.
  80. 80. “What just happened?” Merlin asked taking in his snarling wife and sobbing lover. Pong shook his head. “What do I do now?” Merlin asked himself. Pong shrugged. The wedding was over, it was time to go home. And this really wasn’t his problem.
  81. 81. “I feel sorry for your aunt.” “Yeah, me too.” “What’s going to happen to her kids?” “They’re young. They’ll deal.” “I hope that doesn’t happen to our kids.” “Speaking of...”
  82. 82. “I’d like to adopt a child please.”
  83. 83. “You’re getting your butt kicked by a seven year old.” “You’re not helping.” “You might want to avoid that tree.” “Stop backseat gaming and you play. I’m going to talk to my new daughter in law.”
  84. 84. “So, when am I going to be a grandmother?” “Tomorrow.” “That’s quick.” “Deanna and I just knew you’d be asking this and planned accordingly.” “I wish all of my children-in-laws were as thoughtful as you.” “Aww... Thanks.”
  85. 85. “Has Tabby talked to you?” “About not moving out?” “Yeah.” “She has. I’m okay with it. But you might not want us around when you grow up.” “I’ll always want you around.”
  86. 86. “Try not to think of elephants.” So minor drama over it was time to return to the boredom that is this house.
  87. 87. Amara settled down somewhat and interacted more with her kids.
  88. 88. While Deanna and Nicole waited patiently for the most important arrival of their lives.
  89. 89. The arrival of their new daughter, Danielle Wheeler. And just so you know I totally love my randomizer right now. Red haired, alien skinned kid with the Mr. Big face? Yes, please!
  90. 90. Nicole was the first to greet her new daughter.
  91. 91. Then Deanna.
  92. 92. And while Deanna and Danielle bonded, Nicole found them a new home.
  93. 93. A pretty little house where dreams can come true. This is going to be an aspiration/want challenge. I’m going to have to fulfil at least one want of each member of the household a day and all LTWs must be met. In fact, I’ll be doing a LTW hunt here to see how many I can make. That’s going to be annoying with the Pleasure and Cheese LTWs.
  94. 94. So that’s one house down. Six more to go (counting college) . Fun times!
  95. 95. “What am I going to do?” Good question. What should I do? Should Arya throw Merlin out for being a cheating cheater who cheats? Or should I have her give him a second chance? I’m torn, so it’s up to you readers! Let me know what you want me to do in the comments! Until next time! Happy simming!