Ĉapitro Dekses - Part C


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Ĉapitro Dekses - Part C

  1. 1. This should with any luck be the last part of the never-ending chapter sixteen. Again as always, this story contains adultsituations and content. Consider yourself warned.So last time, Maia and Spica grew up and became highly antagonistic. In the main house, teens were teens and two couples wereformed – Ethan Capp/Israel Warner and Clark Doran/Liberia Warner. Oman took Cee on a date to the ultimate chick flick ofDusk. So if none of this sounds familiar I‟d run back and read Part B.Let‟s get started!
  2. 2. ~*~
  3. 3. “Do you want to do this as much as I do?”“Egad! Oh yes!”
  4. 4. “Woo hoo!”
  5. 5. Oh no. You didn‟t. You bloody didn‟t!“Is that a pop-up I see in the corner? One saying that a certain sexy and brilliant simself got pregnant by risky woohoo and a hottattooed man is the father.”You know it is! You two did this on purpose!“What can I say? I love to follow tradition.”
  6. 6. After the director-persons stopped ranting, it was time for another set of birthdays.
  7. 7. Romania grew up to find that she had hands as all children do in the sims.
  8. 8. While Muscat was just happy there was cake.
  9. 9. “You think Mom and Dad will take us on vacation when they go next? I‟ve always wanted to take a cruise!” Romania gushed.Palau looked up at her. “You‟ve been wanting to take a cruise since you were diapers?” she asked incredulously.
  10. 10. “Yep! Ever since Dad read me that story about the Gigantic!”“You do know that boat sank, right?”Romania pouted. “You‟re such a downer.”
  11. 11. Meanwhile Muscat and Latvia sat at the other chess table listening in.“Ah sibling rivalry,” Muscat sighed.“Aren‟t you a little young to know what that is?”“Not really. I‟m actually forty-eight years old aged down to an appropriately sized member of this race. If I were in my trueshape I would resemble a ten foot wide soccer ball.”“Oh? Okay.”“I believe it is your move.”
  12. 12. “What time is it?” Palau asked groggily.“Time to get ready for school.”“Again?”“Yes.”
  13. 13. “Zzzzz…”“Can you wake up your sister and tell her to get on the bus, little girl?”
  14. 14. “Orkney, I‟m afraid I‟ve been thinking.”“A dangerous pasttime.”“I know.”“Narf, what have you been thinking about.”“I think it‟s time I tell you that I‟m pregnant again.”
  15. 15. “Egad! You„re joking!”“I wish I were. But all of the signs are there, including an annoyed clicky-person.”“So what do we do? The heir poll‟s gone up. We‟re looking at another unauthorized spare here!”
  16. 16. “I know. But what can we do? We‟re the main house. Cheating isn‟t allowed.”“Your memories say otherwise.”Fuzzy had the grace to blush at that. “Not that kind of cheating. But the kind that makes you fail challenges. Not to mention wehave 10 sims already living here.”“Well, don‟t have multiples.”“Easy for you to say.”
  17. 17. “And I suppose we can talk to Oman , help him find another place to live. Narf!”“Or we could just light a fire under his tail and push him into proposing to Cee.”“Or we could do that.”
  18. 18. “Morning Oman! Fancy meeting you down here.”Oman stopped for a moment and glanced over at Fuzzy. “I‟m in trouble aren‟t I?”“Oh no more than usual.”
  19. 19. “Oh good,” he said before snarfing down his food again.
  20. 20. Fuzzy smiled to herself. “I‟m pregnant.”Oman choked on his food.
  21. 21. Fuzzy watched in amusement as Oman carefully set down his bowl. “I think it‟s time for you to find your own place to nest.”“Are you kicking me out?”“I wouldn‟t put it that way. Think of it as encouragement to make positive life changes.”“I see.”
  22. 22. Later that night…“So I talked to him and I think he got the hint!”“You weren‟t mean to him, narf?”“Would I do that?”“Probably.”
  23. 23. “Orkney, I really think that it‟d be a good idea to get Oman out of the house. The sooner the better.”“Why?”“Because the baby‟s made itself known.”
  24. 24. “Bwahahahahaha! I will get my house back!”
  25. 25. “Okay, now this sucks. What am I going to do for fun for the next few days?”
  26. 26. ~*~
  27. 27. “Rose!” Joss said looking up from taking the garbage out to see his friend walking down the sidewalk in front of his house. “Whatyou doing here?”“Oh me? Nothing. Can‟t a girl visit one of her friends without getting the third degree.”Joss gave her a look. “Sure. Wasn‟t really giving you the third degree but whatever. So what‟s up?”Rose glanced around nervously. “Can we go inside? Where it‟s private?”“Uh, sure.”
  28. 28. “This isn‟t what I had in mind,” Rose said looking around.Joss shrugged. “It‟s about as private as we‟re gonna get here. I share a room with Wil and he‟s taking a nap. Mom and Dad arestalking each other around their bedroom and bathroom. And then there‟s I don‟t know how many simselves upstairs.”“You‟ve made your point,” Rose said with a grimace.“So what‟d you want?”
  29. 29. Rose visibly took several deep breaths. “Would you go out with me?” she asked in a rush.“No,” Joss said flatly.
  30. 30. “No?” Rose asked indignantly. “Just like that „No.‟ No explanation or saying you‟ll think about it. Jeez, Joss you‟re a jerk!”Joss rolled his eyes. “Now you‟re overreacting.”“I‟m overreacting? I offer my heart to you and you look at it like it‟s some kind of garbage.”“And now you‟re being a drama queen,” he stated calmly.“Dammit Joss, I like you. I deserve some kind of explanation for you acting like an ass to me.”
  31. 31. Joss sighed, “Women.” Then he reached out to take her hand. “Rose, you‟re my friend. But you have shitty timing.”Her eyes widened. “What do you mean?”
  32. 32. “You remember Liz? The director-person‟s oldest daughter?”Rose frowned but nodded her head.
  33. 33. “She‟s my girlfriend,” Joss stated simply.“When did this happen?” Rose asked, her eyes shining with unshed tears.Joss shrugged. “Does it matter?”
  34. 34. “No, I suppose it doesn‟t,” Rose conceded. “Do you think-”“Don‟t finish that thought,” Joss interrupted. “I like you, Rose. But not like that.”“I‟m sorry for troubling you, Joss.”“This wasn‟t fun, but at least now we know where we stand. I hope we can stay friends, but the ball‟s in your court.”“I know.”
  35. 35. “So what are you going to do?” Joss asked.Rose turned and started walking away. “I‟m going to go home and eat a tub of ice cream. After that, I don‟t know.”“Fair enough. See you around.”“Yeah, see you.” ~*~
  36. 36. ~*~
  37. 37. “You can do this, Cee. Just pick up the felly-tone and call him. I‟m sure that once he sees you that he‟ll never want anything to dowith you again because you‟re a monster. It‟s best to just get this over with quickly. I wish I had a bonnet to hide this.”
  38. 38. “Cee, I came as soon as you called. What‟s wrong?”“I should think it would be obvious what is wrong,” Cee stated flatly. “I am a monster! A horrible disgusting monster.”Oman‟s eyes surveyed her and Cee felt her stomach dropping. Then a small smile graced his lips. “You aren‟t a monster.”
  39. 39. “Yes, I am! I‟m all green and covered in vines. And my hair is just weird!”“I think it looks cute.”
  40. 40. “You think it looks cute? How can this be cute?”Oman smiled and leaned in. “Because you‟re the one underneath it all.”
  41. 41. “So you do not find this repellent?”“Let me show you how repellent I find you.”
  42. 42. “Mmph!”
  43. 43. “Mmph.”“Inside,” Kor whispered.
  44. 44. Lily looked around. “A fire in the fireplace? That‟s a little odd for summer.”“I‟m trying to be romantic.”“That‟s sweet, Kor but you don‟t have to be romantic for me.”
  45. 45. “Yes, I do,” he replied, pulling her close.Lily smiled. “So what‟s the big occasion?”
  46. 46. Kor looked at her flirtatiously. “Well, there‟s two things I want to ask you.”“Oh and what‟s that?”
  47. 47. “Will you go to the prom with me?”“Sure! So what‟s the second thing?”
  48. 48. “Will you go steady with me?”Lily laughed. “I‟d thought you‟d never ask.”
  49. 49. “Mmph!” ~*~
  50. 50. ~*~
  51. 51. Back at the main house, Oman was moping around. He didn‟t want to find a new place. He wanted to go home to Cee but he wasn‟tsure that she would have him, which left him in a bit of a quandary. But he didn‟t want her to think that the only reason that hewanted to move back in with her was because he didn‟t have any place else to go.
  52. 52. Unsure of what to do, he went to go talk to his brother. He explained what he wanted and didn‟t want. Then, with someadditional commentary from Fuzzy, his brother suggested something. Something that he was a little surprised he didn‟t think ofbefore.He thanked the two and then went downstairs to make a quick phone call and wait for the woman he loved to show up.
  53. 53. When she got there, he greeted her enthusiastically.
  54. 54. Then exceptionally nervous, he ended up talking about the weather. “So I think it‟s going to rain this afternoon.”“Probably,” Cee said, an annoyed tone in her voice. “Why did you invite me over?”
  55. 55. Oman stopped and looked at her. “I, uh, um… I…” he tried but found that the words weren‟t coming.“What is it?” Cee pressed. “You can tell me.”
  56. 56. “That‟s just it. I can‟t. Tell you, I mean. You‟d think this would be easy for me, but now that I‟m here I find that I just can‟tfind the right words to express what I feel.”
  57. 57. “Well then why don‟t you show me?”
  58. 58. “You know that‟s a really good idea. Another one I should have thought of sooner.” He got up from his chair. “Just a sec, I needa few moments to compose myself. I‟ll call you when I‟m ready.”“Okay.”
  59. 59. “Cee! Could you meet me out by the pond?”
  60. 60. She walked out slowly, taking in the location. “Oman…”“Cee, I‟m sorry. I‟ve led you on for years and that isn‟t right.”“Oman?”“I can‟t turn back time and fix everything to the way it was before everything went all pear-shaped. And I‟m not sure if I‟d wantto.”“Oman?”
  61. 61. He turned around and dropped to one knee. “The reason I wouldn‟t want to is that I would have never have met you. And I can‟timaging my life without you in it, Cee Regacy.”
  62. 62. Pulling a small worn velvet box from his pocket, he opened it revealing the ring within. “I‟ve been carrying this around for far toolong, it‟s time that it go where it belongs. On your finger.”
  63. 63. “Oh dear PlumbBob, is that… are you?” she stammered, pulling the ring carefully from the box.
  64. 64. “It is,” he answered her garbled question. “Cee. Will you marry me?”
  65. 65. “Yes! Yes! It‟s always been yes!” she cried jumping into his arms.
  66. 66. “I‟m sorry it took so long. Can you forgive a guy for being a doof?”Cee giggled like a teenager. “Of course, I can. I‟ve been waiting for you to do this for ages.”“Thanks. Now if you‟ll excuse me for a sec, I‟ve got to see a man about a pee obsession.”
  67. 67. “Hi! Nice of you to make it headmaster. Why don‟t you sit down and have some pantsfish and someone will show you the house.I‟ve got a lovely lady I need to continue groveling before.”“Oh? So it‟s one of those kinds of families. Well, I do have a thing for leather.”“And I‟ll be taking my hand back now.”
  68. 68. “How dare you mess up my perfect day with your larcenous shenanigans!”
  69. 69. “Give Chicken Boo back! He‟s my best friend ever!”“I don‟t know what you‟re talking about! I just stole a gnome not a chicken!”“He‟s a chicken!”
  70. 70. “Thanks for coming, Headmaster,” Latvia said. “I really enjoy my classes at your fine institution especially Mr. Fitzhugh‟s classes.”“So you like our Speech and Drama teacher, little girl?”“You could say that, yes.”
  71. 71. “And are you as friendly with the rest of our staff?”Latvia considered that for a moment. “Mrs. Blackwood is my aunt so I guess you‟d say we‟re friendly considering we‟re family andall. But I‟m not all that into science. I‟d much rather be working on plays than playing with slimy things.”“Spoken like a true teenage girl.”
  72. 72. “So do you think it‟d be okay if my little sis and cousin go to your school. I know I‟m learning all sorts of things.”“I think it can be arranged. Thanks for the lovely dinner conversation. We should talk again, maybe when you‟re older.”“Uh. Thanks?”
  73. 73. “Lovely daughter you have in Latvia. A real asset to your family.”“Narf!”“Bwahahahaaa! Did you hear that Orkney, our little girl made a good impression. You know what that means?”“Egad, you don‟t mean celebratory closet woohoo?” he asked, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.“I do mean that.”“Yay!”The headmaster shook his head. “And now I know why the teenager was a better choice for conversationalist.”
  74. 74. “Madam! What in great PlumbBob has happened to you!” Henry Austen exclaimed.Cee‟s eyebrow twitched. “I do not wish to speak of it.”Henry ignored her or at least pretended not to notice her tone. “Your hair. Your skin. Dear merciful PlumbBob, your dress! It ispositively indecent!” he paused for a moment. “I like it.”
  75. 75. “Henry Austen! I will not tolerate such talk from you! And what are you doing here?”The teen shrugged. “I followed one of the cute girls home. They didn‟t seem to mind. I‟ve half a mind to see how far they will letme follow them.”“You stop those foolish thoughts right now if you know what is good for you! This world is nothing like your own. The girls haveprotection!”“From who?”“From what? That is a better question. Follow me.”
  76. 76. “Oh dear me! What is that?”Cee smiled and stepped back out of the hungry cowplant‟s range. “That, Henry, is Wakko. The Warner family cowplant.”“It has cake! And it smells delicious!” He tried to grab it but the plant pulled it back out of reach.“Henry don‟t! That‟s dangerous. Take a step back and watch.”“Uh, if you insist!”
  77. 77. “I am guessing you smell good, townie thief!”“But I didn‟t know! I just wanted the gnome.”
  78. 78. “And now you will pay the consequences for your larcenous ways!”
  79. 79. “It ate her!” Henry exclaimed watching the udder fill with milk.“Well, of course it did. It eats all of those who are an annoyance to the family and are stupid enough to get within its reach,” Ceesaid pointedly.“But… but… I haven‟t done anything!”She smiled. “And now, I trust, you shan‟t.”“What do they do with the milk?” he asked curiously.
  80. 80. “Mmmm… We drink it.”Henry shuddered and walked away from the scary plant.
  81. 81. Later that night, Israel proved his awesomeness by slipping out to steal back Chicken Boo from the now deceased townie. I reallywant to know how he did that.
  82. 82. The following day, it was time for Palau to brave the wonderful world of teendom.
  83. 83. And the horribly awful clothes that came with it.“Woohoo! Ride „em cowgirl!” Fuzzy cried from the other end of the room.“Thanks, mom,” Palau said drily. Now I‟m going to go raid your closet for something decent.”
  84. 84. “Much better.”
  85. 85. “This is not better.”
  86. 86. “I am so going to be grounded when I get back.”
  87. 87. “Izzy, have you seen Palau?”Israel looked up from where he was studying couples counseling. “Not since she went to get changed.”“If that girl‟s snuck out, she is in so much trouble!”“Cool!”
  88. 88. Several hours later, the sound of the returning spacecraft woke up most of the household who ran out to see what the commotionwas.
  89. 89. “Ow!” Palau said, standing up from where the aliens had deposited her. “I never want to do that again.”“That‟s good, kid, because you are so grounded for sneaking out of the house,” Fuzzy said. “Now go inside and make me somepancakes. I am feeling a little peckish.”
  90. 90. “Damn you, Aliens! Damn you all to hell!! And for good measure, fuck you with a probe for ruining my birthday!” Palau shouted atthe spaceship disappearing in the distance. Then she slumped her shoulders. “I guess, I‟d better go inside and make thosepancakes before I get into any more trouble.” ~*~
  91. 91. ~*~
  92. 92. “Ugh. What a day!” Drea said walking into the room she shared with her husband. “I swear that if you don‟t keep track of thingspersonally everything goes all to hell. I‟m just glad to be home.” She glanced over at the red-haired man staring intently at theopen wardrobe. “New outfit?”
  93. 93. “Yeah,” he said shortly.Drea sat down at her vanity and began removing her makeup and jewelry. “Any reason for the change?”The man shrugged. “Grampa sweaters aren‟t my style.”“Ah,” Drea said understanding that her husband was starting to feel a little old but not wanting to admit it.
  94. 94. Drea sighed. “I hate to do this to you,” she began. “But I‟m afraid that I‟m going to need to up our security around here.”“Oh?”“I know you don‟t want to be involved in what I‟m doing and I respect that, but it‟s reached the critical final stages. Soon, Ipromise, everything will be over and I‟ll be able to devote myself full time to this family.”
  95. 95. “Good, because it sucks when you wake up with morning wood and there‟s no one to help you take care of that not so littleproblem.”Drea smiled. “I know it does. I get urges too, you know.”“Oh yeah?”“Yeah.”He smirked. “Prove it.”
  96. 96. Drea stood up and sauntered over to her husband a hungry look in her eyes. “Soon. But for now, I need you to keep an eye on ourdaughters. I remember when I was a teenager and how much trouble I got in and I bet you got into even more, Rhys Fitzhugh.”Rhys smirked widened. “You know it. So quickie tonight?”“Sounds good to me. Now why don‟t you stop whoever‟s trying to sneak downstairs while I go get out of these clothes.”
  97. 97. “Dammit! Busted!”“Yep. Next time try to not make so much noise, your mom has the hearing of bat.”“I‟ll remember that.” ~*~
  98. 98. ~*~
  99. 99. ~*~
  100. 100. And we finally get to the real reason why I‟ve been dragging my feet on this part. Liv‟s death. And yes, Liv is dead. Whichmeans that there is someone I really, REALLY need to thank and that is OliveTheGreat for her permission to kill her simself.This plot all came together about 3 years ago when three things happened in game. One was Onslow‟s neverending fear of Liv‟sdeath. Seriously that Fear NEVER ONCE left his panel. Two was when Drea kicked over the trashcan and it got roaches andwhen Liv picked up the trash, she got the flu. Finally, the last peg was when Liv could not get well in game. Typically I can lickillnesses quickly but for some reason even grandma‟s comfort soup wouldn‟t work. It would cure her then she‟d get sick 5 minuteslater. Eventually the sim got pneumonia and has not recovered yet.I did contact OliveTheGreat and ran my plot by her to get her permission. She agreed. To which I am extremely grateful.So let‟s take a moment and remember Liv and the awesome player behind her (which thankfully as far as I know the player isokay).
  101. 101. I also owe thanks to the following people for the use of their sims:RegacyLadyDocSupremeNerdSmoothieSimsFuzzySporkOrikesJoandSarah77I also owe thanks as always to Peasant007 who gets to listen to my late night whining about how everyone‟s going to hate me andmy story. And this time for DocSupremeNerd for being here – literally – at a time when I considered throwing in the towel.
  102. 102. So that‟s it, I‟m going to go hide for a bit in a cave while the dust settles.I really look forward to hearing what you think and what you feel worked and what didn‟t.So until next time, Happy Simming!