Ĉapitro Dekses - Part B


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Ĉapitro Dekses - Part B

  1. 1. Welcome to Chapter 16 Part B.Last time, stuff happened. Mostly Frank discovered himself in an actual threesome and it wasn‟t the devil‟s version of it. Andthings were discussed about what to do with Drea and then they decided to do nothing.As always this chapter is rated PG-13 or TV MA – you know this isn‟t for kiddies. Dudes, Archie Vetinari and Star Walton are inthis Hood! What do you expect?Also the writing will change back and forth between observational and not as I need it. Because dammit I am lazy and we all wantto see this thing get finished in this millennium.Anyway, on with the chapter.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. "Can I help?"Liberia Warner looked up and promptly blushed then turned away quickly to hide her reaction. "Sure," she said softly trying herhardest not to stammer. Clark Doran was one of the most popular guys at school and he was also her longtime crush.
  5. 5. Clark smiled. "What do you need me to do?" he asked coming around the car to stand beside her.She nervously brushed a strand of her long black hair back from her face. "Um, can you rev the engine, I need to check thetiming.“"Sure thing."
  6. 6. He got into the drivers seat and turned the key a few times. The engine popped and sputtered but wouldnt turn over.
  7. 7. Liberia frowned at the engine and leaned forward to get a better look. Something wasnt connected right, she was certain."Sounds like the alternators off," Clarks voice said from behind her.
  8. 8. She jerked up. "Eep!" she exclaimed followed shortly by, "Ouch!" as she the wrench on her foot.
  9. 9. "Are you okay?" Clark asked his obsidian alien eyes expressing his concern.She fought the urge to blush again. "Yeah. You startled me," she accused.
  10. 10. "Im sorry," he said, sounding contrite. "I didnt mean to.""Its okay," she murmured, pushing her hair back from her face again."Youve got something on your cheek."
  11. 11. "What?" she asked, unconsciously lifting her hand to rub whatever it was away."Some grease or something," he answered, then grabbed her wrist. "Youre just making it worse. Let me.“
  12. 12. He rubbed her cheek gently, his eyes intent on the job and his tongue sticking out a bit at one corner.Liberia stood stock still unable to move. Her crush was touching her. Her mind couldnt really comprehend that. She was theshy, misfit girl who didnt really fit in with any of the crowds. Lebanon was the Brain. Latvia was the drama queen. Palau therebel. Romania the popular one. The only claim to fame Liberia had was her innate ability to make odd contraptions and a love ofmagic. Nothing that would make her stand out in the crowd of her sisters. Nothing that would get Clarks attention."There, I think Ive got it," he said after several long moments.
  13. 13. Fighting the urge to touch her cheek again, Liberia nodded. "Thanks.“"No prob. Youre too cute to hide behind a mountain of grease."Her eyes flew to his. "You think Im cute?"
  14. 14. Clark smiled. "I do. You didnt think I was flirting with you because I thought you were ugly or something.""Youre flirting with me?""Yep. Ive been trying to get your attention all year but youve been ignoring me. I figured Id go for the direct route. Is itworking?"
  15. 15. "You wanted to get my attention? But why?"Clark shrugged. "Youre cute. Gorgeous when you smile, which isnt often enough. You can overclock a computer and build a carfrom the ground up. You arent the typical girly-girl but you arent a tomboy either. Youre an enigma and I like that about you.""Oh..."
  16. 16. "So... You want to go to the prom?"Liberia blushed and nodded."Cool. And how about a date, dinner maybe a movie this weekend?""Okay."
  17. 17. "Great! Ill pick you up at six, Libby. You dont mind if I call you that?"Liberia shook her head. "No, I dont mind at all.“ ~*~
  18. 18. ~*~
  19. 19. “The great cliff diver Palau shall now attempt to conquer the screaming heights of Cliff Warner and execute a perfectcannonball.”
  20. 20. “And on second thought maybe not!”
  21. 21. “Boy! They don‟t call them the screaming cliffs for nothing!”
  22. 22. “I see Palau‟s wandered off already this morning. At least she made her bed, but it would have been nice if she had turned offthe alarm.”
  23. 23. Thus begins a normal day at the Water Tower. Fuzzy and Orkney disengage from their early morning activities.
  24. 24. And then start on their daily tour of all of the woohoo-able places in the house.
  25. 25. “Well, you wouldn‟t want me to get bored, Lark!”True. And at least if I control the woohoo you will not throw me a risky pregnancy.“Like you would have a problem with that!”As long as it is Orkney‟s, I wouldn‟t. But I see your memories, I know your indiscretions.“But at least I‟m not boring to watch!”No, Fuzzy really isn‟t boring as a spouse.
  26. 26. Oman on the other hand has really become, well, odd. He‟d rather talk to plants than pretty much any of his many friends and hewas rolling all kinds of wants for his kids. Especially the four who weren‟t in the house with him.
  27. 27. Speaking of kids, Orkney continues to be an awesome father. And takes his daughter‟s randomly changing hair in stride.Romania‟s hair was a casualty of a recent CC cull.Please note Fuzzy playing hooky in the background. That sim skips work so often it isn‟t funny. Thank goodness for vacationdays.
  28. 28. And if she‟s home she can at least fulfill a few wants related to her kids.
  29. 29. But the primary caretaker other than Orkney has been Lebanon, she seemed to develop a bond with her youngest sibling and heralien cousin.
  30. 30. She often became so attached to the little girls that one of her other sisters would have to call her away so that someone elsecould potty train or teach them a skill.
  31. 31. Not that Lebanon minded all that much, she was pretty laid back about most everything and she liked to have fun living her life.
  32. 32. She even had a little motto that she liked to live by, leave every place a little better than how you found it.
  33. 33. “So I want to sneak out with Clark, tonight,” Liberia said to Latvia in a conspiratorial whisper.Latvia shrugged. “I just want to sneak out period. If it‟s not with a certain distinguished Fitzhugh then I don‟t really care.”“Um, can you guys not make plans certain to get you in trouble if you‟re caught in front of me and Palau,” Lebanon piped up.“Why?” Latvia asked. “You won‟t tell and Palau‟s too nice.”“If you‟re so sure of that, go right ahead. Palau and I will be practicing our tattling right over here.”Palau grinned and then in her most insincere voice said, “Mommy! Mommy! Guess what I heard! Latie and Ria were all whisperingabout sneaking out with boys! Will they come back pregnant?”“You‟ve made your point, well go conspire elsewhere.”
  34. 34. “Is anyone coming?” Liberia asked from over by the phone.“No, I don‟t see anyone.”“‟Kay. I‟ll call Clark first and then someone else who will likely be able to sneak out for you.”“Thanks.”
  35. 35. At the agreed upon time, two limousines pulled up because we all know just how inconspicuous limos are in the dead of the night.
  36. 36. Latvia snuck out first...
  37. 37. “Do you think you could have gotten dressed even a little? I mean come on! This screws up my plans of going to a club! I guesswe‟ll just have to go someplace and do our hair and nails while talking about boys!”“Shut up, Joss! I didn‟t want to wake my parents up!”“Wuss!”
  38. 38. A few seconds later, Liberia snuck out. Happy that she hid a change of clothes in the chess table for just such and occasion.
  39. 39. Clark was waiting for her a little worriedly. His job required him to keep his hair short. Shorter than he liked. So he had to wearsomething to keep it from getting in the way and he didn‟t have time to change.
  40. 40. “Hi, Daddy!”“I sense a disturbance with my daughters!”“That would be Latvia and Liberia. They snuck out hours ago. Woke me up sneaking back in.”“Oh, is that all, narf! They aren‟t pregnant are they?”“I don‟t think so. The director-person hasn‟t installed that hack on this computer. Now if you‟ll excuse me I‟m hungry and I‟m alittle iffy on making pancakes.”“Just don‟t burn them. Your mom hates burnt pancakes, unless she‟s pregnant. Then she likes them.”“I‟ll keep that in mind.”
  41. 41. “Daddy! I burnt the pancakes!”“Don‟t worry about it!”“And the stove!”
  42. 42. “Egad! Start worrying!”“I‟m worrying! Panicking, really!”“And get your sister out of here! This is just what we need. Whipped cream covered pancakes!”
  43. 43. “I‟m sorry „Mania. I didn‟t mean to almost set you on fire. How about I give you a nice bath to make up for it. I promise not tolet you go down the drain.”“No drain!”“That‟s right, no drain.” ---
  44. 44. “I can‟t believe Burundi gave me detention for talking in class,” Israel groused to his friend, Ethan Capp. “It‟s not like I wasshouting.”“Actually you were.”“I was huh? Well, then class shouldn‟t have been boring. I mean who wants to learn about smelly old fish that were probably livingin a boot infested pond?”Ethan smiled. “I thought you did, Izzy. Weren‟t you the one who was telling me that you wanted to be a Hand of Poseidon likeyour dad?”“Oh yeah, right!”“Where is your dad anyway? I don‟t think I‟ve met him whenever I‟ve been over.”
  45. 45. “He‟s out on the island out back,” Israel said quietly. “He and Mum both.”Ethan stepped forward. “I‟m sorry. I didn‟t know.”“It‟s okay. I mean I know it doesn‟t make a lot of sense. I‟ve got seven grown siblings and even nieces and nephews who are olderthan me. All because my Mum couldn‟t order a pizza right.”“I‟m sure it‟s not that bad.”Israel smiled half-heartedly. “I don‟t regret it. Mum was great and Dad-doo was the best. I really felt like I was their kid, notjust some orphan they adopted because they felt sorry for me. But I just wish I got to spend more time with them, you know.”“I do know,” Ethan answered. “My sister and I are the youngest of our generation too. So I get it.”
  46. 46. “You do?”“Yeah. And I‟m sorry I brought up a sensitive subject.”“It‟s okay. I mean we‟re friends. Friends can talk about all sorts of things. At least real ones can.”Ethan nodded. “That brings up something else I wanted to talk to you about.”“What?”
  47. 47. “I like you. You know that, right. I promise not to be all creepy about it, but I needed to be honest with myself and with you.”Israel looked at Ethan a little smile playing about his lips. “You won‟t be creepy, huh?”Ethan rolled his eyes. “Don‟t make me noogie you.”Israel snorted. “I‟d like to see you try.”
  48. 48. “Mmph!”
  49. 49. “What was that?”“A noogie,” Ethan replied with a grin.“Dude, that totally was the nicest noogie I‟ve ever had. And considering I have three nieces who like to give me noogies afterevery meal, I know what I‟m talking about.”“So you don‟t mind me noogieing you more?”“No, I don‟t mind.”“Cool.”
  50. 50. “Sooo… Wanna go out sometime?” Israel asked.Ethan looked confused for a few moments. “I thought you liked girls. I mean I always see you checking them out.”“Girls are nice. Guys are nice. I‟m not really all that picky. So do you?”“Do I what?”“Want to go out? We can see if we both can be more than friends or if there‟s something more.”“Okay. So can I grope you now?”“Grope away.”
  51. 51. “This is nice.”“Yeah it is,” Ethan answered, his voice muffled by Israel‟s neck.
  52. 52. “Okay, it‟s my turn to do the groping!”
  53. 53. When the boys surfaced for air, Ethan gave Israel a look. “I think I love you, Izzy.”
  54. 54. Israel didn‟t say anything, but pulled Ethan closer to him. ~*~
  55. 55. ~*~
  56. 56. At Star, Mary, and Frank‟s house the family was eagerly awaiting the birth of Mary‟s baby.
  57. 57. By unspoken agreement, either Star or Frank stayed with the pregnant woman in case something happened while the other tookcare of the rest of the house and the toddler twins Maia and Spica. Although, if given a choice both Star and Frank liked tohover a little.
  58. 58. Which turned out to be a good thing when Mary finally gave birth. Frank just stood there in shock as he watched the processwhile Star gave supportive commentary.
  59. 59. After several long moments, Mary‟s twins were born and their parentage became clear.“I could grow to like this not having babies thing,” Star commented. “Being pregnant sucks.”“I don‟t mind it too much,” Mary responded.“Good, then I‟ll leave all of that to you then. You can have the sprogs and I‟ll deal with them when they no longer soil themselves.”Mary gave a small smile. “You‟re so generous.”“I know. I should get a medal.”
  60. 60. That night, it was time for Maia and Spica to grow up into children. Something Star looked forward to since it meant that shedidn‟t have to change diapers or clean out potty chairs anymore.
  61. 61. And it was then that it became clear that Maia and Spica did not have the normal twin bond.“Will you move already?” Maia asked irritably.Spica stared at the board. “I‟m thinking.”“Well, think quicker! I want to kick your butt before we go to bed.”“Okay, I think I‟ve got it now,” Spica said, moving one of her pawns out onto the center of the board. “It‟s your move.”
  62. 62. “Ewww!!! Mommy‟s kissing someone not Daddy!” Maia pointed over Spica‟s shoulder.
  63. 63. Spica glanced over and then back to Maia catching her twin in the middle of switching around pieces. “That‟s just– Hey!”“Uh…”“You‟re cheating. You‟ve made exactly one move and you‟re cheating. That‟s not fair!”
  64. 64. “Sorry you didn‟t think of it first,” Maia taunted.“I‟m sorry I even agreed to play with you in the first place. I‟d rather play by myself than with you.”“Your loss.”
  65. 65. As things happen, it was soon time for Mary and Star‟s twins, Cassiopeia and Orion, to grow up.
  66. 66. Cassie was a good mix of both of her parents and surprised everyone by having blonde hair.
  67. 67. While her twin, Orion, looked a lot like his mother, Mary.
  68. 68. These twins, it seemed, had a bond that their older half-sisters did not. And the two toddlers could be found playing with eachother often.
  69. 69. The bond was likely the fault of Orion, who was as sweet and tolerant like his mother while Cassie took after Star intemperament.
  70. 70. Even when they were being trained, the twins seemed to have a sixth sense about each other, following each other with their eyeswhen they couldn‟t be together in person.
  71. 71. “I‟m here the party can start!”Lily shot a look at her father. “I‟m pretty sure that the kids will be happy to hear that.”Rhys coughed. “Heh. Forgot that it was that kind of party.”“What kind of party did you think it was, Daddy?” Anemone asked.“Yes, Daddy what kind of party did you think it was?” Rose echoed with a grin.“I‟ll tell you when you‟re older.”Anemone made a face. “Phooey, I‟m gonna go play!”
  72. 72. “Hey! Can I join you guys?” Anemone asked walking up to the group.“Sure,” Maia answered. “So long as you don‟t mind getting wet.”
  73. 73. “I‟m not the one who‟s gonna get wet!”
  74. 74. “Whoa! You‟ve got an arm on you,” Maia said wiping the water away from her face.Anemone smirked. “Thanks, I‟ve had lots of practice playing with my Dad.”“Your dad sounds cool.”
  75. 75. “Ha! I bet he‟s not as cool as my dad!” Wil crowed making moose ears at Maia and Anemone. “My dad‟s the coolest and he makesup the best video games ever!”
  76. 76. Anemone threw a water balloon at Wil, which he dodged nimbly.“Nuh-uh my Dad‟s the coolest,” she said readying another balloon. “He‟s got fans everywhere and knows everything and he‟s thebestest dad in the whole wide world. And not just the world, the Multiverse!”
  77. 77. “Oh yeah?” Wil challenged, pulling his arm back to throw the balloon.“Yeah,” Anemone shot back.
  78. 78. “Would you two stop arguing already?” Spica called from the other side of the yard. “Jeez, you sound like an old married couple.”
  79. 79. “Oh you‟ve asked for it!” Wil crowed. “Get her!”“Yeah!” Anemone echoed. “Get her!”
  80. 80.
  81. 81. “Ow! You guys didn‟t have to throw so hard,” Spica said coughing up a little water that went down the wrong tube.
  82. 82. “Ooohhh whatcha going to do? Cry on me? You big baby!”“I am not!”“Are too! Baby! Baby! Baby!”
  83. 83. “I‟ll show you that I‟m not a baby!” Spica cried.“You‟re crying like one.”Maia moved closer to Anemone. “Let‟s show the big baby!”
  84. 84.
  85. 85. “That wasn‟t fair,” Spica said softly from the ground. “You didn‟t have to knock me down.”
  86. 86. “You okay, Spica?” Wil asked.“Yeah, I guess.”“Hey guys, time out! It‟s not good to be three against one.”
  87. 87. The four kids dropped to the ground, finding what dry spots they could.“Jeez! You‟re such a baby,” Maia said to Spica.“I am not!”“Are too!”
  88. 88. “Maia, cut it out,” Wil said to his cousin.The green girl stuck her tongue out at him. “Fine, I won‟t tease the baby.”
  89. 89. “I don‟t know why you call me that,” Spica said playing with her fingers. “We‟re the same age.”
  90. 90. Maia rolled her eyes. “Cause you act like one.”“No, I don‟t!”“Whatever, crybaby.”
  91. 91. “Whoa, I thought my sisters were bad,” Anemone commented. “These two make me glad that I don‟t have a twin.”“Same,” Wil agreed.“Yeah, well I wish I didn‟t have one,” Maia said pointedly glaring at Spica.
  92. 92. “Guys! Cut it out!”
  93. 93. “Sorry, Wil,” Spica said then changed the subject. “So what is your family like, Ane?”
  94. 94. “It‟s cool. I‟ve got an awesome dad and my sisters are okay.”“What about your mom?” Wil asked.Anemone shrugged. “She works a lot. When we see her it‟s nice and she reads the best stories. But mostly our dad takes care ofus. Can we talk about something else?”
  95. 95. “Sure. We can talk about how Spica sucks at chess.”“Maia…” Wil warned.“What she does?” Maia protested.“Well you cheat!” Spica shot back.“And you fall for it.”“Guys, I think I‟m going to go inside and find my dad,” Anemone said starting to stand up.
  96. 96. “You don‟t have to go!” Spica protested.“Yeah, I do,” Anemone responded. “Wil are you coming?”“Sure. I don‟t feel like playing peace maker any more.”Maia smirked then said, “Nice job, Spica. Driving everyone away. It‟s no wonder no one likes you.”Spica didn‟t say anything but she was beginning to think it was true. ~*~
  97. 97. ~*~
  98. 98. “Looks like there isn‟t too bad of a line. Did you want popcorn after we get the tickets?”Cee shook her head. “No, it gets lodged between my teeth and is really quite aggravating.” She shot him a pointed look.He laughed. “Right, so no popcorn. I hope you don‟t mind that we skipped dinner? There‟s a little something going on here todaythat I don‟t think you‟ll want to miss.”“Oh?”“You‟ll see.”
  99. 99. “Shall we go?”Cee linked her arm through Oman‟s . “Lead the way.”
  100. 100. “Good afternoon, everyone. I‟m so glad you could make it out to this special showing of Dusk. I‟m Eden Devereaux and I playStella in the movie. I know that Komei and Don would love to be here right now if they could for the official premiere of Dusk inthis mini-verse.”
  101. 101. The woman continued. “I know that it would have warmed their hearts to see this magnificent turn out today.”
  102. 102. “I hope to see many of you after the show out in the lobby where I‟ll be signing autographs for those who want them. But sitback, strap yourselves in and enjoy the rollercoaster ride of love that is Dusk!”
  103. 103. The woman walked off the stage and signalled the theater manager to get ready to show the film. Then she sat down next to twosmall children in the front.“So how‟d I do, Quinn?” she asked the boy with the messy fauxhawk.“Okay, I guess. Do we have to stay here while you sign autographs?”“You don‟t have to, I‟ll have Joe drive you home and see about getting a nanny to come over. Do you want to go home too, Erin?”Eden asked the red-haired girl in purple sitting next to Quinn.
  104. 104. “I‟m fine, Mom. There are lots of people to talk to here.”Quinn looked over his shoulder toward the man sitting in the back. “Yeah. Lots of people.”
  105. 105. “I‟m going to get Eden Devereaux‟s autograph!” Maia boasted to Spica.Spica shrugged. “Why?”“Because it‟s awesome and it‟s not something that a baby like you could understand.”
  106. 106. “You know what? You‟re right, I don‟t understand and I don‟t see the point of watching a movie I‟m not really interested inbecause you and Mama Mary wanted to see it and Mom and Dad wanted some alone time. I‟m out of here.”“Where are you going?” Mary asked.“Outside to get some air. Something stinks in here.”“Yeah and I bet when you get outside, something will stink there. Like a baby diaper, crybaby!” Maia mocked cruelly.
  107. 107. “Thanks for bringing me out here, you didn‟t have to go to all of the trouble,” Liberia said to Clark.“It‟s no problem. I figured you would like this. I mean most girls like Dusk, right?”“Yeah, most girls like Dusk. But I never got into it.”
  108. 108. “Now you tell me.”“Hey, you didn‟t ask. Besides, I think they‟re showing Garry Disher and the Magician‟s Crystal next door. How about when thelights go down, we sneak out and into that movie?”“Sounds like a plan. I love Garry Disher.”
  109. 109. “I gotta go,” Quinn said suddenly.Erin looked over at her twin. “But the movie‟s about to start.”“I‟ve already seen it, remember? And I‟m not sure how I feel about watching my mom kiss a guy who isn‟t my dad.”Erin was quiet for a few minutes. “Bring me some popcorn when you come back.”“Okay.”
  110. 110. As Quinn walked up the aisle, Rhys leaned over and patted his hair. “Needs more gel,” he whispered.Quinn reached up to feel his own attempt at a fauxhawk. “Thanks,” he said.
  111. 111. He walked several feet past Rhys and then whispered to himself, “Thanks, Dad.”
  112. 112. Outside, Spica sat down on one of the benches outside the theater and scrubbed away the tears that threatened.“She doesn‟t have to be so mean to me,” she muttered to herself. “I didn‟t do nothing to her.”
  113. 113. The sound of the door opening startled her and she looked over to see Quinn walking outside.The boy looked over toward her and she shifted uncomfortably on the hard bench.“Hello,” he said, walking in her direction.
  114. 114. Spica looked down at her feet. “Hi,” she replied.“Whatcha doing?” he asked.“Nothing.”He looked at her a little more closely. “I think I recognize you, weren‟t you sitting behind me in the theater?”She shrugged. “I don‟t know. Maybe.”“Why aren‟t you inside watching the movie?”
  115. 115. “Why aren‟t you?” she shot back.Quinn took a step back. “Sorry, I didn‟t mean to be nosy.”
  116. 116. Spica sighed. “No, it‟s okay. I just don‟t want to be in there right now.”“I understand. I don‟t either,” he responded. “So why don‟t you want to be in there?”“It‟s my sister. She hates me.”
  117. 117. “Why would your sister hate you?”“I don‟t know!” Spica burst out. “But she does! She calls me names and makes fun of me and then she laughs at me when shemakes me cry calling me a baby. I‟m not a baby!”“I know you‟re not a baby. Have you told your parents?”
  118. 118. Spica looked down at her shoes again. “It wouldn‟t matter. They don‟t pay any attention to us.”
  119. 119. She looked back up at Quinn. “So why aren‟t you inside?” she asked.The boy unconsciously reached up to touch his fauxhawk. “I didn‟t want to watch a man who wasn‟t my dad make out with my mom.”“Huh?”“My mom‟s Eden Devereaux, you know, Stella Sparrow? It‟s just weird watching her make out with Komei. I know it isn‟t real andshe‟s explained it isn‟t real but it doesn‟t make it any less weird, you know.”“Yeah, I do,” Spica answered quietly, her voice sounding far away. “So what does your father think?” she asked.Quinn flinched. “He doesn‟t know he‟s my father in this world.”
  120. 120. “So you‟re from another universe, huh?”“You know about those?”Spica nodded. “My mom and Mama Mary are both from other universes. They tell me and Maia about them sometimes.”“So Maia‟s your sister?”“Yeah.”
  121. 121. “So you‟ve got two moms? Not that there‟s anything wrong with that.”Spica smiled. “Mama Mary‟s not my real mom. She moved in with Mom while Daddy was finishing up college,” she explained. “He‟shome now and he, Mom and Mama Mary spend all their time having tickle fights in their room.”“Oh.”“Yeah. Oh.”“Do you think I can sit down,” Quinn asked.“Sure, it‟s not my bench.”
  122. 122. “So are you going to go back inside?”Spica watched the passing traffic for a bit. “No. I don‟t think I am. I want to go home, but I ain‟t got anyone to take me. AndI‟d get in a lot of trouble if I just went on my own, you know.”“Yeah, I do.”“‟Sides I‟m not really sure where home is from here.”Quinn nodded, not saying anything.
  123. 123. “You don‟t have to stay out here with me,” Spica said after several moments looking over at the boy sitting next to her.Quinn smiled. “I don‟t mind. I‟d rather hang out with you than watch that stupid old movie.”“Thanks.”
  124. 124. Back inside, Oman was struggling not to fidget in his seat. “So are you surprised?”“About the actress?”“Yeah,” he said with a nod.Cee frowned. “I am assuming in your world that acting is a respectable career choice for a woman.”“Yeah, it is. Or at least it is respectable as any other career choice. Are you mad that I brought you here? I thought this wouldbe a nice surprise and perhaps later you could meet the actress and find out more about how the movie was made.”
  125. 125. Cee looked over at Oman. “No, I‟m not mad. This world is still so very confusing.”Oman smiled. “Hey, I‟m from it and I‟m still confused half the time. I think you‟re really something to be able to adapt to so well.It‟s one of the reasons that I love you.”“Oh,” she said with a small blush. “Thank you.”“I mean it. You‟re seem so soft and delicate on the outside, but on the inside you‟re all steel and strength. It‟s just, I don‟t know,wonderful,” he finished lamely. “And now I‟m sounding like an awkward teenager. Next thing you know I‟ll be sneaking into yourbedroom to watch you sleep.”
  126. 126. Cee didn‟t acknowledge his words but turned back to the screen noting that the lights were dimming. “Quiet, Oman! The show isabout to start.”
  127. 127. *creepy tinkley piano music plays*
  128. 128. After the movie, Oman walked Cee back to where she had parked her car. “That wasn‟t as bad as I thought it was going to be.”The woman arched an eyebrow at him. “Oh?”Backpeddling quickly, Oman rushed to say, “I‟ve only heard the rumors. That Dusk is a weak love story and has crappy characters.But it isn‟t as bad as all of that. In fact, I kinda liked it.”
  129. 129. “Uh-huh…”“No, I mean it. It was really pretty good. I mean it isn‟t „Lost with the Breeze‟ or „Citizen Capp‟ but it‟s fun.”A small smile graced Cee‟s lips. “You can stop digging yourself further into that hole.”“Oh thank the Creator,” Oman said. “I felt myself getting deeper and deeper but I couldn‟t seem to stop putting my foot in mymouth. You just make me nervous.”“I make you nervous.”He nodded. “I want so hard to win you back. But I don‟t know how. But I‟ve got to keep trying you know.”
  130. 130. She pulled him into a hug. “I know, Oman. I had a good time.”His arms tightened around her. “Thank the Creator. So I‟ll see you soon?”“We‟ll work something out.”
  131. 131. Leaving Oman watching her from the curb, she got into her car to go back home. For the first time in a long while she felt thateverything would work out in the end.
  132. 132. When she got home, she noticed that the kids had forgotten to tend her garden so she went out to do a quick weeding andspraying before making dinner for her family.
  133. 133. “Oh dear…” ~*~
  134. 134. And I think that‟s a good place to stop.Cee really did become a plantsim and yeah I did some headdesking and poked the real!Cee and started wailing. We‟ll see how longwe keep her like this. I love my default, except when it comes to custom skins which Cee has. Then I get a line around the neck.I will be changing defaults part way through the next update. Just so you know. So get a long look at this lovely default. Weshall not be seeing it again past a certain point.Thanks to RegacyLady for letting me use and abuse her simself. I really do only torture those sims I love. I promise.
  135. 135. Ahh Ethan Capp and Israel Warner. I was not planning on this. Ethan and several other sims were brought in to be aspirationfodder for teens and people we aren‟t seeing much of on camera but I play and have fun with. Then when I was setting up hishousehold he brought Israel home and I had forgotten that Israel was bi. And well, stuff happened, and a couple was born.Thanks go to Jenn (Ndainye) for letting me borrow him. I‟m sorry, but Ethan has wandered into plot. I promise to try to make itall work out, somehow. *shifty eyes*
  136. 136. Speaking of imports, thanks to Peasant007 for the loan of Eden, Erin, and Quinn along with my stealing of her “Dusk” ideas andher shooting a scene from it. And let me tell you, that those people who think Goopyface is ugly, take a look at Eden up there andtell me that again. Oi.And a double thanks also go to Ang who gets to talk me down off of ledges and back from the edge. She also whups me into shapeand pushes me to publish. Because occasionally we all need a swift kick in the ass to keep going.
  137. 137. I also owe thanks to a lot of other people other than the three mentioned here – Marina, Doc, Ori, Lily, Liv, Rose, Fuzzy, and Jojust to name a few.I also want to thank my readers the ones who‟ve been putting up with me for all of this time. I do appreciate it the comments youleave really do help inspire me to write more.I hope you have enjoyed.Until Next time, Happy simming!