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  • Welcome, To my presentation for PB&G a cupcake company that is look for idea for gain more clients online.
  • My proposal for the webdesign is to provide a more responsive web design for gaining more clients. Many web design companies are using a more open mind way of ensuring that all clients are accessible.
  • As you can see from the chart…ipad is the biggest way of communicate and accessing companies more and more. US being the growing industry.
  • The following example will show how some website have fail to bring company into the mobile and tablet world.
  • Universal Picture Snow White is perfect example of what not to do and what to do. The good side of the site great graphic and perfect for iphone. The touch elements aren’t always recognized causing a frustration to consumers. The more ugly part of the site is that items are missing when view on mobile and in window the elements are invisible.
  • Gatorade provided a good navigation system but has limitation in the swipe action and a ugly part of the website that again it was more cater to iphone forgetting other system.
  • Bank of American mobile app is an example of good mobile application. The navigation work perfectly like the website with a couple of change that don’t frustration the consumer.
  • Another site that would work on a iphone perfectly and unlike other application this site work on all phone.
  • A website that design that work for all device will gain more clients and more value for the money.
  • Rivera barbara presentation

    1. 1. Client: PB & G ProposalBarbara Rivera5/1/2013
    2. 2. Proposal Improvement Responsive Web Design Growing number of people searching from mobiledevices. New mindset when it comes to website architectureand web development techniques.
    3. 3. “Making web content available to a wide audienceregardless of physical abilities, web clients, and personalpreferences.”-Chad Swaney, Senior Instructional Designer at Amazon
    4. 4. The Good, bad and Ugly The following example show websites that havenot use the Responsive Website Design.Bad UglyGood
    5. 5. http://universalpictures.mobi/snowwhite The Good: Right off the bat, the exceptional visual design isevident. The Bad: At times, the animated transitions that make the site sofun to use would slow and hiccup before proceeding to the nextsection. The Ugly: As it stands, the site was obviously developedexclusively for the iPhone.
    6. 6. m.gatorade.com The Good: Gatorade’s mobile website is all abouthigh-quality visuals and touch/swipe navigation The Bad: Swipe actions sometimes aremisinterpreted and either go the wrong directionor don’t move the page at all. The Ugly: Another site that was designedexclusively for the iPhone.
    7. 7. http://BofA.mobi
    8. 8. Nikelab.com
    9. 9. Summary Cupcake business are growing and website need to be ableto reach the consumer anywhere. Responsive Web Design is the key for delivery your website toa mobile or Tablet . The abilities to take your website and stretch plus resize withthe browser being use to access the websign.
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