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Facilities Plan
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Facilities Plan


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • School colors are red, black, and white. Its mascot is a pirate. Pictures:
  • Semi circle seats: Bean bad chair:
  • Transcript

    • 1. Screven Elementary School Facility Plan Motto: T o gether E veryone A chieves M ore
    • 2. SES Media Center Profile
      • Serves approximately 285 students
      • Serves 20+ staff members
      • One full-time Media Specials
      • One full-time Media Center Assistant
    • 3. History of Screven Elementary School
      • It was built in the late 1930’s as a first through twelfth grades.
      • It lately became a kindergarten through seventh grade facility.
      • It current state (2007) is pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.
    • 4. Media Center Current Location
      • Media Center is currently located on left in the main building. It is just down the hallway from the office.
      • It is easy to access for students in the middle hall.
    • 5. Current Facility Floor Plan
      • It is about 1000 square feet including the media center, workroom, speech room, and computer lab.
    • 6. Current Policy
      • The media center operates on flexible scheduling. Teachers may sign up for time in the media center or computer lab at their convenience.
      • It is open from 7:50 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. The students may come to the media center after announcement and attendance,which is about 8:15 to 8:20.
      • Teacher may request materials needed for instructional units. The media specialist ask that teachers notify at least two day in advance.
    • 7. Current Policy
      • Teachers may check out up to 50 items for as long as need or until the end of the school year.
      • Students may check two books at one time.
      • Reference materials can only be checked one instructional day.
      • Material lost or damage will need to be paid fro so that the materials can be replaced.
      • Internet Access and Publication of Students information is available at:
      • Internet Safety and Computer Usage Rules for Students information is available at:
    • 8. Current Policy
      • Media Center Committee
        • Consist of:
          • Media Specialist and Media Center Assistant
          • Administrators
          • 3 Teachers
          • 2 Students
          • 2 Community Members
      • The staff should contact the Media Center Committee to suggest new instructional materials and equipment.
    • 9. Positive Survey Findings
      • Students’ Reponse:
      • They were excited about the newly bought Accelerated Reader books.
      • Facility’s Reponse:
      • They very pleased with the recently purchased books that are tie the GPS standard at each grade level.
    • 10. The Negative Survey Findings
      • Students’ Reponses:
      • They wanted a new computer lab or more workstations.
      • They would like a healthy snack area located in the library. They also said the area should be away from the books and the computer lab so that these objects do not get damaged.
      • They would a comfortable area to relax and read.
      • Facility’s Reponses:
      • The staff’s one number request is a new computer so that a whole class (20 or 25 students) have computer at one time.
      • They said the furniture is too large for smaller students.
      • There is no Smart board to be used in the media center.
      • There is not where to video/audio tape that is out of the main traffic flow area in the media center.
      • There is no conference room, which makes collaboration difficult.
      • The workroom is an office and storage area, instead of being a new workroom.
    • 11. Positives of the Current Floor Plan: The Circulation Desk
      • The circulation desk is located near the entrance of the media center from the main hallway.
      • The media specialists can view the media center and the computer lab because its location.
    • 12. Positives of the Current Floor Plan: Books
      • The media has approximately 5,000 fiction and nonfiction books.
      • Media Center plans to add at least 100 new books this school year.
    • 13. Negatives of the Current Floor Plan
      • Obviously, we have out grown our current school and media center because the media specialist office has become speech pathologist’s room.
    • 14. Negatives of the Current Floor Plan
      • Since the speech pathologist is currently using the media specialist’s office, the media specialist uses the workroom as an office and video/electronic/periodical storage.
      • Many of the tools that the teachers use have been moved to the teachers’ lounge and Instructional Coach’s office, which is in a completely different hallway.
    • 15. Negatives of the Current Floor Plan
      • Our computer lab is very small.
      • It has only seven Mac 9 and one Mac OX 10.
      • Its size causes problems when teachers are trying to complete STAR testing and projects.
    • 16. Negatives of the Current Floor Plan
      • The large oak tables and oak chairs that are currently in the media currently are too large for younger students.
      • Also, when this area is used for facility there is not enough seating for all of the staff.
      • It does not have a conference room for staff meetings and/or collaboration.
    • 17. Negatives of the Current Floor Plan
      • Currently, the fifth grade video tape the morning announcements in the corner of the media center.
      • The media specialist and teachers would like to have a separate area for video/audio taping.
    • 18. Facility Plan: Modified Floor Plan
    • 19. Media Center Improvements
      • Since within the next few years, the county is planning to build a new facility. I chose to totally redesign the layout of the media center.
      • I tried to design the future media center to maximize the student engagement, and to promote media specialist/ teacher collaboration.
      • Also, the future media center will have more storage area.
      • All areas in the media center will have carpet excepts the healthy snack area.
    • 20. Media Center Improvements-Tables and Chairs
      • The tables and chairs are smaller than the large oak tables and chairs
      • The smaller tables and chair are easy for student to use and do their work on.
    • 21. Media Center Improvement- Reading Area
      • It will have a comfortable seating area that will be used story time and guest speakers.
      • This seating can be easily moved so the area can be used for other activities.
    • 22. Media Center Improvement- Conference Room
      • There will separate conference room that can be use in a variety of ways.
      • The seating will comfortable. It will have table that rearranged different to fit the current users needs.
      • It include has a Smart Board.
      • It will have receptacles into the floor for additional power sources.
      • It will have a small window, but it will a special darkening shade to block light, while the Smart Board is being used.
    • 23. Media Center Improvements- Workroom
      • The workroom will have plenty of counter space for ellision cutter, laminating machine, and resource tools for the staff.
      • It will have trade books and professional development materials in this area,too.
      • Literacy and Science Kits will located in the shelf units in be in this area.
    • 24. Media Center Improvements- Snack Area
      • It is will have a healthy snack center located in separate area in the media center that it can be easily monitored by media center volunteers and student helpers.
      • It will have vending machine with juice water, yogurt bars, fruits, vegetables,and other healthy snacks.
      • The snack center will have a tile floor, so clean up is easy.
      • This will prevent the damage of materials in the rest of media center, but this area will attract more students as well as staff to the media center.
    • 25. Media Center Improvements- Storage Room
      • It will have a storage room for electronics and other technology.It will have cabinets for storage in this area.
      • The storage room will be located between the media specialist’s office and workroom for easy access.
      • The network server will be located in this area also.
    • 26. Media Center Improvements- Media Specialist’s Office
      • Media specialist will be located behind the circulation desk so that she can monitor the media center from her office.
      • It will have area for her to repair books and technology.
    • 27. Media Center Improvements-Computer Lab
      • The media center will have a class-sized computer lab.
      • Is will also include a smart board with projector to be used during instruction.
      • The seating will be comfortable.
      • The electrical and network receptacles will be in the floor to maximum the mobile computer station.
    • 28. Media Center Improvements- Video/Audio Taping Room
      • The media center will have a small room for video/audio taping.
      • It will provide a controlled setting for both tapings.
      • It will have a chrom-a-key green backdrop which the student can edit the video to add different image in the recording.
    • 29. Media Center Improvements- Special Reading Area
      • Special Reading Areas for Individual Students:
        • This area will have a pirate ship for student to read in. The wall behind the ship will be a mural of the ocean and island.
        • Also, there are bean bags for student to sit and read.
    • 30. Policy Improvements - Scheduling
      • I feel the media center should be open longer for student and staff access to better prepare our students.
        • The Article, School Libraries and Increased Student Achievement: What’s the Best Idea? , by Kristen Scott, clearly states the libraries plays a key role by being a center access point for informational literacy.
        • I think that the media center should be open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:40 p.m for staff and from 7:50 a.m. to 2:55 p.m. for students.
        • I also feel that the media center should be open to be used for community groups or other student activities that occur after normal scheduled library hours.
    • 31. Policy Improvements-Media Committee
      • After viewing Carroll County Policy on media programs, I suggest that our media center adopt this county outline of the roles of the building level media committee, which are as followed:
        • The committee is responsible for recommending long and short-range media goals, budget priorities, operation, utilization and accessibility produces and selection processes for instructional materials and equipment.
    • 32. Policy Improvement- Accountability of Lost Book or Materials
      • Since it is not clearly stated how to charge for lost books in our policy, I would suggest that we add Carroll County’s policy on replace of lost books.
      • Carroll County’s Policy on lost library books:
        • Hard bound books- &15 or replacement cost
        • Hard bound paperback books (Turtleback, Econoclad, etc.) - $8.00 or replacement cost
        • Paper back books-$7.50 or replacement cost
        • Reference and more valuable materials- replacement cost
        • Magazines-replacement cost
      • Until the book or material is paid for the student shall be denied the privilege of checking out materials from the media center.
    • 33. Policy Improvement- Updating Copyright Policy
      • Our current policy on copyright is suppose to be date this school year, I would suggest the committee look at Carroll County’s copyright policy as a example or a starting point. It thoroughly cover copyright policy on print items, computer software, cable television and satellite programs, etc.
      • You make view this document:
    • 34. Policy Improvements
      • After review SACS ( Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Library Association), I have the following suggestions for improving the media center’s policy.
        • 6.21 Maintains a comprehensive materials collection consisting of current media, books, reference sources, and periodicals in print and electronic formats that support student learning, the curriculum, and the instructional program;
        • 6.23 Ensures that all students and staff members have regular, ready access to media services, materials, and equipment;
        • 6.26 Ensures that the media staff collaborates with other professional staff members to attain maximum benefit from the resources;
    • 35. References:
      • Pictures:
        • Pirate Ship Reading Area
        • Pirate Ship picture:
    • 36. References:
      • SACS:
      • Carroll County Policy:
      • Scott, K. J.“School library and increased student achievement: What’s the bug idea?” EBSCOhost retrieved on September 10, 2007. WEBSITE@@@
    • 37. Screven Elementary School
      • Alisha Thornton Cannon
      • ITEC 7132
      • Facility Plan
      • Dr. Repman
      • Fall 2007