Creaivity: Not Getting Enough Sleep


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Creaivity: Not Getting Enough Sleep

  2. 2. NOT GETTING ENOUGH SLEEPIf you have the problem of not getting enough sleep continue reading because youwill see more than 100 solutions for this problem.We have included all the ideas because we know that you can get an awesomeidea from a ridicoulus idea!
  3. 3. 1. Time limit to go to bed (with thing do or undone)2. Earplugs to avoid noise3. Time after dinner without phone, laptop, etc in order to stay focus4. time planning (respecting it)5. go to library, office, without distractions...6. Wake up early in order to star the day when nobody can disturb you7. Time limit to go to house after work8. List with priorities9. List to things to do when works to stay focus10. Time limits to the tasks to focus better and avoid disturb11. Using software to block fb, internet, emails when you´re working before go to bed12. time limit to turn off distractions in the night13. create a list in the night with to do things, wake up early and see if you can do in less time after rest14. Ask for control your time limits15. sleep 8 hours, set up alarms to go to bed and to wake up (priority to tasks)16. yoga17. read about time management18. don´t take nap, rest always at the same time19. change sleep times (more nap, less nigh sleep)20. eat more times, use less time for regular meals
  4. 4. 21. if you have childs, share the tasks with your partner, two days for your own tasks22. Look for a coworking space to go one day an spend time to put everything in order without distractions23. avoid last time plans24. control priorities (urgence.important)25. Use more time to think how to resume regular tasks to do it more simple and easy26. go to bed at the same time everyday27. Relax before go to bed to get ready to sleep28. Turn of smartphone after 10:0029. Create a plan and go ahead with it (1 hour to read at night, respect it)30. focus in your task to get it in the time you plan31. Sleep well during the weekend32. Take a holiday33. Turn off the mobile phone during the night34. Sleep in a hotel frequentlty35. Sleep in a peaceful place36. Sleep in a warm place with relaxing music37. Use good mattress and pillow38. Have a dark room while you sleep39. Practice a sport40. Go to a spa
  5. 5. 41. Take a massage regularly42. Take a bath before you go to sleep43. Read a book until you fallback to sleep44. Establish a routine45. Learn how to sleep easily at anytime46. Reorganize your work and life47. Try to start earlier your work48. Do routine things at the same time every day49. Use the mealtime to do things that you need peacefull50. Work in the office (not at home)51. Go to bed earlier52. Don’t share your bed53. Be positive54. Don’t bring the problems to your bed55. Have a good mood56. Use digital gadget to help you in your work (telephone, tablet, computer)57. Don’t use the computer in the bed58. Be happy59. Don’t take a heavy dinner60. Try to eat healthy food
  6. 6. 61. Don’t drink coffee in the afternoon or night62. Take a hot milk before go to sleep63. Take a tila before go to sleep if you feel nervous64. When you start to feel asleep stand up, eat something65. Pure water over your face when you feel asleep66. Listen upbeat music when you weak up67. Be cheerful all the day68. Listed loud music when you feel tired and If you want feel asleep69. Don’t drink alcohol.70. Use the bed only for sleep71. Go to bed when you start to feel tired72. Don’t take sleeping pills73. Don’t drink a lot before you go to sleep (to avoid weak up during the night)74. Don’t feel stress before you go to sleep75. Use Feng Shui technical (out your head to the North)76. Correct your sleeping posture77. Don’t go to the bed hungry78. Don’t eat sweetmeats in the afternoon and night79. Do a relaxing activity before go to sleep80. Don’t eat spicy food in the dinner
  7. 7. 81. Avoid distractions close to the bed82. Avoid electronic clocks (light) , mechanical clocks (noise)83. Close the windows ( avoid light)84. If you have childs, create turns with your partner to attend them in the night85. Control the breath to sleep better86. Keep your mind out of bad thinking87. Count sheeps88. If you can not sleep, close your eyes and relax89. Train in the afternoon to get tired and rest better90. Do not go with problems to the bed91. Take hot shower before go to bed92. Have good sex93. Enjoy your free time94. Have free time before sleep95. Find the balance with your partner to sleep96. Find your optimist habitat to sleep97. Clean and put in order your bedroom98. Make and receive a relax massage99. Feel the music before sleep100.Remind goodthings of the day
  8. 8. 101.Think in your targets for tomorrow102.Think in the good things of the life103.Put your mind empty104.Enjoy and feel the comfort of your bed105.Buy a new and better pillow106.Read expert advices of how sleep better (apply them)