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MYTI Developing Coalition Presence
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MYTI Developing Coalition Presence


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Workshop deck from CADCA's Mid Year Training Institute 2012 in Nashville, TN

Workshop deck from CADCA's Mid Year Training Institute 2012 in Nashville, TN

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. CADCA Mid-Year Developing Training InstituteYour Coalition’s July, 2012 Social Media PresenceLaDonna Coy, MHR, CPS, CDLA
    • 2. LaDonna Coy MHR, CPS, CDLAClients/Partners It will always be about• CARS• CSAP people first. Words are loose• CADCA Institute bridges of intention, and we• Collaborative Conversations• Kansas AAPS/BHS use them to connect our• Kansas Prevention Network ideas to other good people.• Kansas Family Partnership• Eagle Ridge Institute --Chris Brogan• Free Spirit Publishing• Learn Resource Network Primary Prevention• MIPH• ODMHSAS Capacity building• Omega Point International Social media communications• Oregon Research Institute• Paxis, Inc Online learning• PIRE• Safe & Caring Schools• 2 Wisconsin Clearinghouse
    • 3. # HashtagThe Workshop #MYTI2012
    • 4. What made you choose this workshop?
    • 5. Learning Objectives• Define "presence" and what it means to your coalition• Map community partners, stakeholders and supporters• Establish a listening post• Design interaction to close the gap between online and offline presence• Outline a routine and plan for interaction and reflective practice• Track measure and learn from social media communications in action
    • 6. The Social Media Revolution
    • 7. “Social Media is no longer new.” --Heather MansfieldSource: Mansfield, Heather (2012). Social Media for Social Good.
    • 8. Wheredo you showup onlinepersonally?
    • 9. Identity & Presence Where do you show up online? Purpose? Intention?
    • 10. Deb roy images
    • 11. Whatis the focusof yourcoalition work?
    • 12. What does your coalition do in thecommunity?
    • 13. Whyis social media importantto coalition Presence?
    • 14. Ripples ofInfluence
    • 15. Coalition Presence
    • 16. Find things online Keep up-to-dateShare Ideas, Resources,And experiences Nurture Networks
    • 17. Whereto begin?
    • 18. Outline YourThe Social Media Path Process Refine Your Practice Track Your Metrics Develop Your Plan Listen Find Your People Find Your Place Clarify Your Purpose
    • 19. Clarify YourPURPOSE
    • 20. "The question for most of us is not if wewill use the technologies of our age,from cell phones to social media, thequestion is how can we do so withmindfulness, meaning, and wisdom?" –Soren Gordhamer Wisdom 2.0 Summit
    • 21. Practice Maturity Scale
    • 22. Whatdid you learn fromthe audit?
    • 23. POLO!Find YourPEOPLE
    • 24. Now for some .. Digital Diggin’
    • 25. Who are your people?Make a list …
    • 26. Where are your people?
    • 27. RSSRSS Reader
    • 28. LISTEN
    • 29. It was impossible to get a conversation going,everybody was talking too much. --Yogi Berra
    • 30. Vanity SearchWhatis being said about you online?
    • 31. Your Name Here
    • 32. Your Name Here1 How wide to cast your net?
    • 33. Your Name Here2 How often?
    • 34. Your Name Here3 Your email address
    • 35. The Listening Template
    • 36. Find YourPLACE
    • 37. Social media isn’t just about new widgets andgadgets like Twitter and Facebook. It’s about arapidly evolving culture, and a fundamentalshift in communications, community buildingand decision making. To succeed in the 21stcentury, you need to know what this is allabout, and how you can align your work in thisnew era. --Lisa Colton Darim
    • 38. How do we pick our tools?
    • 39. Create YourSocial Media Formula
    • 40. Where to show up online? Web site
    • 41. Profile Musts Coalition InfoCoalition Name Landing Page Your Avatar Coalition Bio
    • 42. Develop Your PLAN
    • 43. No amount of carefulplanning can ever replace dumb luck!
    • 44. What do we post about? Web site Meetings Conferences Reports Events Stories Data Editorial Face- Blog book Trainings Articles
    • 45. To what degree?
    • 46. Social Media Action PlanWho? Posts what? When? Where? Results?Alicia Red Ribbon Week Insert date(s) Facebook [insert metrics]Kathy RRW History Insert date(s) Blog [insert metrics]Jake Community Event Insert date(s) YouTube [insert metrics] Establish a Social Media Communications Team
    • 47. Outline YourPROCESS
    • 48. Social media is bigger than the messageIt is the interaction …WithPEOPLEAbout your MESSAGE• And their RESPONSE• All the TIMEThrough manyCHANNELS
    • 49. interestingGive ‘em something toV about talk
    • 50. Curation is ……the organizing, filtering and makingsense of information on the web andsharing the very best with your network. --Beth Kanter
    • 51. Interactions … Digg RT Like Comment Tweet“Friend” Text Follow Update … make media social!
    • 52. Refine YourPRACTICE
    • 53. Practice makes betterif not perfect. – K. D. Paine
    • 54. Guidelines & Policies
    • 55. If you make Apologize, genuinelya mistake … Move on.
    • 56. Track YourMETRICS
    • 57. Engagement is a way to determine whether you’rehaving a dialog or just yelling ever more loudly. --K. D. Paine
    • 58. From here forward …• Personal experience counts• Make the invisible visible• Practice influence (let go of control)• Create feedback loops & measures• Make meaning of what you find• And the “beat goes on”
    • 59. Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,nothing is going to get better. It’s not. --Dr Seuss The Lorax
    • 60. The more you read,the more things you know.The more you learn,the more places youll go. -Dr. Seuss
    • 61. Resources from Today
    • 62. PrevChat For more Information & Instructions
    • 63. Photo Citations• David Wilcox, Designing for a Civil Society describes network structures (creative commons)• Garage• Polo• Dog• Community Group• All other images were developed from scratch or via paid subscription from or
    • 64. References & Resources• Netvibes at• Twitter at• Google Alerts at• TweetStats at• A Coalition Social Media Communications Audit• The Social Media Periodic Table, Jason Verhoosky on the CADCA SoMe Wiki listed below• Circles of San Antonio Coalition YouTube Channel• DanversCARES• CADCA Institute Social Media Primer• Coalition Social Media Guidelines Sample• K. D. Paine Blog Post is-just-another-term-for-measuring- relationships.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Kdpai nesPrMeasurementBlog+%28KDPaine%27s+PR+Measurement+Blog%29• The Birth of a Word• The Social Media Revolution• Workshop Resources bundled here
    • 65. This presentation is licensed under CREATIVE COMMONS. This means you can use it, or parts thereof, as long as appropriateattribution is given and your resulting product is made available under thissame license. The license prohibits using this presentation for commercialpurposes. A list of citations and links is included for your reference and use. Please cite all creative commons photos to the original source. Suggested Attribution:Source: LaDonna Coy, Learning Chi, Inc. for the CADCA Mid-Year TrainingInstitute, July, 2012, Nashville, TN