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Ks Sec Ntwk Co P


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For the Kansas SPFSIG Sector Networking event, May, 2008

For the Kansas SPFSIG Sector Networking event, May, 2008

Published in: Business, Education
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  • 1. Sector Networking May, 2008 Health Schools Gov care Agencies Media Business We hold the present Law and future of our Youth world within our circle Enfcmt of conversation. --Glenna Gerard Other Parents Civic Faith YSO
  • 2. •What’s important to you about preventing underage drinking? •What about this issue has heart and meaning for you?
  • 3. The World Cafe Hosting Conversations That Matter
  • 4. Select two roles 1. Wisdom 2. Process Keeper Observer
  • 5. Table Host Stays everyone else moves in silence
  • 6. • three questions • three timed rounds Write Big Like this • Q 2-3, record response Q2 5-7 Q3 Words Photo: Romdos
  • 7. Play! Doodle! Draw!
  • 8. •What contributes to underage drinking in your community? Photo: Dawn Perry
  • 9. •What, if changed, would be most likely to make a difference in reducing underage drinking? Photo: Dawn Perry
  • 10. •What is one first step your community might take? Photo: Dawn Perry
  • 11. From Networking to Communities of Practice Photo: incurable hippie
  • 12. What makes a community a community? Photo: incurable hippie
  • 13. What is a Community of Practice? •a group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and they learn how to do it better as they interact regularly Source:
  • 14. What does a CoP do? • giving/receiving • Communication information • innovating together • Co-creation • gaining understanding • Clarity • working together • Collaboration • learning, practicing, applying new skills • Commitment Source: 5 C’s of Learning Partnership from Omega Point International, applied here to CoPs.
  • 15. Its about learning. Together. In Partnership. In community. Anytime. Photo: Johnny Huh
  • 16. Photo: Better Than Bacon
  • 17. wade Wading Getting Oriented Rely on partners Be a partner • Photo: momboleum
  • 18. Swimming Contribute where you can Ask questions Enjoy the splashing • Photo: Fabio Costa
  • 19. Snorkel A bit deeper Explore Together Take learning risks Discover, learn • Photo: tatiania
  • 20. Scuba Diving Think out loud Learn in partnership Evolve, deepening expertise Create new knowledge, best practices • Photo: SteelCityHobbies
  • 21. Health Gov YSO Civic Youth Law care Agencies Enfcmt Media Schools Business Parents Faith Other Your Sector 14 Communities 12 Sectors each
  • 22. Sector Discussion Health Schools Gov care Agencies Media Business Law Youth Enfcmt Other Parents Civic Faith YSO
  • 23. • What is your sector’s unique contribution to solving the problem of underage drinking in communities? Photo: Martin LeBar
  • 24. • What are the challenges you face and support you will need from other sectors to be successful in making your contribution? Photo: Martin LeBar
  • 25. Report Out-Listen Deep Photo: Frank-Bunny
  • 26. Workstation-opoly
  • 27. Workstation-opoly • Select a fiscal agent (banker) • Select a token • You get $200 starter cash • The twist! • No buying property, houses, etc • 30 minutes to play
  • 28. -Connect -Browse -Complete Profile -Comment/reply -Post announcement -Post files -Join group -Start a discussion -Establish a wiki page -Deeper dialogue -Inquire, discover, articulate BPs
  • 29. How to Build Virtual Community Turn on your computer Get online - join trusted groups Meet v-neighbors - Get acquainted Lurk and learn and “friend” Engage - Contribute Listen - quot;tweetquot; - chat - blog Respond to others Invite - support - encourage - assist Be authentic Organize spaces for participation Acknowledge - cite - give credit Share what you are good at Make something and give it away Use creative commons Ask for help when you need it Create - explore - discover Share ideas and experiences Ask questions
  • 30. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. --Arthur Ashe quot;You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.quot; --Buckminster Fuller Photo: artcatcher