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CARS Webinar: Social Media in Substance Abuse Prevention
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CARS Webinar: Social Media in Substance Abuse Prevention


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People in prevention are discovering ways to put social media to work for prevention to expand reach, build capacity, influence norms and engage people. This webinar offered through the Community …

People in prevention are discovering ways to put social media to work for prevention to expand reach, build capacity, influence norms and engage people. This webinar offered through the Community Prevention Initiative (CPI) was funded by ADP and administered by the Center for Applied Research Solutions (CARS). Presented by LaDonna Coy, Learning Chi.

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  • Hi LaDonna,

    This presentation is great. I like the way you demonstrated how social media is being used by nonprofits in KS giving viewers names, organizations, examples, etc. I also really liked the Then and Now slide showing how the expert to audience model is upended with responsibility for networked learning falling more to the learner. Other highlights for me included the social media audit slide, practice maturity scale, periodic table of social media, our work is changing, and the references information. Well done! I am bookmarking this presentation in Diigo and know I will come back to it for inspiration for other projects. Thank you for sharing!
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  • Protest image source: images: istockphoto
  • Once upon a time the world was expert driven, centralized knowledge, the learned pushed content to attendees. Network illustrations: David Wilcox
  • Network illustrations: David Wilcox
  • .
  • 7:06 Recruitment Video SA Could Use Your Blank Circles and Social Meida Lauren
  • 7:06 Recruitment Video
  • Source:
  • The original social media communications audit developed by Ash Shepherd is available at www.npowernw.orgRevised for coalitions, with permission, with results posted here
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media in SubstanceAbuse PreventionIndispensible Tools for ExpandingReach, Building Capacity andInfluencing NormsWebinars are offered through the Community Prevention Initiative (CPI), which isfunded by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP)and administered by the Center for Applied Research Solutions (CARS).LaDonna Coy, MHR, CPS, CDLALearning Chi, Inc.www.ladonnacoy.comApril, 2013
    • 2. 2Primary PreventionCapacity building w/Social media and liveVirtual Learning, Training,Interactive webinarsClients/Partners• CSAP / CAPT• CADCA• CARS• Kansas BHS & PreventionNetwork• Kansas Family Partnership• Kansas Head Start Association• Eagle Ridge Institute• Omega Point International• Paxis, Inc• PIRE• Safe & Caring Schools• Collaborative Conversations• Oregon Research Institute• ODMHSAS• Free Spirit Publishing• Washington DSHS/DBHR• Wisconsin Clearinghouse• MIPHThe surest way to provokethe imagination is to seekout environments you haveno experience with.LaDonna CoyMHR, CPS, CDLA
    • 3. 3Whereare youcurious?
    • 4. Learning Objectives• Define social media• Identify distinctions between traditionaland social media• Recognize the value of social mediaAssessment (listening)• Outline/Map your social media presence• Discover the right social media tools foryour goals
    • 5. Do you remember …B.E.
    • 6. We create the technology and then …..thetechnologycreatesus!
    • 7. SocialMedia?What is . . .
    • 8. Whyis social mediaimportantto prevention?
    • 9. Social Media is ...a game changer
    • 10. When we change the way wecommunicate,we change society.--Clay Shirky
    • 11. In a simpler time …
    • 12. Now … networked learning
    • 13. Then and NowExpert to audience Networked expertisePresentation InteractionReach EngageCurriculum & training Social & Informal learningInformation focus Relationship focusSearch SubscribeService delivery Community engagementSilos & Gatekeepers Open access/NetworkCooperation to Collaboration Collaboration to CollectiveactionContent management Community management
    • 14. Where & Howis social mediabeing usedin prevention?
    • 15. If you have goals to:• Assess/gather data• Provide information• Build networks• Host conversations• Collaborate on projects• Increase awareness/visibility• Recruit members or supporters• Extend the life of Trainings/events
    • 16. Assess/gather dataMeet Sarah FischerKansas SPF SIGProject Manager
    • 17. 17Vanity SearchHave you done a search on yourown name?•Yes•No
    • 18. Vanity Search• Organization or coalition name• Director/Project Coordinator’s name• Key Stakeholders or Partners• Your Topic or Issue• Notice other organizations popping upwith yours on first page of search• Use alternative search engines e.g.Twitter, Bing, Yahoo, etc
    • 19. Netvibes
    • 20. MeetKansas Family PartnershipProvide information
    • 21. Visual Networking
    • 22. Increase awareness/visibilityMeet Brenda RhodesOutreach SpecialistSouthwest Prevention Center
    • 23. Collaborate on Projects – Build NetworkMeet the KPN StewardsKansas Prevention Network
    • 24. The Collaboratory
    • 25. Recruit members/supportersVickie AdamsCoalition DirectorCircles of San Antonio
    • 26. Recruit members/supporters
    • 27. Safe Streets CoalitionTopeka, KS
    • 28. Extend the life of Trainings/EventsHashtag: #TSTEngage
    • 29. KansasPrevention NetworkQuarterly Virtual ShareFestHost online Events
    • 30. 3232X Alerts RSS Reader UserVoice Social Networks Wikis E-Newsletters Video Microblogging Presentations/Events
    • 31. 36%33Source: SocialTechnographics
    • 32. 34Creators
    • 33. 35Conversationalists
    • 34. 36Critics
    • 35. 37Collectors > now Curators
    • 36. 38Joiners
    • 37. 39Spectators
    • 38. 40Inactives
    • 39. Whereare youNow?
    • 40. 42Online/OfflineOnlineOffline
    • 41. 43
    • 42. 44
    • 43. Getting StartedDeveloping Your Presence
    • 44. Practice Maturity Scale
    • 45. 48 Photo: brutalListenObserve
    • 46. How many utensils & containersdoes it take to make dinner?
    • 47. How do we choose our tools?
    • 48. Social Media FormulaCreate Your
    • 49. 52SPF-eSocial Media
    • 50. Developing Your Presence
    • 51. 54The dance has changedOur Work
    • 52. When we change the way wecommunicate,we change society.--Clay Shirky
    • 53. 56We connect & engage in social mediaor become increasingly irrelevantThese things I know ...It’s about our conversationsand free range learningWe’ve entered the Age ofParticipationWe have the tools of masscollaborationNow … to change our “thinking”
    • 54. Thank you foryour participation!Please don’t forget to fillout the evaluation.
    • 55. Center for AppliedResearch Solutions (CARS)923 College AvenueSanta Rosa, California 95404707.568.3800 Phone707.568.3810
    • 56. Photo Citations• Moth• Protest• Network illustrations• Network• Map• Groundswell ladder (Forrester)• Groundswell 3-year trend Source: (Forrester)• Forrester’s Empowerment Social maturity scale• Cat• Dog• Social media periodic table• Café• Toolbox• Listening
    • 57. References & References• Shirky, Clay, (2009) Here Comes Everybody.• Bozarth, J. (2010). Social Media for Trainers.• Li, C., Bernoff, J. (2011) Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies(audible version)• Kanter, Beth & Fine, Allison (2010). The Networked NonProfit: Connecting with Social Mediato Drive Change• Pew Internet & American Life Project• Meeting Roles (PLANC) (PDF)• Groundswell ladder (Forrester)• Groundswell 3-year trend Source: (Forrester)• Forrester’s Empowerment Social maturity scale• Spidergram (PDF)• Developing Your Presence• Coalitions Social Media Communications Audit (DOC)• Social Media Periodic Table
    • 58. This presentation is licensed under CREATIVE COMMONS.This means you can use it, or parts thereof, as long as appropriateattribution is given and your resulting product is made available under thissame license. The license prohibits using this presentation for commercialpurposes. A list of citations and links is included for your reference and use.Please cite all creative commons photos to the original source.Suggested Attribution:Source: LaDonna Coy, MHR, CPS, CDLA, Learning Chi, Inc. for the Center forApplied Research Solutions, April, 2013.