Be Healed


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My notes from the Be Healed Series.

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Be Healed

  1. 1. By Overseer A.J. Wright
  2. 2. Mark 5:24-34(Jer. 33:6, 3rd Jhn. 1:2, Isaiah 53:4-5)
  3. 3. • To make whole, soundness; is a matter of time but also a matter of opportunity. • Supernatural action of God given to the believer whereby the power of God is shown in the Earth realm.
  4. 4. 1. Satanic attack 2. Human error 3. Sin in your life 4. Birth infirmities5. Natural accidents that can render the body defenseless to germs and infections
  5. 5. 1. Gift of healing 2.Anointing with oil 3. Special anointing 4. Prayer of agreement5. Speaking God’s word over that illness 6. Laying on of hands 7. The prayer of faith
  6. 6. 1. God is trying to tell you something 2. God is whipping you 3. Try to take God’s word out of context. 4. Try to tell you that you have to die of something 5. Tell you God’s put that on you to humble you6. Tell you God won’t put more on you than you can bear 7. Healing isn’t for us today
  7. 7. 1. Decide not to fear2. Do not become frustrated because it does not happen right away 3. Don’t become desperate 4. Don’t lose confidence 5. Keep listening to God’s Word on healing 6. Act like the Word is so 7. Hang with people who believe the Word like you believe 8. Praise God everyday for your healing regardless of how you feel
  8. 8. 1. Listen to God’s Word on healing 2. Obey natural and health laws(exercise and eat right) 3. Learn how to accept God’s multifaceted ways of healing. 4. Develop a faith confession in agreement with God’s Word5. Know what to do when being attacked(respond with God’s word) 6. Have to know that God is a healer
  9. 9. 1. Find a scripture on God’s will to heal you and read it out loud 2. Ask the Father in Jesus name and believe it is done now 3. Keep your thoughts in agreement with God’s Word 4. Avoid discussions with people who disagree with the Word of God 5. Thank God for His goodness and your healing 6. Continue to release your faith 7. Do not get into fear and panic 8. Do not let anyone talk you out of your faith 9. Hold a steadfast course (be not moved or shaken)10. Have to learn to be patient and watch God do it for His glory and honor
  10. 10. She had an issue of blood and by law she was considered unclean according to Lev. 15:19
  11. 11. She was plagued with this for 12 years. She had to dealwith it her entire adult life which probably started after puberty.
  12. 12. She tried all the remedies and suffered under the care of the physicians.
  13. 13. She spent all her money dealing with this sickness.
  14. 14. She was headed for death. Her mind was under attack and her condition continued to deteriorate.
  15. 15. -It evolved facts: fact was she was sick -It evolved faith-It evolved fortitude (she demonstrated great courage) -It evolved fulfillment (she walked in faith)
  16. 16. -Her reply (Mark 5:32-33)-His response (Mark 5:34) -Word of compassion -Word of completion