Foundations of Rome


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The history of early Rome - the mythical foundations starting with Aeneas, includes archaeological history for the foundations of the city.

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Foundations of Rome

  1. 1. The City of RomeThe Mythical Origins of the Eternal City
  2. 2. The Mythical Foundations of Rome• Foundations of cities are dignified by their antiquity, wherein mortal and divine affairs are allowed to mingle. If any people are entitled to consecrate their beginnings and trace them back to divine founders, these are the Roman people, so great is the glory of their military achievement that, when they lay claim to Romulus as city-founder and to his father Mars as parent, all humanity ought to endure it with the equanimity by which they endure our imperium. •- Livy, History of Rome (1.1)
  3. 3. The Mythical Foundations of Rome• 390 BCE - Rome Sacked by the Gauls • All history is lost• Aeneas• Romulus & Remus• Early Kings of Rome
  4. 4. Aeneas: The Peripatetic Trojan
  5. 5. Aeneas
  6. 6. Aeneas & Dido
  7. 7. Aeneas & Italy• Aeneas settles in Latium• Marries Lavinia• Ascanius founds Alba Longa
  8. 8. Rhea Silvia - Romulus & Remus• Mother of Romulus & Remus
  9. 9. Romulus & Remus• Twins condemned• Sent in a basket down the river Tiber• Suckled by a “Lupa”• Raised by a shepherd and his wife
  10. 10. Rome - Founded on Fratricide
  11. 11. The Rape of the Sabine Women• Rapio - The take or to Seize• Original occupants of Rome - runaway slaves, convicts, ne’er-do-wells
  12. 12. The Early City: Pre-Urban Rome
  13. 13. The Early City: Pre-Urban Rome• Traditional Date: 753 BCE• Archaeological evidence: 9th century BCE
  14. 14. The Early City: Pre-Urban Rome• Hut-urns
  15. 15. The Early City: Pre-Urban Rome
  16. 16. The Early City: Pre-Urban Rome
  17. 17. The Early City: Pre-Urban Rome
  18. 18. The Kings of Rome• Romulus• Numa Pompilius• Tullus Hostilius• Ancus Marcius• Tarquinius Priscus “Tarquin the Elder”• Servius Tullius• Lucius Tarquinius Superbus “Tarquin the Proud”
  19. 19. The Early City: Urbanization of Rome• During the 7th century (“Time of Kings”) Rome significantly transformed • Marshy regions drained • construction of the Cloaca Maxima • Rise in population density • Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus constructed • Borders of the city (pomerium) defined • Further expansion of Roman power
  20. 20. The Unification of Italy
  21. 21. The Early City: Urbanization of Rome• Rise of population density • Housing explosion
  22. 22. The Kings of Rome• The Death of Romulus • Ascends to the heavens? • Murdered by the Senate?
  23. 23. The Kings of Rome• Tarquinius Priscus “Tarquin the Elder” 616- 579 BCE • First Etruscan King of Rome • Circus Maximus • Cloaca Maxima • Assassinated
  24. 24. Circus Maximus
  25. 25. The Kings of Rome• Tarquinius Superbus “Tarquin the Proud” 534 - 509 BCE • Extended Roman territory • Completed the Cloaca Maxima • Built the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus • Acquired the Sibylline Books
  26. 26. Cloaca Maxima• First Sewer System of Ancient Rome
  27. 27. Rape of Lucretia
  28. 28. The Birth of theRepublic 509 BCE Lucius Brutus