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Lac portfolio

  1. 1. SQL Server 2008R2 Lezlee Coulter 443-871-5557
  2. 2. Table of Contents Introduction Why SetFocus? Piggy Bank Developing and Implementing a Sql Server Database for a Banking Institution T-SQL Queries Sample T-SQL queries to include Merge, Recursice CTE’s, Pivot, Cross Apply Mini-AdventureWorks Implentation of Database Development, SSIS packages & SSRS Reports Putting It All Together BLOCK FLIX • Adhering to RDBMS core concepts through design and development of a database for a movie rental company. • Import and export of data to and from central, store and kiosk databases through SSIS. • Utilizing SSRS to create and distribute marketing & finance reports
  3. 3. Why SetFocus?Drawn to the intense nature of the course work and the high caliberinstruction, I came to SetFocus to start on a new career path. “I want tolive and breathe SQL Server”, was my request. They did not disappoint.The eight-week SQL Master’s Program delivered real world applicationof the skills needed in today’s work force. From Normalization toReporting, from Stored Procedures to Integration, SetFocus provided mewith an invaluable education.But who am I? That’s what you really want to know. I am a person whodecided that life is too short not do something I want to do. I wanted toknow how they pull up my balance at the bank or find my informationwhen I swipe my card at the grocery store. And I wanted to be able to doit myself. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I chose this path.I’ve included some samples of my work and I hope you enjoy them.Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Lezlee Coulter
  4. 4. SQL Server Master’s Curriculum RDBMS Concepts MS SQL Server 2008R2 T-SQL Implementing a Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 Database Advanced SQL Querying and Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 Integration Services Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 Reporting Services
  5. 5. Piggy BankFollowing our RDBMS and T-SQL instruction, we weregiven a banking scenario and data that the bank may wantto utilize.Normalize the data through Codd’s rulesWrite Stored Procedures to create customers andaccounts.Write Stored Procedures to initialize and completestandard banking transactions.Create Views to access ATM and statement balances andtransaction history.
  6. 6. Transfer Funds
  7. 7. Cont’d
  8. 8. Views A Current Month Bank StatementUtilizing Concatenation , Joins & Date Functions
  9. 9. T-SQL Queries The Merge StatementNew in 2008: Insert & Update in One
  10. 10. Merge ResultsTaking advantage of Output $Action to review the results of the Merge
  11. 11. T-SQL Queries Recursive CTE’s And again…
  12. 12. Recursive CTE Results
  13. 13. T-SQL Queries Apply2005 feature that allows us to ‘apply’ the results of a UDF to all the rows in a table The function
  14. 14. Apply with Results
  15. 15. T-SQL Queries The Pivot Statement
  16. 16. Mini-AdventureWorks Working in BIDSCreate a small database using the AdventureWorks modelBuild SSIS Packages to import data from flat filesDesign and deploy SSRS Reports to Report ServerCreate linked reports from multi-parameterized reportsand make available through subscriptions
  17. 17. SSISDynamic Import Products
  18. 18. Import OrdersInserts into the Details & Header Tables A mail task to relay results
  19. 19. SSISImport Orders DataFlow
  20. 20. SSRS Stored Procedure for Required Report Utilizes Cross Apply and Rank Function
  21. 21. SSRSReport Results from the Stored Procedure
  22. 22.  Matrix Report SSRS
  23. 23. Group Roles Block-Flix Project Lead: Lezlee Coulter Developers: James Vaughn Theresa Rice Irina Zibermanas Putting It All TogetherA movie rental company needs a new databaseto function with store, kiosk & online rentals & salesAs a group, design and implement the databaseDevelop the necessary packages in SSIS to import inventoryCreate reports for the finance & marketing departmentsPresent our work to management
  24. 24. Online Store Kiosk Kiosk Database Kiosk Store StoreDatabase Store Database DataBas DataBase Database e Kiosk Kiosk Central Database DatabaseDatabase Store Store Kiosk DataBase DataBase KioskDatabase Kiosk Database Database
  25. 25. Utilizes Central Database All online transactions MoviePurchases Membership sign-up Central Database
  26. 26. ER-DiagramPrimary Key- Foreign Key Relationships
  27. 27. SSIS Insert Existing Titles Into InventoryControl Flow : Moves processed files to a new location Send Tasks to relay success or failure
  28. 28. SSIS