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Top of the pops

  1. 1. Top of the Pops magazine is a monthly publication published by BBC Magazines. It features chart information, star gossip, fashion and beauty advice, quizzes, song lyrics and posters. It is a supplementary magazine for the TV show Top of the Pops. The magazine was launched in February 1995, and is famous for giving girl group The Spice Girls their nicknames. Alongside a revamp of the TV show. It was originally marketed as the missing link between Smash Hits and NME, but its format was gradually changed, with less music content and a demographic shift to young girls. It is still in publication despite the cancellation of the TV show. The title has had several editors over the years, including Peter Lorraine, Corinna Schaffer and Rosalie Snaith, and contributing editors including Adam Tanswell. Its current editor is Peter Hart.
  2. 2. The main colour on the magazine is pink and it really stands out on the cover because it’s a strong colour, it suggests the target audience to be teenage girls because this colour appeals to girls. The dominate image is of Justin Bieber. He is a world famous pop singer that is very popular especially with teenage girls so this would suggest top of the pops is aimed at teenage girls and encourage them to buy the magazine. ‘Snuggle up to One Direction!’ the phrase entices young girls to buy the magazine because One Direction are a very popular boy band and teenage girls are obsessed with them so appeals to them again and the thought of ‘snuggling’ up to One Direction would be a teenage girls dream so it would make them buy the magazine just for a chance to ‘Snuggle up to One Direction!’ The dominant image is made to look perfect with his big smile making him look more attractive so girls are more interested and love the picture. c
  3. 3. ‘12 STAR LOOKS TO STEAL!’ this shows the magazine is defiantly for girls because there the ones more interest in fashion. The fact the heading includes the words ‘STAR’ and ‘STEAL’ apply more to the audience because they are more likely to want to steal a look from a celebrity than a normal every day person because they are more interested and look up to them. ‘Hooked on alcohol.. Age 13’ this is a big give away that the magazine is for teenage girls because the story includes a 13 year old and the audience would be able to relate to the story because they are around the same age and it would be something interesting for them to read. c ‘Why Selena is scared of Twitter!’ all young people are obsessed with social network sites so this would be something that would drag the readers into the magazine also Selena Gomez would be an idol to teenage girls and inspire them. The way the front cover is set out really makes the dominant image stand out and he is the main thing that interests the readers.
  4. 4. The colour pink is still been used so the magazine looks professional and goes well together and its still reaching the correct target audience which is teenage girls. ‘Gossip’, teenage girls love gossip so this would really appeal to them and it’s the main thing that they would buy the magazine for. Boy band have been used again on the contents page because its something that drags girls in to buying a magazine! ‘WIN’ this would keep the reader interested because everybody wants a chance to win something. ‘’Everybody's talking about’ this would make the target audience want to read it straight away because they want to know what everyone's talking about! More information been put into the contents page so readers believe already there getting gossip and what they are paying for.
  5. 5. The five stars under the artist ‘Chipmunk’ suggests the singer is a big star and his music is popular so having him in the magazine is special and gives the readers something interesting to read. ‘Champion Chip’ is the main title and uses alliteration so it is catchy and stands out to the reader. The main image gives the impression that you are looking up at him so again it makes him look important and big. The smaller image on the second page of the spread is showing more flesh so appeals to girls, he looks muscly and attractive so it would be something that girls would want to look at. The medal in the title is a connotation of been a champion and relates to the title so makes the article look professional and again makes the artist look successful.
  6. 6. ‘Exclusive Interview’ this shows that it is an exclusive and you wont find this interview in any other magazine so it rules out the competition of other magazines and makes girls buy it because its something different from the other magazines and it will make them think they aren't going to get this anywhere else. The medal in the title is a connotation of been a champion and relates to the title so makes the article look professional and again makes the artist look successful. ‘SUPERSTAR LIFESTYLE’ the words used tells us that he is a superstar and living the life and teenagers are obsessed with the celebrity lifestyle so it will interest them. There is a Olympic wreath around his name ‘Chipmunk’ which again makes him looks successful.