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  1. 1. Question 5.How did you attract/address your audience?
  2. 2. How did you attract/address your audience? To attract to my audience I made my front cover page very feminine and gave it a very girly feel. By deciding to use a young female as the dominant image for my front cover Ithought it would attract my audience as they would look up to her like an idol and that’s what teenage girls see pop stars as today. As there isn’t many pop magazines out there today. I realised I had to make it different and fresh which is why I decided to give it a more sophisticated look using soft colours instead of bright colours making it look tacky. I kept the layout of the cover simple not giving to much information and simply keeping the image at one side of the page and the main headlines at the other, listed clearly. I knew I had to address my audience appropriately so the language I decided to use is very simple and language that would relate to them such as ‘shocking’ which would draw there attention straight away because they would want to know what it was that was so shocking. I decided to use soft The language used colours because I didn’t ‘shocking’ and ‘swagger’ want my magazine to be address the younger tacky like other pop audience well because it’smagazines and I wanted it the way in which they talk to attract an older and the language is simple audience as well as the so that all ages can readyounger ones aged 13-14. I the magazine.think these colours appeal to both. I believe that the layout of the front cover will attractI also think that the colours my audience which is 12- (soft colours) also make 17 year old female girls. I the magazine look more think this because it’s a sophisticated, not the simple layout, with not to typical ‘pop magazine’. much on the page but gives the main information which is what all they want to know.
  3. 3. I think that my contents page would appeal well to my audience because of the features, reviews, stories and extra’s I have used. For example ‘Pop stars on dates’ would appeal to them massively because it’s the type of thing that teenagers want to know and would want to buy a magazine to find out. Along with headlines such as ‘How to get Pixie Lotts look’ and ‘10 ways to Tinie Tempah’s heart’. As Pixie Lott is a well respected artist who is also a fashion icon for teenagers theywould be WANT to get Pixie Lotts look. Tinie Tempah is an artist who the teenage girls would fancy and has a massive fan base so to find out ways to his heart would interest my target audience. Again I decided to keep the house style the same which is simple but bold and keep a dominant image of afemale again who is dressed fashionable to interest the female readers. I decided to keep to the house style so that the readers feel like they know the magazine and would get used to it and it becomes recognisable. I haven’t used any language that would complicate the readers and have kept the language young addressing the correct audience. The features on the right hand side of the contents page address the audience because there features that my target audience would be interested in. For example ‘Which pop star are you? And ‘Pop stars on dates’ The image I used made the artist look friendly, fashionable and pretty all which would attract my audience as they would look at her as a fashion idol such as Pixie Lott which would interest the right audience, females. Again like my front cover I have kept the layout simple, keeping the images and text separate. I did this because I think it will make the audience interact with the magazine and make it become recognisable if I use the same layout.
  4. 4. I think my article attract my audience well by the fonts I have used with are bold to draw my audience in with the bold text. I decided to do some of the quotes in italics to make them stand out so that thereaders read them first and want to read the rest of the article. I decided to chose specifics quotes that Ithink would address my audience. For example ‘Cher Lloyd has no swagger’ Cher Lloyd is well known so the audience would know her straight away and the term ‘Swagger’ is slang used by teenagers so they would address what it means straight away. The quotes are pretty outrageous so I think it would draw the readers in to find out what else the new artist has been saying. The title is the artists name and Idecided to do it in capitals and bold to make the artist come across as important because her names upin big. Also it goes well with the house style I have used for my media product again making the readers comfortable with the magazine. The image’s I decided to use are very happy, friendly and pretty pictures of the audience so she comes across as this friendly person but with attitude with the way she is stood with her hand on her hip. The artist looks confident in the images which goes well with the language I have used her saying. From the reactions I got from the article I think I have attracted and The bold title makes her addressed my audience. name stand out showing she is important. I chose to This image makes the use bold and caps so it artist look happy because caught the audiences eye she is smiling and the way and making it clear who she is stood makes her the article is about. look friendly but with attitude. The artist also ‘Nobody is a competition looks pretty which would for me, I am a threat to appeal to the audience as them I think’ I think this they look at pop stars as language used really there idols. attract to my audience because its information that they would want to read and know about, also its simple language for all ages.