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Candida albicans-ebook[1]


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  • 1. All About Candida Albicans All About Candida Albicans Sign up for our Email Newsletter & Receive a Free Health Ebook!All About Candida Albicans The content of this ebook is intended for informational purposes only.Candida is a type of fungus (also called yeast), and is only one of a huge number of It is not intended to diagnose ormicro-organisms that exist in a human body. Normally, in a healthy body, Candida treat any medical condition. Nothing in this ebook is intended to be adoes not cause any problem. However, when the bio-balance is upset by factors such substitute for professional medicalas unhealthy lifestyle, stress, excessive consumption of sugar and refined advice, diagnosis, or treatment.carbohydrate, chronic use of medications such as anti-biotics, cortisone, the pill, etc, Always seek the advice of yourthen one finds an overgrowth of Candida in the body. physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medicalThis can result in Toxins being released into the bloodstream and can have many condition.adverse effects on the functioning of the body. The Immune System is unable to cope Never disregard professionalwith the continuous release of Toxins into the body, leading to dis-ease. Symptoms can medical advice or delay in seeking itinclude depression, mood swings, sinusitis, Headaches, chronic fatigue, joint pain, because of something you havestomach pain, Indigestion, vaginal thrush and other fungal infections, skin rashes and read in this ebook or on ANY website.Eczema, etc.Fortunately, Candida can be controlled by means of a balanced diet and by theelimination of certain foods in order to create an internal environment in which theyeast cannot survive. An initial detox diet will ensure, along with our Candidate formulawill ensure that the levels of systemic Candida are significantly reduced. Thereafter, amaintenance program should be followed to keep Candida permanently at Bay.Remember that Candida thrives on all sugars and refined carbohydrates and it is onlyby controlling your intake of these foods that you will beat systemic Candida. By Elderberry Syrup Created for Planetaryfollowing this diet, you will not only be able to control Candida levels in your body, but Herbals by licensedyou will also be amazed at the amount of energy you have. Your skin will clear, your acupuncturist and clinicaleyes will sparkle and you will even Lose Weight, despite the fact that you need never herbalgo hungry! Many people find that the Candida diet helps to clear joint and back pain,balance sugar levels and blood pressure, control Cholesterol and relieve symptoms ofdepression – all without medication! This is because by reducing Candida overgrowthin the body, the Immune System is able to function properly for the first time in years,allowing the body to heal itself!Some Important Points
  • 2. All About Candida AlbicansWhen following the Candida diet, you must make sure that your blood sugar levels arekept at an acceptable level by eating a substantial breakfast, lunch and supper. If youfind that your energy level is low or you are experiencing dizziness while on the diet, itis probably due to low blood sugar. If this happens, simply add a mid-morning and midafternoon snack.Please remember to drink lots of water in order to assist the elimination of Toxins fromyour body. After a few days of detoxing, some of your symptoms may become worse Mushroom Glyco Nutrientsand you could also experience Headaches. This is quite normal and part of the NOW® MushroomDetoxification process. It will improve after a few days and you will begin to feel GlycoNutrients is a nutritionalhealthier than you have felt for years! The Candida diet should be followed for 4 weeks, supplement designed tofollowed by a maintenance program as outlined. supporYou may not use sugar in any form – this includes sucrose (cane sugar), gluscose andfructose (fruit sugar). Lactose (milk sugar) to be kept to a minimum.Candida DIETFoods Allowed Zenergize Immunity, Citrus q Rye Vita (contains no yeast) Getting sick (or at least q Chicken, fish, meat pretending to) was sort of fun q Rye Bread (no yeast or wheat) roasted/grilled or steamed) back in the old da q Rice cakes Sunflower/olive oil q Rice, potato or rye flour 30ml Lemon juice q Corn or soya flour all veggies fresh or frozen – no tinned food q Oats, maize (corn) meal, maltabella Avocado pears q Dairy-milk 125ml per day Sweet / normal potatoes q Plain Bulgarian yoghurt-125ml (no sugar!) Brown rice (no white rice) q Low fat cottage cheese (no sugar!) Onions / Garlic (unless sensitive) q Soya / Rice milk Walnuts, cashews, hazel, q Ricotta cheese pecan, coconut & macadamia VRL-X q Popcorn (homemade), plain chips (no MSG Overall health can often q One fruit per day (no melons & Herbal Teas eg Rooibos occur naturally if the body q grapes) Make sure that fruit is not bruised. Lipton herbal Teas receives the proper nu q Herbs Mineral water q Tomatoes Artificial sweeteners eg. Advantage q HumusFoods allowed weekly (only one item of each) q Wholewheat pasta 1 rice cake with carob or yogurt topping q Wheatbix (sugar free), tomato paste q (if no wheat allergy is prevalent) Germ Defense Lozenges q Soft goat cheeses e.g. Camembert, feta or goat Germ Defense Lozenges are dietary supplements used toFoods allowed twice a week (only one item of each) boost your immune sys q Tinned tuna or Salmon in spring water Spices eg. curries, chillies (avoid if allergic)Foods to Avoid
  • 3. All About Candida Albicans q Anything containing yeast Pickled, smoked or processed meat, q fish (including cold meats, & vacuum packed foods) q Breads, marmite provita, Bovril etc q White wheat flour or pastry flour, q Gluten flour, flake cereals, semolina, q Cream of wheat, pasta – white All vinegars and vinegar products (chutney, mayonnaise, salad dressing etc) q Cheese, fermented or processed eg. Cheddars, feta from dairy or other hard cheeses q All forms of alcohol q Fruits – melons or grapes or any fruit and vegetables that shown any signsof Bruising or mould Honey and other natural sweeteners q Mushrooms Sugar and anything containing sugar q Peanuts, peanut butter and pistachio All Teas and coffees, except herbal Teas q All fruit juices (drink still mineral water instead) Great Health SitesTypical Meals would include (omit foods your are allergic to. East as much as you want) Natural Holistic Health BlogBREAKFASTS Natural Herbs & Remedies q 1 Fruit Akobi Natural Health q Porridge - Oats, maltabella (regular) or q Mealie (corn) meal. Rice cereal (infant food) Database q Rye vita / yeast free bread / rice cakes Avo / cottage cheese / egg / tomato q Haddock Natural Pet Health BlogLUNCH / DINNERS Anxiety Depression Info q Salads eg. potatoes, greens, rice, beans ADHD Info q (include as many different ingredients as possible) q Meat, fish, chicken (roasted / grilled / steamed) Moms Blog q Lentils, pulses, legumes-soups, bakes, etc q All vegetables-steamed and to include q pumpkin, squash, butternut Natural Mens Health q potato-baked, boiled or chips q brown rice Mens Health Zone q salads/stir fries/soups-chicken & veggie q soup may be frozen & reheated Womens Health Nurse q yeast free bread/rye vita/rice cakes q Avocado / tomato / cottage cheese / tuna / cold Avatrim - Natural Weight q chicken Loss w/Green TeaMaintenance Program Melatrol Insomnia ReliefAfter the initial four weeks detox, you can slowly re-introduce foods from the ”Foods toavoid list”, but, please remember to use them in moderation. The foods to continue Breast Activesavoiding, or using with caution are: sugars, white flour, fruit juices, dried fruits, preparedbreakfast flakes including muesli, alcohol, vinegar and foods containing yeast. Cellulite SolutionFor more help have a look at the Native Remedies website. Cushy Lips Lip PlumperGood luck and be well! Enlast Male Enhancement
  • 4. All About Candida AlbicansMichele Carelse is a Registered Clinical Psychologist and Licensed Counselor with Deer Antler Plusmore than 15 years experience running her own private practice. Bowtrol Colon Cleanse—–For Guaranteed, Effective, 100% Natural Herbal Remedies , please visit Native Eazol Natural Pain ReliefRemedies Herbal Health BuyNaturalEco Organics is where we recommend you go for Organic, natural, chemical-free products and quality remedies for a safe, healthy journey for Mom and Baby, fromPregnancy to baby’s Nursery! HGH EnergizerMountainRoseHerbs is where NHH recommends you purchase all of your bulk Herbs, Hypercet for Blood PressureSpices, Teas and single oils! Menozac - NaturalAre you looking for quality Vitamins, diet aids and health Supplements? Visit the Menopause ReliefHealth Supplement Shop - highly recommended by NHH! NicoCure Stop Smoking Aid Prostacet for Prostate Health ReloraMax - Stress, Anxiety and Weight Loss Nutra-Mune Kidshield Immune Family Defense Colostrum Plus Thyromine for Thyroid Nourish Spray Immune Spray Immune Health your KidShield by Enhances immune Symbiotics Multi- defense Symbiotics has a activity. This immune Nutrient Immune Venapro Hemorrhoids system with delicious Tutti Frutti balancing action is Formula provides extra Treatment Nutrapathics flavor children love. important for your support when your Nutra- family! body is under stress. Mune! ZetaClear Nal Fungus Relief VirilityEx Hair No More Removal Cream Hoodia Diet Review Acnezine Acne Treatment Joint Advance Revitol Anti-Aging Skincare Mountain Rose Herbs Optimum Diabetics
  • 5. Untitled DocumentMaintaining a Womans Health -Naturally & HolisticallyOften putting themselves last, women tend to overlook the importance of maintaining ahealthy mind and body.The unique health care issues women face throughout their lives include physical issues suchas sexual and reproductive health, fertility, menopause, urinary tract infection (UTI), andpremenstrual syndrome (PMS). Women also confront vital psychological concerns like stressmanagement, anxiety, depression, and even premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).At Native Remedies you will find a comprehensive set of herbal remedies to help you manageand optimize womens health – naturally and safely.View Natural Products for Womens Health ● Menopause ● Sexual Health ● Urinary Tract ● Candida Balance ● Menstruation/ Premenstrual ● OthersTwo Important Differences in Native Remedies ProductsWe use the Full Spectrum Method of extraction to create our products. Many so-callednatural remedies are manufactured using standardized extractions which – although often citedas being more scientific method – is not approved by the manufacturers of holistic medicines.file:///C|/Users/Dee/Desktop/ebooks/ONE-PAGERS/womens-health.html (1 of 2) [3/9/2010 6:47:09 PM]
  • 6. Untitled DocumentTo us, it makes little sense for companies to go the natural route, while being unable toguarantee that their product is free of contamination with chemicals known to be harmful tohealth! Using the Full Spectrum Method helps us to maintain the integrity, balance andtherapeutic effect of herbs with the least risk of side effects or harm to your health!Read more about the our Manufacturing & Full Spectrum Approach »We utilize a unique dual-modality approach to complete holistic wellness because we knowthat natural medicine works best in combination (herbal, homeopathic, flower essences andtissue salts) for fast relief and long-term care. Our approach provides a complete solution byoffering OTC homeopathic remedies for relief of symptoms as well as compound herbal remediesfor complete support of your physical, emotional and mental well-being.While each of our natural remedies works well on its own to address a specific body function orrelieve a particular symptom, we believe that by combining our herbal and homeopathicremedies you will find a complete solution that is safe and highly effective.Read more about the our Dual-Modality Approach »Does this sound familiar?Maybe you are one of the many women who suffer the aches, pains and emotional stresses ofPMS? Perhaps you are one of the 30-40% of women who report crippling symptoms ofirritability, mood-swings, cramping, tender breasts, migraines or headaches, low energy,bloating and bad skin, distressing enough to severely obstruct your everyday life?Having tolerated this, you may then become one of the unfortunate 75% who suffer hot flashes,sleep disturbances, vaginal dryness and mood swings as you go through your menopause. Didyou know that Doctors in the US prescribed 65 million drugs last year to women desperate forhelp with the above problems?These drugs carry potential serious side effects! But…it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way.You do have natural alternatives… Xtend-Life Female Rejuvenator may be the answer for you.file:///C|/Users/Dee/Desktop/ebooks/ONE-PAGERS/womens-health.html (2 of 2) [3/9/2010 6:47:09 PM]