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Evernote in education
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Evernote in education


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A PD Presentation on the uses of Evernote.

A PD Presentation on the uses of Evernote.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. EvernoteRemember Everything @evernoteteacher
  • 2. What is Evernote?Evernote is a powerful organizational tool thatallows you to save your ideas in variety offormats, and syncs with mobile devicesallowing you access anywhere.
  • 3. Evernote in Education● A few possibilities...●○ Create Course Notebooks○ ePortfolios○ Curate Class notes○ Post online quiz or reading questions○ Create Audio/video notes○ Research (clip notes)○ Fantastic integration with trunk and third party apps○ Access anywhere on Mobile devices○ Track Student Progress
  • 4. Goals1. Create an account/ Download the App2. Create a notebook3. Create a written, audio and visual note4. Tag your note5. Complete the Evernote tasksAdvanced goals:● Investigate Evernote Trunk● Use a 3rd party app (Skitch) to take a note.● Access Evernote on your mobile device
  • 5. Task 1:Setting up EvernoteDownload in Self-ServiceorDownload from website
  • 6. Lets Define some terms● Notebooks: These are collections of individual notes. Theoretically, you could just have one notebook and dump everything into it. But most people will want to establish different notebooks for different “areas of focus.”● Stacks: These are collections of notebooks. For example, you could have a stack called “Work” that has separate notebooks for each client, project, or area of responsibility.● Tags: These are attributes that you can apply to any individual note. You can then view all notes with a specific tag, regardless of which notebook it resides in. This provides for the ultimate in filing flexibility, though it can be confusing at times. (I still get confused about
  • 7. A Quick Tour
  • 8. Task 1: Create a NotebooksAllows you to create up to 250 Notebooks Evernote Tutorial
  • 9. Task 2: Create a NoteNow try Creating● An audio note...● A video note...
  • 10. Task 3: Tags! (Create a Tag)Evernotes Organizational Tool
  • 11. Task 4: Sharing Notebooks
  • 12. Going Mobile!Task 5: Download Evernote on your phone ortablet and it will sync with your devices
  • 13. Workflow (A Coaches Perspective)Created a NotebookShared it with coaches and playersShare:SchedulesMovies (created in Explain Everything)Presentations (created in Keynote)Audio: Words of encouragementWebsites pictures (Skitch)
  • 14. "Trunk" Space (Task 6: Visit Trunk)
  • 15. Seamless Integration w/ Apps
  • 16. A New Workflow
  • 17. Free vs. Premium Account
  • 18. Free vs. Premium Account
  • 19. Evernote in Education ResourcesEvernote for TeachersEvernote for Students*see shared evernote folder for more resources
  • 20. Evernote ResourcesTwitter: @evernoteteacherEvernote VideosEvernote TrunkPinterest site for EvernoteHow to use Evernote: The Missing Manual
  • 21. Evernote Teacher Webinar
  • 22. Teacher Example of Creating DigitalPortfolios using Educreations and Evernote