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Enterprise Data Visualization - Life 2.0 Data Visualization Panel
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Enterprise Data Visualization - Life 2.0 Data Visualization Panel


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So far virtual worlds have been used mainly for architectural builds and interaction. The next obvious step is making them alive with data, streaming in data and representing it visually. Data …

So far virtual worlds have been used mainly for architectural builds and interaction. The next obvious step is making them alive with data, streaming in data and representing it visually. Data visualization in Second Life is growing rapidly.
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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. green phosphor virtual worlds + data = real intelligence March 17, 2008 Version 1.0 Ben Lindquist, CEO, Green Phosphor
  • 2.  
  • 3. Introduction
    • Green Phosphor helps businesses obtain the most value from virtual worlds by integrating complex data sets with virtual world platforms.
    • Our core products combine virtual world platforms with data mining & visualization tools, resulting in a new paradigm for business intelligence.
      • Unique and patent-pending combination
      • Enables geographically dispersed teams to analyze collaboratively
      • Achieve new levels of understanding of trends and patterns within data
      • Present findings and insights to business in a compelling and interactive way
    • Green Phosphor also offers consulting to businesses interested in establishing or revising virtual world & business intelligence landscapes within their organization.
  • 4. The virtual analyst
    • The analyst of tomorrow will commute to a virtual space
      • What I see, you can see too: the virtual space is great for presenting
      • See what I see in real time: executives can see work going on
      • No limit to data cross referencing and visual representation
      • No limit to size of data set - virtual landscape has extensible real estate
      • Global collaboration
    • The third dimension is important
      • People develop mental models of multi-dimensional systems by PLAYING
      • Movement within a space helps understanding
      • Interactivity and expression help understanding
      • Drilldowns on large complex data sets in context and next to each other
  • 5. The virtual analyst (contd.)
    • Continue to use traditional analytical tools
      • data query including SQL and MDX
      • OLAP
      • statistics (SAS, SPSS, etc.)
      • Excel
    • Integrate everything using new tools
      • data visualization
      • AI
      • gaming
      • virtual workspace enabling group brainstorming
      • virtual presentation and exhibition space
  • 6. Glasshouse application
    • Pull data from anywhere
      • public sources
      • internal data warehouse
      • stats packages
    • Transform the data feeds
      • union, join, compare
      • normalize
      • trim
      • statistical projection
    • Produce interactive visualizations
    • Use the visualizations to understand
      • discover trends
      • pinpoint problems
  • 7. Coming soon to Second Life Glasshouse application
    • Data source plugins
      • IBM ManyEyes
      • Swivel
      • UN Database
    • Basic data massaging options
      • trimming
      • normalization
    • Visualization plug-ins
      • open source visualization renderers
    Open Service Glasshouse is free for public use within Second Life.
  • 8. Platform portability
  • 9. Some parting thoughts..
    • Sometimes, falling asleep in Santa Monica, he wondered vaguely if there might be a larger system, a field of greater perspective. Perhaps the whole of DatAmerica possessed its own nodal points, info-faults that might be followed down to some other kind of truth, another mode of knowing, deep within gray shoals of information.
    • - Idoru, William Gibson
    • The cost of operating several acres of virtual space able to support training, project war rooms, collaborative data mining environments, and meeting rooms for people regardless of physical location, for one month, is roughly equivalent to the cost of one round-trip airline ticket from New York to Los Angeles.
    • - Ben Lindquist, Green Phosphor
  • 10. Thank you! Please contact us for more information: Ben Lindquist, CEO [email_address]