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and so on and so on Presentation Transcript

  • Group I
    SY 2010-2011
  • Definitions and Facts about
  • Cookies
  • A cookie is a small, flat-baked treat, usually containing fat, flour, eggs and sugar.
  • Classification of Cookies
  • Drop Cookies
    made from a relatively soft dough that is dropped by spoonfuls onto the baking sheet
    Refrigerator cookies
    made from a stiff dough that is refrigerated to become even stiffer
    Molded cookies
    made from a stiffer dough that is molded into balls or cookie shapes by hand before baking
  • Rolled cookies
    made from a stiffer dough that is rolled out and cut into shapes with a cookie cutter
    Pressed cookies
    made from a soft dough that is extruded from a cookie press into various decorative shapes before baking
    Bar cookies
    consist of batter or other ingredients that are poured
  • Sandwich cookies
    rolled or pressed cookies that are assembled as a sandwich with a sweet filling
  • Breads
  • Breads are a group of staple foods prepared by baking, steaming, or frying a dough or batter consisting minimally of flour and water
  • Kinds of Breads
  • Banana Bread
    Banana bread is a sweet bread that is made from smashed overripe bananas, brown sugar or honey, nuts and flour.
    Raisin Oatmeal Bread
    Raisin Oatmeal bread uses both wheat and all-purpose flour.
    Cinnamon Raisin Bread
    This bread is full of raisin and has a rich sprinkling of cinnamon
  • Olive Bread
    Olives are pitted and chopped before being added to this tasty loaf
    Honey Wheat Bread
    Sweeten your wheat bread by adding honey to your recipe
    Pita Bread
    Pita bread is a Greek bread that has worked its way into Western society
  • Pastries
  • Pastry is the name given to various kinds of baked goods made from ingredients such as flour, butter, shortening, baking powder or eggs.
  • Types of Pastry
  • ShortcrustPastry
    Shortcrustpastry is what is used in pies. Once the dough has been made, it is rolled out on a floured board (only once) and then shaped, filled and baked.
    Rough Puff Pastry
    The fat in the layers melts and causes air pockets, which results in a light, flaky pastry.
    Puff Pastry
    Made with layers upon layers that expand as the pastry bakes, puff pastry is an extremely light, puffy, flaky pastry.
  • Phyllo
    Phyllopastry is an extremely thin pastry that is layered in sheets to create a final dish.
    Pate a Choux
    Making pate a choux (also referred to as choux pastry) can be somewhat difficult because the timing of it is fairly precise; however, learning to make a good pate a choux is not out of reach of the average home chef.
  • Cakes normally contain a combination of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter or oil, with some varieties also requiring liquid (typically milk or water) and leavening agents (such as yeast or baking powder).
  • Types of Cake
  • Sponge cakes
    light cake whose leavening comes only from beaten egg whites (no baking powder or soda), and has little or no butter and thus have very little fat content.
    Chiffon cakes
    light like sponge cakes, but are easier to make because there are no egg whites to beat and fold in
    Angel food
    cakes have no added leavening (such as baking powder), shortening or egg yolks
  • Charlottes
    poured into a bowl lined with bread, ladyfingers or pieces of cake, then decorated
    Meringue cakes
    Made from beaten egg whites and sugar, meringue is used as a leavening agent in some cake batters or to lighten a soufflé or mousse.
    baked in a shallow pan and used for jellyrolls or such holiday cakes as the Christmas "yule log," an especially nice variation
  • The End
  • Credit to:
    Angeli Mae Cantillana
    Allysa Mae Gargarino
    Ciara Sophia Roxas
    Joshua Bulfa
    Maria Clarissa Valencia
    Jasper Rodriguez
    Soviet Skaya Joy Arguelles