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Richard Nixon



For Social Studies- we have to do a president project.

For Social Studies- we have to do a president project.



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Richard Nixon Richard Nixon Presentation Transcript

  • Richard M. Nixon 37 th President of the United States Luke Bishop
  • Early Life
    • Richard Milhous Nixon was born on January 9 th , 1913, to Francis and Hannah Nixon
      • Born in Yorba Linda, CA
      • Four brothers: Harold, Donald, Arthur and Ed
    • In 1922, the Nixons moved from Yorba Linda to Whittier, CA
  • Marriage
    • On June 21, 1940, Richard married Thelma Ryan (went by Pat)
    • The couple had two children
      • Patricia Nixon was born on February 21, 1946
        • Married Edward Cox on June 12, 1971 (became Patricia Nixon Cox)
      • Julie Nixon was born on July 5, 1948
        • Married Dwight David Eisenhower II (grandson of President Eisenhower) on December 22, 1968 (became Julie Nixon Eisenhower)
  • Pre-Presidential Careers
    • In 1937, Nixon became an attorney in La Habra, CA with the Wingert and Bewley firm
    • In January 1942, Pat and Richard moved to Washington, D.C., where Richard began to work for the Office of Price Administration
  • Military Service
    • Nixon was commissioned into the United States Navy in August 1942
      • Nixon was eligible for exemption, but chose to serve anyways
    • In October 1945, Nixon was promoted to the position of lieutenant commander
    • He resigned from his position on January 1, 1946
  • Early Political Involvement
    • In 1946, Nixon defeated the five-term incumbent representative to become a representative in the California congress
    • In the 1950 election, Nixon was elected to become a U.S. Senator for California
    • From 1953-1961, Nixon was V.P. for President Dwight D. Eisenhower
    • In the election of 1960, Nixon ran for president and was defeated by John F. Kennedy.
  • In Office
    • On November 5, 1968, Nixon defeated Herbert Humphrey by nearly 500,000 votes
      • Nixon and his running mate, Spiro Agnew, were sworn in on January 20,1969
    • In 1972, Nixon won 49 out of 50 states to defeat George McGovern for the presidency
      • Nixon only lost in Massachusetts and the District of Columbia
      • This time, Gerald Ford was Nixon’s vice-presidential candidate
  • The Watergate Scandal
    • On June 17, 1972, five men were found breaking into the Watergate hotel (the Democratic National Committee Headquarters)
    • Through the investigation, it was discovered that many illegal events were conducted by the Nixon campaign, including illegal wiretapping, several break-ins, and bribery in an attempt to win the ’72 election
    • Tapes were later discovered which held recordings of Nixon and his staff planning the cover-up of the break-in
    • There is no doubt that Nixon was about to be impeached when he resigned from office on August 9, 1974
      • The new president Ford granted Nixon a full pardon
  • Significant Accomplishments (While in Office)
    • Nixon ended the Vietnam war by bombing Cambodia ( secretly...)
    • Under Nixon, the economy boomed
      • The Dow-Jones set several records during Nixon’s presidency
    • Nixon made the first visit to China by a president ever
    • Nixon greatly improved diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union while in office
  • Major Happenings (While in Office)
    • 1959-April 30, 1975- Vietnam War
    • July 20, 1969- 1 st man on the moon
    • Late ’60’s- full-blown integration of public schools in the South for the first time
    • “ Yom Kippur War”- sided with Israel
  • Fun Facts
    • While running, Nixon’s nickname was “Tricky Dick” because of his dirty politics
    • Nixon played the piano
    • Nixon had a pet cocker spaniel named Checkers