The Seasons


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Unit: The Seasons
Theme: Weather

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The Seasons

  1. 1. The Seasons WALT: Learn how the seasons are different around the world. VOCABULARY: weather- the wetness, wind, heat and cold in the air around us. season-times of the year when there is a particular type of weather. climate-the pattern of weather over many years. monsoon-a season of heavy rain which comes after dry weather in South-East Asia and other parts of the world.
  2. 2. REVIEW: How do rivers shape the land?
  3. 3. Decide which season is shown in each slide. summer spring autumn winter spring autumn
  4. 4. In pairs, identify the types of seasons. Decide which type is shown in each of the photograph on page 15. Work in group. Using the sources on page 14, investigate how the changes in sunshine and temperature affect the life cycle of animals.
  5. 5. Make a table showing the differences of climates in Southern Europe and South-East Asia. Use the pictures below for the key/legend. Spring Hot and dry or Summer Dry and warm or Autumn Heavy monsoon rain Cool and wet or Winter
  6. 6. Months November December January February March April May June July August September October Southern Europe South-East Asia
  7. 7. Work in pairs. Investigate the sources on page 16-17 . Draw two heads and in the speech bubbles write what you would like about the weather in Southern Europe and SouthEast Asia.
  8. 8. How are farmers affected by the seasons?
  9. 9. Make a season dial showing the activities of the farmers to look after the sheep, the cattle and the farm. DEC NOV FEB MAR SEPT APR MAY AUG JULY JUNE
  10. 10. Examine the pictures on page 19. How does Whitby change from summer to winter? Here in the UAE, which type of weather do you like most? Explain your answer. If you were asked to travel to Rome, in which month of the year would you prefer to travel? Why?
  11. 11. Compare the climate of the UAE with those of the Southern Europe and South-East Asia. C L I M A T E Southern Europe UAE South-East Asia
  12. 12. Homework: Research the types of seasons in Great Britain. Visit:
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