The Vision Gap: content trends


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I recently took part in the Brilliant Noise webinar 'The Vision Gap: content strategy for brands'. I talked about eight trends that I think will have an impact content strategy and content marketing. You can watch the full webinar here

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The Vision Gap: content trends

  1. 1. TextText@La_Pope Lauren Pope 11th June 2014 The Vision Gap: content strategy for brands Content trends
  2. 2. Now (act) !
  3. 3. Expanding content toolkits - Increasing number of bespoke tools available. - Companies growing and attracting investment. - Tools for writing e.g. Beegit, Draft, Penflip, StackEdit, Write Monkey. - Tools to manage content processes e.g. GatherContent, NewsCred, Divvy, Spredfast. ©Neil T
  4. 4. Analysing content processes - Looking at the effectiveness of content processes. - Calculating the real cost of creating content, end-to-end. - Streamlining processes, and focusing on work that creates the biggest impact.
  5. 5. Measuring attention - More sophisticated measurement of content. - Attention and ROI are the measures that matter, not likes, shares and views. ©Upworthy
  6. 6. “We've found effectively no correlation between social shares and people actually reading.” Tony Haile, Chartbeat,
  7. 7. Measuring attention - More sophisticated measurement of content. - Attention and ROI are the measures that matter, not likes, shares and views. ©Upworthy
  8. 8. Near (analyse)
  9. 9. Content shock - Every minute 347 WordPress blog posts are published, 48 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded and 571 websites are launched. - With more brands creating more producing content, it’s getting harder to secure the attention of your audience. - To avoid content shock, brands need to create content that cuts through the noise, in a more cost- efficient way than their © pasukaru76
  10. 10. “We’re a business, and if this wasn’t successful we would pull the plug. That we’re expanding this program as fast as possible should tell you something.” Ashley Brown, Coca-Cola, on Coca-Cola Journey,
  11. 11. Content for customer experience - A content strategy that doesn’t try to emulate a publisher, but remembers what the brand is for, and what its customers want from it. - Content that pulls rather than pushes. Enjoyable Easy Meets needs
  12. 12. Chief Content Officers - Chief Content Officers have been hired at Time Inc, The Telegraph, Petco, Netflix, Bloomberg, Coca-Cola. - Oversees all content activities, in all parts of the org, across all platforms. © CMI
  13. 13. COPE - COPE has been the ‘next big thing’ since 2009, but may become mainstream soon, thanks to mobile. - It aims to: - separate content from display; - ensure content modularity; - make content portable. Create Once Publish Everywhere
  14. 14. Far (Aware)
  15. 15. The Internet of Things - 100 'things' are coming online every second (Cisco, July 2013). By 2020, there will be 30bn connected devices, most not PCs, smartphones, tablets (Gartner, November 2013) - Providing content for the IoT will involve overcoming challenges around personalisation, automation, publishing etc. ©GrantSewell
  16. 16. Thank you @La_Pope © 2014 Brilliant Noise. All rights reserved