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Ibm Growth Markets 2011 Ibm Growth Markets 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Growth Markets UnitJanuary 2011IBM Growth MarketsExternal Presentation •Please view in slide show to see slide builds •Speaker notes under slides © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationOverview IBM Global Strategy IBM’s Growth Market Growth market Growth markets Unit characteristics opportunity Investments to support Making Markets Making the world work growth better – IBM celebrates 100 years2 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationIBM Global StrategyIBM’s investments in 2010 and 2011 are focused on four high-potential opportunities Smarter Planet Growth Markets Cloud & Next Generation Data Center Analytics3 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External Presentation The growth markets need energy, technology & infrastructure More than $1T in committed Infrastructure build outs will drive IMF predicts that developing countries In the past 10 years internet penetration infrastructure spending will be demand for global resources – will account for 50% of the global in LA & MEA has increased 10 times thatinvested in Middle East economies particularly power, food & raw economy by 2014. of NA over the next 5 years materials.the number of people moving to 5 billion m2 of road will be Indonesia will spend $155B in Indian household income will urban cities every year – is the paved in China by 2025; infrastructure development in next triple by 2025 equivalent of 10 NYCs equivalent to a 2 lane road 40 five years on toll roads and railways. times around the globe 4 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External Presentation IBM’s growth markets extend ‘beyond the BRICs’ Countries targeted for expansion and investment are commonly known as BRICs, N- 11, CIVETS. Regardless of country groupings, IBM has been present and investing in all of these markets, in many cases for 50 years or more. The N-11 Bangladesh Collectively Large & young accounts for 1.3B populations Egypt population CIVETS Indonesia Colombia Iran Indonesia Korea Vietnam Mexico Diversified with Egypt 20% of World’s solid financial Nigeria population systems Turkey Pakistan South Africa The Philippines Turkey Source: The Economist Vietnam Relative political 11% Global GDP stability Source: Goldman Sachs5 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationIBM in Growth Markets……investing for potential growth Growth Markets – share of geographic revenue In 2009, growth markets represented 19 percent of IBM’s 2015 25% geographic revenue and grew 8 points faster than major markets. 2009 Double-digit growth @CC in over 30 countries 19% Opened 40 branch offices year-to-date for a total of 103 18% Growth led by expansion into new territories 17% Systems & Technology grew 25% yr/yr @CC Focus industries grew 21% yr/yr @CC 16% Growth Markets +13% yr/yr @CC 2005 15% BRICs +26% yr/yr @CC6 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationThe opportunity for GROWTH is significant The number of people moving to urban cities every year, equivalent to 10 NYCs 87% of the worlds population Russia Real GDP growth 2009 to 2015 Over 55% of World GDP growth Real GDP Growth ‘09-15 Served IT Growth ‘09-15 Served IT as % of Real GDP ‘09 5% 8% 2.4% 2% 3% 0.7% Major MarketsGrowth Major MarketsGrowth Major MarketsGrowth Markets Markets Markets Source: Demographic Data, United Nations7 GDP Data, IBM Finance, Chief Economist, April 2010 © 2010 IBM Corporation IT Market Data, IBM Market Insights Market View (April 2010) at Constant Currency
  • IBM Growth Markets External Presentation17 of 20 Markets Citiescommon growth characteristicsGrowth Largest have are in the Growth Markets • Rapidly growing economies and accelerating IT markets • Focus on fast infrastructure scale-up • Limited resources • 1. Mexico City new business models 3. Shanghai Creative 2. Mumbai 4. Kolkata 5. New Delhi • Investment themes link to improvements in macroeconomic stability, trade, investment & quality of education 6. Beijing 7. Sao Paulo 8. Buenos Aires 9. Moscow 10. Seoul 11. Chongqing 12. Istanbul 13. Karachi 14. Jakarta 15. Guangzhou 16. Tokyo 17. Wuhan 18. London 19. New York 20. Bangkok Source: United Nations, Wikipedia8 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationIBM in Growth Markets: over 147 countries Global Headquarters in Shanghai Eight Growth Market Teams Central & Eastern Europe South Korea Middle East & Africa Greater China Group India / ASEAN South Asia Latin America Australia & New Zealand9 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationIBM has invested in growth markets in infrastructure & skillsfor long term growthA Globally Integrated Enterprise Global Delivery Center Software & Hardware Lab Poland Russia Research Lab Innovation Center Czech Republic Slovakia Cloud Computing Center Hungary Romania Micro-financing Hub Turkey South Korea China Natural Resources Egypt Telecommunications Morocco Mexico Vietnam Rail India Health Philippines Energy Malaysia Brazil Singapore Finance Peru Retail Australia South Africa Argentina10 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationResearch is at the core of IBM’s commitment to innovation5 of 10 labs are now in Growth Markets IBM Research in China Russia IBM Research in IBM Research in Israel Melbourne IBM Research in India IBM Research in Brazil11 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationApplying Research solves problems and creates solutions forour clients and society Analytics to improve the healthcare IBM Research in China Peking University People’s Hospital has built a smart healthcare system based on IBM analytics technology to enable cooperation and resource sharing among medical services providers for improved patient care. The new centralized system, developed by IBM Research - China will improve doctors’ operational efficiency and reduce medical errors by providing a comprehensive overview of patients’ Russia data. It will also improve interactions with patients and make healthcare services more accessible and affordable to them. Spoken Web to help the poor IBM Research is helping to create an alternative to the Web as PCs and displays are not widely available in developing nations. The IBM Research - India team provides much of the Internet’s connectivity and information through voice commands sent via cell phones. Now farmers in remote rural areas can get information about weather, crop prices and the best times to plant from a cell phone service that costs as little IBM Research in India as $5 or $10 a month.12 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationBusiness Analytics solutions centers are driving solutions tomaximize the utilization of information IBM Analytics Solutions Center in China Russia IBM BAO Centre of Competency in India13 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationBusiness Analytics solutions increase data visibility &streamline processes Sub Saharan Africa Nigerian Banking Industry: Three major Nigerian banks have turned to Russia IBM to support the transformation of their operations as the countrys Russian Prosecutor Generals Office: IBM has deployed a new information banking sector reforms. By using business analytics and service system powered by IBM analytics. The system streamlines the work of employees management software, benefits include increased visibility of information of the Prosecutor Generals office by consolidating operations and providing an and improved manageability and efficiency of their organizations. extensive regional network that carries out business inspections in all Russian regions. The new system is part of the Russian Government’s strategy to ensure transparency and openness of business inspections. Russia Latin America China Banco Itau: IBM will deploy a new information Wuhan Municipal Government, in architecture supporting the Banks growth plan the provincial capital of Hubei for the next five years. The implementation will Province, is working with IBM to enable data analysis and management for the build a smart logistic information entire institution to improve decision-making platform to speed up the processes. establishment of modern logistics system, to upgrade the industry structure and increase the city competitiveness. India Bharti Airtel: India’s largest private sector telecom operator created a highly flexible platform for integrating its customer-facing processes across all lines of business. The dramatic process streamlining enabled an astounding 1.5 million new customers/month.14 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationIBM continues to build capability in delivery centers based onclient demandEight Strategic Global Delivery Centers Romania China • Support for multiple languages: • Language Translation Service Center (English, French, German, Italian) • Strong infrastructure and relationship with academia • Cultural affinity and favorable time zone in Europe • Expertise in ERP, Testing, Web, Legacy support, Data Mgmt • Mainframe, AS400, Web • One of largest SAP Practices among SAP global partners in China Development, Package/ERP • 24 x 7 support service capability • Global Business Solutions Center (GBSC) Russia India Philippines • Industry domain experienced resources • Java/J2EE, Web, COBOL/MainBrazil • Excellent English language skills frame, SAP, Oracle, database,• Deep knowledge in Telecom & • Global Business Solutions Center (GBSC) Business Analytics and Financial Services Intelligence skills • Full ERP Support & custom development• Multi-language support • Strong multi-cultural and • Language Translation Service Center (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Itali language adaptability an) • ABAP Technology Assembly• Mainframe, DB Center technologies, Testing, Web• Time zone capabilities enable Multi-GDC approach Egypt Vietnam • Support for English, French, Japanese • Delivery center gateway to Middle East languagesArgentina • Embedded software center of excellence • Expertise in ADM, Systems• Info & Data • Close partnership and support from local Integration, Testing Management, Mainframe, Web, Packag government • Web, Mainframe, SAP e/ERP, Test • Supporting Public, Financial Services and• Financial Industrial sectors Services, Communications, Retail & Distribution• Strong multi-cultural and language adaptability supporting Spanish speaking delivery requirements15 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationClients looking at delivery to focus on growth ABB IBM has helped ABB drive lower IT cost and increased service performance and user satisfaction. A dedicated, multi-hundred person team at IBM’s Korea Exchange Bank center in Brno in the Czech Republic supports ABB. Since 2003, ABB has IBM is helping the Korea Exchange Bank to centralize its procurement quintupled (5x) their stock price and market cap (to over $50B) processes, implement established standards and an integrated tracking system to increase optimization and compliance and reduce costs. The bank witnessed 10% savings in the first five months by leveraging IBM’s supply chain expertise, marketing intelligence and supplier relationships. Improvements to procurement processes led to better control, visibility and internal compliance by leveraging IBM global infrastructure capabilities. Campbell’s Soup Company Campbells, the world famous packaged food company first signed Strategic Outsourcing contract with IBM was signed in 1995, and was recently re-signed in early 2009 as a 5-year extension. Campbells has always challenged IBM to provide lower costs and standardization for its IT services. In the past 3 years, however, Campbells business strategy has targeted expansion into Eastern Europe and China as a way to achieving exceptional growth. This shift in business strategy has caused a corresponding shift in IT strategy. IBMs global reach and the Global Delivery Framework (we provide services from Brazil, Argentina, EMEA, India, China , South Africa and the US) have made significant contributions in helping Campbells achieve this transformation.16 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationCloud computing – the new consumption and delivery model IBM and Trade Van, a Taiwan application service provider have built the first cloud computing platform Cloudburst technology at Jordan’s University in Asia of Science & Technology Targeted for the trading community the platform provides more than IBM is providing the technology and services for the Jordan 50 application services round-the-clock - in the areas of customs University of Science and Technology (JUST) to establish a reporting and clearance, land information, e-commerce, supply chain new Centre of Excellence for Service Science Innovation at and logistics - to 45,000 enterprises to help them conduct business the universitys campus in Irbid city, in northern Jordan. more efficiently in Taiwan and globally. The platform supports 5 Based on CloudBurst technology and running on IBM million transactions a day. BladeCenter, the new centre will deliver teaching resources and technology expertise to students. IBM consultants are Russia supportingJUST with curriculum development and provide expertise in the area of Services Science Management and Engineering (SSME). IBM builds Cloud Computing platform for Yingkou City, China IBM and Yingkou municipal government have embarked on a collaboration to build a Regional Economic Common Service Cloud Computing Platform to support Yingkou City’s transformation from an old manufacturing base into a modern service-based economy. The cloud computing platform is an integral part of Liaoning Yingkou Coastal Industrial Base’s city infrastructure project, which aims to attract investors especially in the high technology and high value services sectors.17 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationIBM Growth Markets strategies Prioritized 20 Countries Expanding beyond major cities Making Markets Russia High-end Systems Infrastructure Software solutions Development Large Services Projects Industry Growth Investing in skills Leading in key industries Making new markets18 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External Presentation20 countries for selected market expansion and growth Market Expansion Making Markets IT Market Size & Growth IT as a % of GDP Macro-economic Russia Business Environment Political Environment Human Capital Physical Infrastructure Russia Economic Recovery Government Effectiveness Poland Czech Republic South Korea China Taiwan Mexico UAE Vietnam Saudi Arabia Philippines India Thailand Brazil Malaysia Singapore Australia Chile Indonesia South Africa19 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationIBM is expanding into new markets and creating branchesin established countries Making Markets 2000 2010 2015 Countries with IBM offices 42 56 74 2000 2010 2015 Branch Offices Countries with 95 261 455 IBM offices 42 56 74 Branch Offices 95 261 455 Riga Warsaw Prague Moscow Budapest Kiev Bucharest Zagreb Sofia Seoul Istanbul Lahore Beijing Tunis Busan Casablanca Islamabad Delhi Cairo Shanghai Monterrey Karachi Mumbai Guangzhou Mexico City Dubai Hanoi Guadalajara Bangkok Barranquilla Caracas Bangalore Manila Medellin Valencia Cali Bogota Kuala Lumpur Quito Fortaleza Singapore Recife Jakarta Lima Brasilia Arequipa Salvador Northern Territory Antofagasta Belo Horizonte Rio de Janeiro Queensland Tucuman Sao Paulo Western Australia Cordoba Porto Alegre Johannesburg NSW Mendoza Montevideo Auckland Cape Town Durban ACT Santiago Victoria Buenos Aires Wellington Tasmania Christchurch20 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationChina is leading in branch expansion Making Markets Market Expansion 2000 Population 1.3 B 2010 3 Branch Offices 28 Branch Offices Real GDP (2009) 3.7 T$ Real GDP Growth 8.5 % (2009-2015) Harbin Changchu Served IT Market 19 B$ Shengyang (2009) Urumqi Beijing Beijing Shijiazhuang Taiyuan Tianjin Served IT Growth Jinan 12.0 % Jinan (2009 – 2015) Xian ZhenZhou Chengdu Wuhan Shanghai Shanghai Chongqing Nanchang Ningbo 2009 Served IT spending Kunming Fuzhou 80 % outside major cities Nanning Xiamen Guangzhou Guangzhou Shenzhen Expanding to 70 Branch Offices by 2015 Source: GDP Data, IBM Finance, Chief Economist, April 2010 IT Market Data, IBM Market Insights Market View (April 2010) at Constant Currency IT City Data, IBM Market Insights City Opportunity (March 2010) at Constant Currency21 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationIndia Making Markets 2000 2010 3 Branch Offices Population 1.1 B 12 Branch Offices Real GDP (2009) 1.1 T$ Real GDP Growth 7.1 % (2009-2015) Served IT Market 7 B$ Ludhiana / Chandigarh (2009) Delhi Delhi Lucknow Served IT Growth 13.6 % Kolkata (2009 – 2015) Ahmedabad Pune Bhuvaneshwar Mumbai Mumbai Hyderabad 2009 Served IT spending 62 % Bangalore outside major cities Bangalore Chennai Cochin Expanding to 48 Branch Offices by 2015 Source: GDP Data, IBM Finance, Chief Economist, April 201022 IT Market Data, IBM Market Insights Market Corporation2010) at Constant Currency © 2010 IBM View (April IT City Data, IBM Market Insights City Opportunity (March 2010) at Constant Currency
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationBrazil Making Markets 2000 2010 9 Branch Offices Population 192 M 23 Branch Offices Real GDP (2009) 1.2 T$ Real GDP Growth 4.5 % (2009-2015) Belem Fortaleza Served IT Market Fortaleza 15 B$ (2009) Recife Recife Salvador Salvador Served IT Growth Brasilia Brasilia 7.6 % (2009 – 2015) Uberlandia Goiania Sao Jose do Rio Preto Vitoria Belo Horizonte Ribeirao Preto Belo Horizonte Campinas Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro 2009 Served IT spending Sao Paulo 60 % Londrina Sao Paulo outside major cities Guarulhos Curitiba Barueri Curitiba Joinville Porto Aegre ABC Porto Aegre Caxias do Sul Florianopolis Expanding to 43 Branch Offices by 2015 Source: GDP Data, IBM Finance, Chief Economist, April 201023 © 2010 IBM Corporation Market Insights Market View (April 2010) at Constant Currency IT Market Data, IBM IT City Data, IBM Market Insights City Opportunity (March 2010) at Constant Currency
  • IBM Growth Markets External Presentation Mexico Making Markets 2000 2012 3 Branch Offices Population 108 M 20 Branch Offices GDP (2009) 0.88 T$ TijuanaTijuana GDP CAGR% 7% Cd. Juárez / Cd. Juárez / (2009-2014) Chihuahua Chihuahua Served IT Market Monterrey Monterrey 4.6 B$ (2009) Querétaro / Celaya Querétaro / Celaya / León / León Served IT CAGR% Mérida Mérida (2009 – 2013) 6.6% Veracruz / Jalapa Veracruz / Jalapa Guadalajara Guadalajara Toluca Toluca 2009 Served IT spending 46 % D.F. D.F. outside major cities Puebla Puebla Source: GDP Data,: CAPEM. June, 2009.24 © 2010 IBM Corporation Population: “Mexico at a Glance 2009”, INEGI. 2009. IT City Data: IBM GMU Cities 1H10 GMV February Industry x E-size x Product Final Delivery
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationASEAN Making Markets 2000 2010 6 Branch Offices Population 86.97 M 18 Branch Offices Real GDP (2009) US$92.84B Hanoi Hanoi Real GDP Growth Danang 5.4 % (2009-2015) Chiang Mai Manila Manila Bangkok Calamba Bangkok Served IT Market Cebu US$2332M Ho Chi (2009) Medan Minh Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Served IT Growth Penang Singapore (2009 – 2015) 6.5 % JohorSingapore Kuching Makassar 2009 Served IT spending 55 % outside major cities Jakarta Surabaya Jakarta Expanding to 32 Branch Offices by 2015 Source: GDP Data, IBM Finance, Chief Economist, April 201025 © 2010 IBM Corporation Market Insights Market View (April 2010) at Constant Currency IT Market Data, IBM IT City Data, IBM Market Insights City Opportunity (March 2010) at Constant Currency
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationMiddle East & Sub-Saharan Africa Making Markets 2000 2010 10 Branch Offices Population 1.3 B 23 Branch Offices Real GDP (2009) 2.0 T$ Real GDP Growth Algiers Tunis Islamabad 3.3 % Tripoli Islamabad Tunis Cairo (2009-2015) Lahore Rabat Cairo Lahore Karachi Casablanca Doha Karachi Casablanca Served IT Market 12 B$ Abu Dhabi Dubai (2009) Riyadh Dubai Dakar Served IT Growth 7.4 % Lagos (2009 – 2015) Accra Nairobi Dar Es Salaam 2009 Served IT Luanda spending outside 64 % major cities Johannesburg Johannesburg Cape Town Durban Cape Town Durban Expanding to 40 Branch Offices by 2015 Source: GDP Data, IBM Finance, Chief Economist, April 201026 © 2010 IBM Corporation Market Insights Market View (April 2010) at Constant Currency IT Market Data, IBM IT City Data, IBM Market Insights City Opportunity (March 2010) at Constant Currency
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationBuild-out of IT infrastructure to support economic growth Infrastructure Development China Russia Wuxi government builds Optimization of IT cloud computing platform to infrastructure for freight & give Independent Software passenger management Vendors a head start South Korea Taiwan processing for 11 Smart Taxation Russia Service banks, 2.6M merchants, System which includes system integration and process 40M cardholders transformation. BrazilHigh-end systems and software Thailandin support of Business Analytics Centralized, web- accessible health information system Africa Consolidate Bharti Airtels information technology in 16 African nations into one integrated system Australia Namibia IT for core business functions National 1st mainframe in Namibia to Broadband Network localize core banking for 400K customers27 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationInvestment in communities and skills Infrastructure Smarter Transport Development Smarter Banking Smarter Healthcare Smarter Smarter Telecommunications Energy Smarter Smarter Building Education Smarter Government28 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External Presentation Investment in communities and skills Industry Growth Smarter Communities in Need - SME Toolkit Transport A collaboration with the World Bank, the SME Toolkit is a free on– line program which provides information and communication technologies to help small businesses in emerging markets learn and implement sustainable business management practices.. Smarter Volunteering GovernmentBanking Partnerships Employee volunteer initiative, On Demand Community, since its By helping governments to establish new national research inception in 2003, over 145,000 employees and retirees have Smarter facilities, we are helping to create new industries, develop long registered and performed almost 10 million hours of volunteer terms skills or stimulate their economies. Healthcare service around the world. Collaboration with UniversitiesEducation Programs IBM works with 5,000 universities and 10,000 faculties around SmarterIBMs goal with KidSmart Early Learning program is to give pre-K Smarter the globe. We have joint initiatives and investments with Telecommunications universities in countries like Energyprograms all over the world the tools they need to enrich teaching Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Russia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt, Chinand learning, so that children arrive at elementary school prepared a and Africa to encourage the training and education of theand excited to learn. skills required. Global Placements & Mentoring Smarter Transferring knowledge and expertise to the growth markets is Smarter critical. One of the ways we do this is to move experts into the Education Building Communities In Need – market to coach and train local teams. Corporate Services Corps IBM’s top talent works in teams of roughly 12 to provide in-depth business and IT consulting support to local entrepreneurs and small Environmental Programs businesses, not for profit organizations, educational institutions and Working through The Nature Conservancys Rivers for government agencies in emerging nations such as Tomorrow, IBM and The Nature Conservancy are collaborating to Brazil, China, Nigeria, Romania, Poland, and Vietnam. conserve some of the worlds great rivers by meshing extraordinary computing power and science-driven conservation. Smarter Government 29 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationCities and industries become smart Industry Growth Russia Russia Czech Republic Korea China India Vietnam Saudi Arabia Philippines Thailand Nigeria Tanzania Peru Brazil Australia Chile30 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationCities and industries become smart Industry Growth KOREA Korea - Smarter safety CHINA IBM built a public safety system for Incheon Free Economic Zone to help the Authority prevent crime and even predict possible events by recognizing and analyzing certain patterns and data in China - Smarter environment INDIA real-time. This city infrastructure project is driven by the government’s efforts of turning Incheon RUSSIA IBM, the City of Shenyang, andIndia – Smartermajor economic hub in Northeast Asia. Eco-City Northeasterna health insurance into University have established the Shenyang VIETNAM Russia – Smarter Government Services Research Institute to advance technology solutions that enable cities to create a healthy environment in whichREPUBLICcompanywork.– The research efforts focus on advancing CZECH citizens can A major health insurance live and in India accelerates claims processing THAILANDVietnam Smarter Foodthe work of employees in the reduces Korea PHILIPPINES A new informationthat: solutions system powered by IBM analytics streamlines technology from 30 days - significantly reduce carbon emissions, conserve energy, manage water Czech Republic to 7 days and Russian coveragewith thesystem streamlinesto work of Smarter transport lifelines -pre-authorization from up top Prosecutor Generals Office from Smarter Healthcare Smarter banking efficiently,Fishing is one of food of theeconomicFederation. Themobile phonetransportationseafood effectively track Vietnam’s farm tojoins forces with IBMcountry among the the 10 and 48 hours to 30 minutes-when it fork, enhance the intelligence of promotions Thailand Philippines - Smarter Business Partner IBM BlueSky enablestraffic systems, the premier global analyse South Korea, Kookmin Bankthat carries employees by Tothe world.asoperations and and bank in extensive regional network engaged IBM to build a consolidating create collectIBM, Vietnam State response plans. the Prague Partnering with providing an exporters in leapfrog implement a paperless healthcare managementTechnological Innovation is HealthSpring to Airport to environmental emergency Agency for system Bangkok Hospitalefficiently working with IBM mobilestrategy Thetraceability win newtointegrating detailed view micro- out business inspections existing to system, which is new system is part ones, gain 160 million business Group ishold onto inidentificationregions.customers and technology the Philippine telcos must all Russian (RFID) and used byservices byofconduct a enhance its patient care the bank information now using radio to set comprising IBM software and hardware. more To frequencymost suitable phone for next generation banking the to Russian and the calculation oftransactionspromotionsorigin, processingin will manageand security. Through toolbox has cut the centralizing its electronicfees and records.transparency and real time. Globe Telecoms smart the consolidation of Governmentstarget a suchwith improved reliability, openness ofand interconnect the storage of seafood exports - day as forcharges. system availabilitylocation in transport and airport medical handling The new IBM procedures, business inspections. strategy to ensure new services BlueSky is temperature. This17 hospitals China Groupsservice promotionssupply chain improving global foodacross medical records across preparation timeincluding to calculate offering patients aweeks to three weeks, increasing able to automatically generateis shared retail network, corporatefrom 40 one-stop card services key the intelligence in the Smarter energy global banking and credit records along the entire business areas for launching banking, registration airports than 1200 global - landing;safety. sales by 600 percent. billing charges for the process, services India canbranches,trackbank reaped the history. including improvement of more while doctors - Smarter microfinance medical benefits including:instantly noise; the patient Globes parking; and Electric Power Research Institute, – Smarter transport Gridreduction of the China (State Russia to of airport IBM airport usage KINGDOM OF by 10 a subsidiary ofas well as Corporation of annual operational, facility operational efficiency SAUDI35 percent, State by passengers; provisioning ARABIA departure AUSTRALIA the world, to optimize its facilities andhave developed an optimized distribution network planning 15banking percent respectively. Grid) Microfinance bank Grameenand maintenance costs by platform toplatform decision- expansion Koota uses an open-source and 20 support IBM is resources for individual flights (such asnetwork reliability improvement. State Grid, which making for energy savings, loss Saudi -of the largest and helping Russian Railways, one Smarter Food railway operators in and arrivalinfrastructure Kingdom Thailand Arabiaothers) enabling them andHealthcare management bridges;NIGERIA new reduction andto Smarter its – Smarterpredict capital accurate, near-real-time and – of for check-in counters; busesinformation, to Russia supplies power to 25and use expand their microloans, a decade-long smartand other program in IT technologies improve requirements; Government Services Australia freight passenger special provincesservices. embarked 2010, will agricultural products earning achieve a handling in producers and exporters of enable Russian Railways to to China, on insurance accounts power grid The project, scheduled TANZANIA Thailand is one of the world’s largest for completion in systems.Smarter Government Services transmission efficiency and improve allocation of power Nigeria – bankingKingdom flexibilitygrow fromleveraging 350,000 low-income clients. 2009 to increase Implementingand to ArabiaKorea - Smarter is essential for the successful management of chronic Russia The functions; Saudi and exports in 2009. Using substantially reducing operating operational is 70,000 to IBMCzech $17.3 billion in revenue from food of a collaborative healthcare plantelecommunications PERU and livestock of 99.9 percent while smart sensor technology system reliability and fault-tolerance levelresources. Tanzaniacapital partner,offor future development. to maintain and update, many primary care Yet and businessdeliverywith technology built cloudbecause the Nigeria FXA, Thailand’s agricultural products are modernize these paper-based plans are difficult – Smarter Healthcare IBM is helping the governmentfrom IBM River State, required governmentTelecoms developers and business partners to and traceability software of Cross a and computing platform for Republic IBM has costs adopt SK the implementation of toshelvesthem. Precedence – Smarter Government rolled out on its networks for from farms to test of publish telecoms applications,Care saw to be Services healthcare Peru Health now traceableIBM,physiciansstoreandthe Yesser eGovernment the Roll Back an opportunity to facilitate the adoption and develop, Part with Novartis, Vodafone and management of chronic disease by developing an new social welfare andensuring the freshness of food exported from the collaboration of patient care plans for the BRAZIL ongoing use its will eventually markets. which are country This has enhancedsolution to help leadership Peru, needed smarter gather real-time Korea Program, this in Olivos,arrival in globalprovidegovernment in position as the a way to application program anainnovative Telecoms save lives upon areas of Cross district initiatives designed to help people living developed new SK Malariaconsumers. rural Partnership Los automated, collaborative - Smarterto government China management system designed to deliver – Smarter Banking patient care better health outcomes for patients. everyone in the technology health care the availability processes for Brazilimproved service delivery. With the help using everyday Kingdomallows data and telecommunications development platform with improve to provide a free to access River State. Project Hope aims information, centralizethe largeststandardizeof anti- company in South Korea to expedite An intelligent medical children system andandGuangdong to marketof toLife," women and records under five the anytime,in Braziloffered meetcitizens will improvea new demands. services from anyplace at Banco of Called is partnering with IBM to deploy through the development drugsof IBM, Losproductat Project replacing system for pregnant malarialthe process from areas ofqualityItauservices "SMStoTraditionalever-evolving market China analytics architecture that in remote Olivos development Hospital for its the Chinese Medicine business Tanzania. the current system a people large SMS network connecting of of time-consuming, manual Comfort aims to provide income assistance to private metropolitan(Short Messaging banks decision makinginstitutions. helps identify value enables sharing between local facilities and living in improved agility to the residences with public process and the initiative combines mobile phones, hospitals and across CHILE departments. The provides multiple order to technologies in sending their Australia - Smarter near abjectresult? Better patient care, improved diagnosis andsites to manage thetransport of using enable data analysis and management for the processes. poverty in Service) support them and intuitive webopportunities.with the promise generation treatment - The implementation will deepIndia Chile – Smarter Industry Modelling children of traffic on drive cutting-edge research creating congestion, lengthening journey times for motorists to school. supplyanalytics to Brisbane’s motorways was in global healthcare. Heavy medicines critical to reducing deaths institution and supports Banco Itaus aggressive five year growth. entire from malaria. and reducingsignificant improvement in the modelling and Microfinance Vietnam Peru – Smarter numerical simulation ability will be achieved by A travel reliability for local businesses. The Intelligent Transport solution allows Queensland the Saudi Arabia Motorways toCenter for its knowledge of commuters’ travel the University real time data on traffic conditions Philippines combine Mathematical Modelling (CMM) of patterns with of Chile’s School of Engineering and In May 2010 IBM to recommend fastest routes and avoid congestion. Thailand Hub, the first Peru launched the IBM Latin American Microfinance Processing Science, due to the systems integration of the powerful IBM iDataPlex computer. Able to perform hub in what will be Nigeria global network of microfinance processing hubs. The Hub, which the world’s calculations that previously took two weeks in only two hours, the IBM computer will help calculate represents a USD 20 million investment, will allow IBM to provide the microfinance sector with an Tanzania optimal investments and operations for complex energy and telecommunications networks, as well integrated financial management system to help stimulate the deployment of banking services in as simulate complex environmental conditions in mining projects, estimate available water the AUSTRALIA of the world. poorest regions resources in the basins of northern Chile and the dispersion of land and air pollutants. Peru Australia - Smarter energy Brazil Western Powers SmartGrid-Advanced Meter Infrastructure program provides a platform for a range of energy efficiency initiatives in Western Australia. Western Power will lead this $73.5 million initiative designed to rethink the way they produce, use and save energy. IBM is the project management partner Australia Chile for the pilot program.31 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External PresentationMaking the world work better – IBM celebrates 100 years ofinnovation in 201132 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Growth Markets External Presentation This presentation was created by IBM GMU External Relations For information or queries about this presentation please contact: Natalie Harms, Manager, GMU External Relations – Karen Davis, Director, GMU External Relations – © 2010 IBM Corporation