World history postcards


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World history postcards

  1. 1. England
  2. 2. Hey,I’ve just been to England and it was great! I went to three places inEngland; The Doctor Who set, Highclere Castle, and Buckingham Palace.The Doctor Who set was amazing. I actually got to see everything andsince Doctor Who is my favorite show that was pretty amazing. Then Iwent to Highclere Castle. This is the set of Downton Abbey, another one ofmy favorite shows. This was awesome because not only did I see thebeautiful castle, but I also saw the Earl and Countess. Highclere also hashistorical significance in the sense that it housed and still does house anEgyptian exhibit because the 5th Earl explored the Pyramids of Egypt. Healso helped to find the tomb of King Tutankhamen. Then I went toBuckingham Palace. Though I didn’t see the Queen, I did see KateMiddleton which was pretty cool. I’ll send you another post card from mynext destination which will hopefully be Scotland.Bye For Now,Miriam
  3. 3. Scotland
  4. 4. Hey,So I was just in Scotland and it was really awesome. I went to threeplaces. These places were Loch Ness, West Highland Lochs, andBalmoral Castle. I wanted to visit Loch Ness because it looked like areally beautiful place to visit. When I got there I was right. It was reallybeautiful and there were no monsters(haha). Then I visited WestHighland Lochs. I wanted to visit West Highland Lochs Because it was inDownton Abbey and it looked like a really beautiful castle. There weresome great paintings. After that I visited Balmoral Castle. I wanted tovisit Balmoral Castle because I saw it in Doctor Who and, even though Ididn’t see a lot of it in Doctor Who, I still wanted to see the grounds.Well my next place will be France.Till Then,Miriam
  5. 5. France
  6. 6. Hey,So there are going to be a lot of Doctor Who references in my postcards. Iwas just in France. The first place that I went was the Musee d’ Orsay inParis. The Musee d’ Orsay is one of the most famous art museums in theworld. The main reason that I wanted to come here is because I saw it inone of my favorite episode of Doctor Who. The other reasons is that Ireally love art . The next stop was Versailles. Versailles was also seen in oneof my favorite Doctor Who episodes. Versailles has some historicalimportance as well. During the French Revolution this palace was built byLouis XIV. This was not only a palace, but a symbol of the wealth of theFrench Aristocracy. The next stop was the Eiffel Tower. The reason that Itraveled here was because everyone was talking about it and I figured thatit was finally time for me to go. Well my next and last stop is China.Bye,Miriam
  7. 7. China
  8. 8. Hey,So I just went to China. It was amazing. First I went to theForbidden City in Beijing. It was so crowded, but when I finallygot in, there was beautiful artwork and some pretty extravagantarchitecture. I wanted to go to the Forbidden City because it is avery commonly known place in China which people always say isamazing. After that, I went to the site of the Terracotta Warriorsin Xi’an. We had been learning about this for a long time in schooland I finally decided to go. The Terracotta Warriors was in theMausoleum of the First Qin Emperor. And then, I finally went toThe Great Wall. The Great Wall is on the northern China borderthat is near Mongolia. It was very useful for protection when onthe Silk Road. The Great Wall is also 13,171 miles long. I thoughtthat it was pretty cool. Well that’s it for my trip.Bye,Miriam