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My Dream Vacation



This is for Ms. Stewart's WH Class

This is for Ms. Stewart's WH Class



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My Dream Vacation My Dream Vacation Presentation Transcript

  • By: Ally Weaver
  • I am traveling around the world looking for both places where Ican be educated, and just the perfect vacation spot. I am inHawaii visiting the Pearl Harbor Memorial. The Pearl HarborMemorial is here because the Japanese decided to bomb us inthe hopes that we would not attack them with our fleet ofaircrafts. We were planning to attack the Japanese, but theygot to us first. Pearl Harbor was bombed on December 7th inthe U.S. and December 8th in Japan of 1941. The U.S. wasactually planning to attack the Japanese but when they got tous first we counteracted and declared war on them onDecember 11th. I am having a great time and I will keep writing
  • I am in the beautiful Hawaii visiting Maui. Maui means ValleyIsle and is the second largest island in the Hawaiian chain.Also Maui is known for its long beaches and landmarks suchas the House of Sun. It is so pretty here I wish all of youcould be here with me! Im having a blast! My friends and Iwent scuba-diving in an underwater cave and its amazing! Imiss you and hope that all is well at home! There will bemore letters to come!
  • I am in the historical city of Hiroshima. The Allies of Worldwar II bombed the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasakiin 1945. Within the first four months of bombing going onin Japan 90,000-166,000 people in Hiroshima died. OnAugust 16th, six days after the Allies bombed Nagasaki andHiroshima Japan surrendered to the Allied Forces. Imhaving a great time in Hiroshima and will continue totravel!
  • Im am still in Japan visiting the wonderful city Tokyo.Tokyo is Japan’s capitol, since its Japan’s capitol it alsohosts the Emperor of Japan and the Japanese Government.Before Tokyo became known as Tokyo its name was Edo itwas a small fishing town and later it became known asTokyo in 1868. the actual word Tokyo translates to EasternCapital. Apart from New York and London, Tokyo is one ofthree world finance command centers. The post cards willkeep coming!
  • Im in France visiting the Bastille Fortress. The Bastille isformally known as the Bastille Saint-Antoine. For most ofits history the Bastille was used for a state prison by theKings of France. It was stormed on July 14th 1789 whilethe French Revolution was in progress. The bastille wasactually built in response to the City of Paris during theHundred Year War. It became an important symbol for theFrench Republican Movement and later it was totallydemolished and rebuilt. Hope all is well and I miss you!
  • I am in Paris, France visiting the stunning Eiffel Tower.The Eiffel Tower was finished being built on March 31st,1898. I love the Eiffel Tower and would like to see moreof Paris Because I love all the architecture. The tower itsself is 984-990 feet tall (depending on temperature). TheEiffel Tower is named after the main influential peopleworking on it. Paris is beautiful and I love and miss you!Hope to see you soon!
  • I am at the Berlin Wall Ruins in Germany! The BerlinWall was first build to keep people from Germanyfrom escaping to the west. It was during the NaziRule that Germans wanted to escape to the west orto other countries in hopes of a better life. The wallwas built on August 13, 1961 and was knockeddown on October 8th 1990. It totally cut off WestBerlin from Germany.
  • I am in Munich, Germany. Munich is the capital of theGerman state Bavaria. Modern Munich is a financial andpublishing hub, and a very well known place to go onvacation. My friends and I are having an amazing timetouring the town and learning about Munichs history.Hope all is well at home!
  • I am in St. Petersburg at the Winter Palace. This placeis beautiful! As you can see in the picture all of thegold accents and the intricate designs are spectacular.This was once the beautiful home of Czar Nicolas anhis family. The palace was built in 1732 and it wasdemolished in 1917. the Czar and his family weremurdered at Ekaterinburg on the night of July 16th1918. They were murdered by the communist whenthey were under house arrest they were told that theWhite Armys were coming and they were told to take apicture to prove that they were there instead they wereall shot dead. I have a few more places to go and I willsee you when I come home! Expect more letters!
  • I am in Novgorod having a spectacular time. Novgorod isone of the oldest Russian cities, also it was a big medievalcultural center. Novgorod means "new town" in Russia thecity actually goes back to Moscow about 300 years beforeNovgorod even came into knowledge. I miss you and I’m onmy way home! See you soon!
  • • Image1: memorial.jpg• Image2:• Image3: mages_e/17_1.jpg• Image4: ie6hBiiXxYNWr_EdFJsomWrrOOMQ• Image5: 9.jpg• Image6:• Image7:• Image8: 4aQbeGRFbcDSbbYfa_ivre_vGz• Image9: hd/World_Heritage_Sites/Europe/Eastern_Europe/Russia_European_part/Historic_Centre_of _Saint_Petersburg_and_Related_Groups_of_Monuments/Historic_Centre_of_Saint_Petersb urg/Winter_Palace/Winter_Palace_St_Petersburg_Russia.jpg• Image10: