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Dream trip

  1. 1. By: Alec Rokuskie
  2. 2. The Holocaust Museum located in Israel. This museum shows the effectsof the holocaust and how it impacted Jewish people. The reason I want tovisit this place because it seems interesting to learn about the holocaust.This pictures shows 4 monuments in the museum with clouds in thebackground.
  3. 3. Jerusalem a ancient holy city in Israel. The holy city is also the capital of Israel. Thedome of the rock is a very sacred holy site to people of the Jewish culture. Thereason being is that the spot in which the rock lays is said to be very holy to multiplereligions.
  4. 4. Pearl harbor is a significant place for U.S. history. This site isimportant because this is where the Japanese bombed the U.S.which is when the U.S. got involved. The U.S. then got involvedin world war II and soon bombed japan with a nuke. The U.S.then made pearl harbor a museum in which you can visit one ofthe ships that was in the bombings.
  5. 5. Honolulu, Hawaii famous for its peaceful waters and amazing localsHonolulu would be a really fun place to visit. The things to do inHonolulu are amazing and are really fun. You can go zip lining, surfing,kite surfing, visit the volcano, and go hiking in the forest. All of thesethings contribute to a awesome trip.
  6. 6. The White House, the place where the presidents have lived over the past100 years. The White House is not just a place where the presidents havelived it is also a place where history has gone down. There have beenattacks on the house and it has been burnt down. This place has a lot ofhistory to it.
  7. 7. This memorial is a memorial dedicated to Abraham Lincoln which somepeople say was one of the best presidents we have had. Abraham Lincolncontributed a lot to history by ending slavery and making peace amongst thewar. Abraham Lincoln deserved this because he contributed to the futuregreatly.
  8. 8. • Musée de lArmée is the French army museum. This museum shows how France lost and won in wars. The museum shows where certain events went down in the wars such as battles, takeovers, and bombings. This museum would be a fun place to visit.
  9. 9. This structure was the worlds biggest building for 40 years. The building isover 81 stories high and is one of the most iconic French monuments. Thebuilding gets over 6.8 visitors in 1 year which gets a lot of money for France.The Eifel tower is the most recognizable structure in the world too.
  10. 10. • Hiroshima one of the two cities bombed by the U.S.A. after the pearl harbor attack to make japan pull out of the war and it worked. The bombing killed almost the whole entire city most died on bombing but some died of the radiation. The attack however didn’t deter Hiroshima from rebuilding. This city now holds over 1.6 million residents.
  11. 11. Tokyo is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. The city isthe New York of Japan, this city has a lot of advertisements and screens. Thecity is like time square but all over because of all the advertisements andscreens. The things to do there though is a lot more than New York. The shopsand restaurants there are really cool because there is pretty much any shop andrestaurant you can imagine there.