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Dream trip

  1. 1. By: Yusuf Nyang’oro
  2. 2. Magic Kingdom What you beginning to witness here is the happiest place on Earth, Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom. I wanted to travel here because there is endless fun and, as they say in a slogan, “Memories are created at Disney!”Front Back
  3. 3. Harry Potter World HOLA, I am here at Universal Orlando and I am visiting Harry Potter World. I would love to go here because Harry Potter was an awesome series (in which I read all, and saw all of the books and movies. It must be one of the most loveable places on Earth.Front Back
  4. 4. Pearl Harbor What you are seeing right here is a picture of the wreckage that happened at Pearl Harbor. This picture has historical significance because it’s one of the most vital reasons that America went into WW2. This was only done because the US was supplying weapons to the allies.Front Back
  5. 5. Hawaiian Beach This right here is a picture of one of the many beautiful beaches that Hawaii has to offer. I would like to travel here because of the beautiful landscape, cool water and sandy white beaches. This is one of the most travelled to places in the US. If a lot of people want to travel there then it doesn’t seem like a bad place to be.Front Back
  6. 6. Largest Statue of Jesus EVER! In the amazing Rio de Janerio, I am here standing in front of this giant statue of Jesus. This statues pedestal alone is 31 ft. tall? That does not even compare to this 130 ft. tall statue of Jesus, what a site to see!Front Back
  7. 7. Coco Tree COCO TREE! This must be the one of the greatest things ever produced by anyone or thing. This is a coco tree which is what is used to make chocolate. I personally don’t like chocolate though so it’s not a big THAT much of a big deal. It is a pretty cool looking tree though too.Front Back
  8. 8. River where Rasputin wasfound Ok so I would like to tell you s little story: This guy, Rasputin, was poisoned, shot multiple times in the chest and finally thrown into a river. He almost survived all of these but sadly he wasn’t strong enough. Before this all went down, he was essentially a royal advisor for the Czar of Russia.Front Back
  9. 9. WW2 Military Base This is one of the few military bases that is still standing. WW2 was a devastating war that killed 50-70 MILLION people. That is more than the amount of people in some COUNTRIES. If we ever go into another war then the war would turn the world into a nuclear battlefield, and the number could slowly creep into the billions of people who could die. WORLD PEACE!Front Back
  10. 10. Treaty of Versailles The Treaty of Versailles was a very important one, this was the reason why WW1 ended. If this Treaty had not been signed then WW1 would have gone on for an even longer period of time. This put Germany into an awful economic crisis. I guess that’s what they get for trying to take over the world.Front Back
  11. 11. Battle for Paris (Liberation of Paris) Battle of Paris, or Liberation of Paris, was a very important battle. It is also a very important day in history for the French people. The Liberation of Paris started with an uprising by the French Resistance against the German garrison. On 24 August, the French Forces of the Interior (Forces françaises de lintérieur, FFI) received reinforcements from the Free French Army of Liberation and from the U.S. Third Army under General Patton. This battle marked the liberation of Paris and the exile of the Vichy government to Sigmaringen in Germany. However, there was still much heavy fighting to be done before France was liberated.Front Back