Around europe and back


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Around europe and back

  1. 1. To Europe and back By: Esra Balkas
  2. 2. Turkey
  3. 3. O Military museum:Istanbul in Istanbul I plan to go and see the While military museum which contains one thousand years of Turkish military history as well as one of the leading museums of it’s kind. It was also once the site of an Ottoman military academy. During our unit of the medieval times we studied Constantinople which is now Istanbul, which is where this museum is located.
  4. 4. GallipoliO Gallipoli war museumO During my visit to theGallipoli war museum I will see lots of relics ofthe campaign like: weapons, uniforms,ammunition, letters written from soldiers to theirfamilies, photographs, and private belongings.Gallipoli was the cite of the battle of Gallipoliwhich we studied during the World War I unit.The war museum will have many things aboutthe battle of Gallipoli on exhibit for me to see.
  5. 5. Italy
  6. 6. Rome O National Museum of RomeO Inside this museum I will find some of the world’s most important archeological collections. It has four floors of sculptures, frescos, mosaics, coins, and jewels. During our study of the medieval times, we studied the Holy Roman Empire. Many remnants will remain from such times in this ageless museum.
  7. 7. The ColiseumI will be traveling to the coliseum in Rome.Originally known as the Flavian Amphitheater, the coliseumwas completed in 80 AD. The Coliseum was a placedesigned to entertain the public with games. The coliseumwas extremely large: 188 meters by 156 meters and couldhold up to 55,000 people with only 88 entrances. It is locatedin Rome and holds historical importance about theentertainment during the time from 80 AD to 847 AD when itwas broken during an earthquake. The coliseum was used tohost games, but it also helped to increase the popularity ofemperor. wish me luck!
  8. 8. England
  9. 9. Greater LondonO The Globe theater:The globe theater was foundedby an American actor anddirector by the name of SamWanamaker. This is a unique place which is dedicated tothe exploration of Sir William Shakespeares work. Atheater dedicated to the performance of the many playshe wrote. This place is a rebuilt form of the former Globetheater built only a few hundred feet from its originalstanding place. The Globe theater holds many historicaltreasures and plays from Shakespeare. The globe theaterwas studied during our play unit in language arts and wasthe main cite where Shakespeares plays were performed.
  10. 10. LondonO TARDIS set tours:The Tardis set tour is a tour thatallows Doctor who conventionattendees the opportunity tovisit the set of the Tardis of theeleventh doctor. The tours arelocated on the set of doctor whoin BBC Wales studios at Upper Boat. During the tourthe behind-the-scenes team are going to be on handto show and explain the inner workings of the Tardisand answer any question about the Tardis and theworkings of the show “Doctor Who”. I cant wait!!
  11. 11. AmsterdamO The Anne Frank museum: This museum is dedicated to theJewish wartime diarist Anne Frank; aYoung girl who girl who hid from theNazi for a total of 2 years in a secret annex. In the museum I am going to see the secretroom where Anne Frank spent 2 years ofher life waiting out the war. I will be able tosee her "favorite quotes notebook" and her "tales book.“Thisplace is a historical representation of World War II and thepain that it caused people like Anne Frank, one of themost famous World War II stories.
  12. 12. Peize & AmsterdamVaner ik naar naaderland gaa, gaa ik mijnoma seen. Ik jaa ok naar Amsterdam om hetmuseum vaan Van Goh te seen. Ik hep aankeer nar Amsterdam je jaan, en ok hetmuseum, maar ik ben hail fond van het andik wil heil grage troug. Mij oma’s huis is neithel historic… Tamista neit for clas, maar hetmuseum haft heilfel dinga fan un lange tigtjalada.
  13. 13. California
  14. 14. Santa ClaritaO Six flags magic mountainO During my visit to California I will be going to Santa Clarita which is where six flags is located. I will be accompanied by Jessica Jenkens. We are planning on riding any and all roller coasters that they have there including X, on of the most extreme roller coasters in the park.
  15. 15. Buena Park O Knots berry farm O Another place that I plan to visit while in California is Knots berry farm in Buena Park.Knots berry farm is another roller coaster park and has rides such as: The Boomerang, Ghoshtrider, Jaguar!, Montezumas revenge, pony express, sierra sidewinder, silver bullet, timberline twister, and the Exelerator.
  16. 16. CreditsO Image of Turkish flag: Istanbul military museum: Gallipoli war museum: Italian flag: National museum of Rome: Zues picture: Coliseum: Coliseum at night:
  17. 17. More creditsO Tardis: UK flag: Globe theater: Dutch flag: Anne Frank museum: Secret annex in the Anne Frank museum: Van goh Museum of art: California: Six flags: Knotts berry farm: