Resume and Cover Letter Workshop: Career Services UNCG


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The Basics of Resume and Cover Letters

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Resume and Cover Letter Workshop: Career Services UNCG

  1. 1. RESUMES and COVER LETTERS Career Services Center 334-5454
  2. 2. Purpose: • To market your skills and experience • To gain an interview • To apply for a job, internship or graduate school
  3. 3. What is a Resume? A one-page (on most occasions) document that highlights and markets your: 1. Education Background 2. “Work” Experiences (paid and unpaid) 3. Expertise 4. Skills/Abilities 5. Accomplishments 6. Potential for success
  4. 4. Getting Started Brainstorm! • Write down a list of everything you have done • Search for specifics – How much? How often? How many? – Quantify (#, %, $) • Focus on accomplishments, skills, & strengths • Who is the audience?
  5. 5. Layout • Reverse chronological order – List most recent first, and work your way backwards • Use bullet points for details (avoid paragraphs) • Positioning/Sequence – What comes first will grab the reader’s attention
  6. 6. Get Organized • Only use CAPs, bold and underlining to emphasize the important features (avoid excessive use) • Use white space effectively! • Font o Clear & professional (Arial, Cambria, Calibri, Georgia, etc.) o Between 10 and 12 font size • Margin sizes – between .5” and 1” • Whatever you choose, BE CONSISTENT!
  7. 7. HEADING •Full Name • Address (can be omitted when posting online) • Phone (with professional voicemail, no ring back tone) • Email (that you check regularly) EDUCATION The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Bachelor of Science, Accounting, May 2015 Resume Format – MUST HAVES EXPERIENCE 4 things: Name of Company Location - City, State Your Title Dates of employment The Boutique, Burlington, NC Sales Associate, December 2001 - July 2006
  8. 8. Objective: An internship utilizing my business education, customer service experience and strong communication skills Summary of Qualifications: • Over 3 years experience interacting with a variety of customers while meeting and exceeding sales goals • In-depth knowledge of medical terminology and pharmaceutical terms • Excellent rapport-building, presentation, and closing skills Positioning Statement - Examples
  9. 9. EXAMPLES OF EDUCATION The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, May 2012 Bachelor of Science, Accounting, Minor in Spanish GPA: 3.45 *Worked 20hr/week consistently while pursuing degree -------------------------------OR------------------------------------ The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Bryan School of Business and Economics B.S., Marketing, December 2011 Relevant Coursework: International Marketing, Social Research, Business Statistics -------------------------------OR------------------------------------ The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Bachelor of Science, Economics, May 2013 Concentration: Financial Economics Study Abroad: LIUC, Castellanza, Italy, Fall 2011 • Worked with group of international students to complete class projects
  10. 10. • Leadership • Honors/Awards • Languages • Computer Skills • Study Abroad • Academic Projects • Memberships • Presentations • Other Employment • Internship Experience • Relevant Associations • Volunteerism • Internships • Community Service • Related Courses • Campus Involvement • Activities • Certifications ADDITIONAL RESUME SECTIONS: Be specific to your field when possible i.e. Marketing Research Projects v. Academic Projects
  11. 11. Business Project International Business Course, UNCG Spring 2013 • In group of 5, compiled research to submit proposed marketing improvements to a client • Received ‘A’ on project and positive feedback from the instructor
  12. 12. Cover Letters
  13. 13. Purpose: • Introduce you to an employer • Inform the employer about your interest in a desired position • Connect previous work history to a desired position • Highlight your skills, knowledge, experiences, special habits and interests Do Not… …simply restate your resume all over again!
  14. 14. COVER LETTER STRUCTURE 1. Candidate’s Mailing Address 2. Date of Application 3. The Employers Identification/Mailing Address 4. Addressed to a person (if possible) 5. First Paragraph – Indicate the position, how it was located, and interest 6. Second Paragraph – Connecting previous work history to the desired job – Showcasing interests, skills, passion, desire, character, etc. 7. Closing Paragraph
  15. 15. HEADING Include: • Candidate’s mailing address • Date of application • Employer’s mailing address 123 Spartan Drive Greensboro, NC 27410 August 19th, 2011 Mr. Steven Johnson President, Johnson Foundation 3456 West Market Street Greensboro, NC 27410
  16. 16. FIRST PARAGRAPH: • Introduce yourself. • Why you are writing (be as specific as possible). • Name the position, field, or general career area. • Mention where you heard about the opportunity (good place to drop a name). • (Briefly) Indicate why you are interested in the position.
  17. 17. FIRST PARAGRAPH: Dear Ms. Pollock: I’d like to officially apply for the Office Manager position you mentioned at the Career Expo last week. I enjoyed our conversation on this company and appreciate you coming to share additional information. I have researched ABC Corporation’s web page and I am very impressed with your company’s commitment to excellent customer service and your employee development training program. I will be graduating from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in May and am actively seeking a management position.
  18. 18. SECOND PARAGRAPH: • What is unique about you that would make you a good candidate for that organization. • Relevant experiences, relevant training, qualifications, relevant qualities, and, in the case of not-for-profit organizations, genuine interest in the cause/issue. • Always relate your skills back to the organization and its needs— use key words/phrases from the job description. • Indicate (in full detail) why you are interested in the position. • Use brief stories/examples, but avoid excessive story telling.
  19. 19. EXAMPLE: My experiences as a Psychology major have given me the opportunity to cultivate many skills. I have had several opportunities to work on group projects, create research reports, and present publications at local, regional, and national conferences. My recent academic endeavors have placed a great deal of emphasis on group dynamics, project management, and communication skills, which are necessary for an effective Office Manager. Enclosed you will find my résumé, outlining my skills and experience in more detail.
  20. 20. LAST PARAGRAPH • Close by making a request for an opportunity to communicate with the employer. • Request information if you are not seeking an interview (make sure that the information is not available on the company website first). • Provide your e-mail and telephone number for communication. • Thank the employer.
  21. 21. BASIC RULES: • Confine to 1 page, be concise • Add your personality • Explain your interest – use keywords • Use same paper you use for your résumé • Identify a specific person to send it to, not just Sir or Madam - spell their name correctly • Consists of 3-4 paragraphs • Check for grammar/spelling errors • Tailor each cover letter for each application/job
  22. 22. T-Style • Experienced professional with excellent leadership skills • Good working knowledge of HR law • Manage the company’s benefit plans and annual appraisal process. • Good working knowledge of HR best practices and current issues. • Design and implement HR policies procedures in partnership with the leadership team. • 8 years HR experience in a leadership role • Knowledgeable with Workers Comp, LOA, ADA, ADEA and other relevant State and Federal legislation • 6 years hands-on experience with benefits administration and annual appraisals. • Active member of SHRM and NEHRA. • Skilled in developing and implementing HR policies and best practices that advance the corporate mission YOUR NEEDS: MY ABILITIES:
  23. 23. • Create separate document titled Professional_References.doc • Use same header as your resume • Include the following for each reference • Name • Title at current job • Company (current one) • Address of current company • Phone – that is accessible to them • Email – that they will check • If needed, add “Former supervisor with ___” A WORD ABOUT REFERENCES
  24. 24. A WORD ABOUT LINKEDIN • – a professional Facebook • LinkedIn is the leading professional network on the web, enabling you to: • Connect with classmates, faculty, and family professionally • Find new opportunities for internships and full time positions • Manage what potential employers learn about you from the Internet
  25. 25. Next Steps: Visit us to get feedback: CSC in Elliott University Center 334-5454 :: M-F 10am-4pm for all students Get it approved on SpartanCareers, our online job board just for UNCG!
  26. 26. Connect with Us – Follow us on Pinterest • UNCG Career Services – Follow us on Twitter: • @UNCGCareer – Like us on Facebook: • UNCG Career Services Center – Join our LinkedIn groups • UNCG Spartan Network (for students, alumni and employers)