LinkedIn 80/20: Getting More Results With Less Effort


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This is a presentation about using LinkedIn more effectively, generating leads and increasing revenue

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LinkedIn 80/20: Getting More Results With Less Effort

  2. 2. LinkedIn 80/20: Getting Better Results With Less Effort Understanding the Power of LinkedIn 2.  Understanding the Power of 80/20 3.  Combining 80/20 With LinkedIn 1.  There’s a special bonus for those who stay on the webinar until the end!
  3. 3. My LinkedIn Story
  4. 4. I Needed To Recession-proof My Business
  5. 5. What If You Could Predict How Many New Clients You Would Have Each Month?
  6. 6. What If You Could Get As Many New Clients As You Wanted Whenever You Wanted?
  7. 7. Sounds Crazy Doesn’t It?
  8. 8. I Spent Just 30 Minutes a Day Helping People
  9. 9. My Experiment Worked Better Than I Imagined
  10. 10. My Initial Results •  The number of times I appear in LinkedIn Searches increased 120% •  The number of times my profile was reviewed by others increased 150% •  The number of people reaching out to me to connect tripled •  The number of people emailing or calling me after connecting quadrupled •  Traffic to my website increased over 400% •  And I picked up a couple of new ideal clients!
  11. 11. Now I Have Predictability In My Business
  12. 12. How Do I “Create” Customers?
  14. 14. 277 Million LinkedIn members (March 2014)
  15. 15. More Than Two New Members Every Second
  16. 16. Executives From Every Fortune 500 Company
  17. 17. 53% of business-to-business marketers have acquired a customer through LinkedIn (HubSpot)
  18. 18. 83% of online business-to-business marketers use LinkedIn, compared to 53% for business-to-consumer (HubSpot)
  19. 19. 61% of social media users primarily use LinkedIn for professional networking, compared to 22% for Facebook, and 4% for Twitter (Lab42)
  20. 20. 81% of LinkedIn users belong to at least 1 group, 52% of whom participate in group discussions (Lab42)
  21. 21. 65% of journalists have used information on LinkedIn as research material (Integer Group)
  22. 22. 77% of LinkedIn members use the site to research people and companies, 69% to reconnect with past business associates and 50% to build new networks (Power Formula)
  23. 23. 43% of employers use social media to recruit – of those, 88% use LinkedIn, 46% Facebook and 22% Twitter (Mashable)
  24. 24. 9 out of 10 C-level executives use LinkedIn at least once a week for at least one hour (Forbes)
  25. 25. 87% trust LinkedIn as a source for decision making (HubSpot survey)
  26. 26. 49% find LinkedIn to be a good source for word of mouth information on brand experiences (HubSpot survey)
  27. 27. LinkedIn has become one of the most trusted authority sites on the internet
  28. 28. Three Ways to Use LinkedIn •  Get found by other people •  Find other people •  Establish your authority by helping others and sharing great content
  29. 29. Three Keys to LinkedIn Success •  Build a strong foundation •  Focus on helping others •  Be consistent
  30. 30. Build a Strong Foundation Your LinkedIn Profile is the Key to LinkedIn Success
  31. 31. Build a Strong Foundation People Review Your LinkedIn Profile Before They Do Business With You
  32. 32. Build a Strong Foundation Think of our LinkedIn profile as your website where you want to grab people’s attention
  33. 33. Build a Strong Foundation
  34. 34. Build a Strong Foundation
  35. 35. Build a Strong Foundation
  36. 36. Build a Strong Foundation When you add too many characters in your name field it cuts off your professional headline
  37. 37. Build a Strong Foundation Complete Your Profile to at least the All Star Level
  38. 38. Build a Strong Foundation Make at Least 500 Connections
  39. 39. Build a Strong Foundation Create a Compelling Professional Headline
  40. 40. Build a Strong Foundation Create a Compelling Professional Headline
  41. 41. Build a Strong Foundation Create a Compelling Professional Headline
  42. 42. Build a Strong Foundation Use a Professional Headshot
  43. 43. Build a Strong Foundation Use Keywords in Your Profile Especially in Your Summary
  44. 44. Get At Least 5 Recommendations •  LinkedIn requires at least five recommendations to consider your profile “complete” •  Because of compliance issues, financial advisors can’t display your recommendations •  Get five recommendations from friends or colleagues then hide them from your profile
  46. 46. Status updates •  Share interesting articles, blog posts, videos and updates in your Status Updates •  You can use @ and # like on Twitter
  47. 47. Like, Comment and Share Content From Pulse
  48. 48. Like, Comment and Share
  49. 49. Join in your network’s discussions
  50. 50. Endorse others
  51. 51. Recommend others
  52. 52. Send a personal note after connecting
  53. 53. Comment, Like and Share Company updates
  54. 54. Comment, Like and Share Influencer posts
  55. 55. Participate in active groups
  57. 57. LinkedIn Profile Views
  58. 58. Website Traffic
  59. 59. What I learned •  When I was fully focused during my daily LinkedIn visits, the number of views of my profile increased, the number of Likes of my posts, and sharing of my content increased •  When I was just “doing my time” and not fully engaged, I had almost no engagement from others •  I could generate more engagement with 10 minutes of focused time than during 30 minutes of unfocused time •  Saturday is the best day to share content and engage others in conversation
  60. 60. Have a plan •  Focus on interacting in no more than 2-3 groups at a time so you don’t spread yourself too thin •  Never self-promote in groups. Focus on helping others and they will get to know, like and trust you which builds long-term relationships. •  Always send personalized invitations when you are reaching out to others •  Always send personalized emails to people you connect with and let them know why you appreciate them connecting with you •  Have fun!
  61. 61. THE POWER OF 80/20
  62. 62. Pareto Principle The Pareto principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Pareto developed the principle by observing that 20% of the pea pods in his garden contained 80% of the peas. Business-management consultant Joseph M. Juran suggested the principle and named it after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who observed in 1906 that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population
  63. 63. 80/20 Basics 80/20 80% of the traffic travels on 20% of the roads 80/202 64% of the traffic travels on 4% of the roads 80/203 52% of the traffic travels on 0.8% of the roads
  64. 64. Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Tool
  65. 65. If 50 people spent $100 how many would spend $500?
  66. 66. LINKEDIN + 80/20 = SUCCESS
  67. 67. Where do you spend your time on LinkedIn?
  68. 68. Create a Plan •  Determine your LinkedIn objectives •  Document your profile views and the number of times you appear in searches •  Find quality groups which have a lot of activity •  Focus on 2-3 groups at a time •  Join existing, active conversations in groups •  Comment, Like and Share other people’s posts •  Comment, Like and Share Company page posts •  Post on your Company page •  Track your profile views, the number of Comments, Likes and Shares of your posts and of your Company page
  69. 69. Which activities bring you the most return on your time investment?
  70. 70. Finding Quality Groups
  71. 71. Look at the Discussions
  72. 72. Follow Popular Companies and Comment on Their Updates
  73. 73. Join in your network’s discussions
  74. 74. Like, Comment and Share Influencer Updates
  75. 75. Conclusion •  We explored the power of LinkedIn •  You saw how 80/20 can exponentially improve your results with less effort •  You know how to get the maximum results from LinkedIn by applying the 80/20 Principle
  76. 76. Bonus •  For those still on the webinar, I’m offering you a complimentary LinkedIn profile review which I normally charge $297. •  If you are interested, fill out the contact form on and I will schedule your profile review
  77. 77. Let Me Ask You A Simple Question
  78. 78. If I Could Teach You Exactly How To Use LinkedIn To Find One New Affluent Client Per Week
  79. 79. Would You Let Me Teach You?
  80. 80. We’ve covered a lot of ground today but we’ve barely scratched the surface about how LinkedIn can help your business
  81. 81. LinkedIn is growing like crazy and constantly adding new features
  82. 82. There’s a buzz about LinkedIn but most people still don’t get it
  83. 83. You have a golden opportunity to gain huge competitive advantage by learning how to use LinkedIn effectively
  84. 84. Let Me Introduce You To My Brand New Course…
  85. 85. What This Course Is…
  86. 86. You’ll Know More About LinkedIn Than 90% of the Members
  87. 87. You’ll Know Exactly Who Your Ideal Client Is
  88. 88. How To Get Their Attention
  89. 89. How To Get Them To Call You Instead of You Chasing Them
  90. 90. What Makes This Course Different?
  91. 91. You Get Direct Access To Me
  92. 92. I’ll Show You Exactly What I Do
  93. 93. It’s My Intention To Make You a LinkedIn Expert
  94. 94. Attract Affluent Clients Anytime
  95. 95. I’ll Show You How To Generate Leads
  96. 96. And I’ll Show You Engage Them So They Know, Like and Trust You Immediately
  97. 97. This Is Unlike Any Course You’ve Ever Taken
  98. 98. This Is Not An Outdated LinkedIn Course With Last Year’s Information
  99. 99. You Get The Tools, Knowledge And Tips That Work On LinkedIn Today
  100. 100. Learn Specific Strategies You Can Use Immediately
  101. 101. You’ll Get Immediate Results Guaranteed!
  102. 102. How Would That Feel?
  103. 103. Here’s Some of What You’ll Learn •  How to engage prospects so they trust you immediately •  Where your ideal clients hang out on LinkedIn •  The best times to post content for maximum exposure •  Profile tips that put you at the top of the search results •  And more secrets that will let you dominate LinkedIn!
  104. 104. Here’s What You’ll Receive •  Four weekly online webinar training sessions where I’ll show you exactly how to get instant results on LinkedIn in less than 30 minutes a day •  A bonus online webinar training session where I’ll teach you everything you need to know about LinkedIn Advanced Search •  Bonus videos showing you how to use new LinkedIn features as they’re released
  105. 105. What Is My Investment? •  LinkedIn Accelerator is amazing and you’re probably wondering how much does it cost? •  I normally charge $1997 because of the amount of direct access to me you will receive •  But I decided I want to create a ton of new success stories •  Which means you are in luck!
  106. 106. Your Investment In The Complete Linked Accelerator System Is Just $497
  107. 107. Still Not Convinced?
  108. 108. My Unconditional Guarantee •  I guarantee you will see results from Linked Accelerator if you do exactly what I show you •  If you do what I show you and you don’t get results, I will refund every penny •  You have nothing to lose so register now!
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