Sydney locksmiths


Published on is owned and managed by Abbott Locksmiths that is based in Sydney and was established in 1963. We are a family owned and operated business with over 40 years experience.

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Sydney locksmiths

  1. 1. Call Us Now(02) 9787 3133 or1300 655 787www.locksmithssydney.comLocksmiths Sydney
  2. 2. About is owned and managed by Abbott Locksmiths.Abbott Locksmiths is based in Sydney and was established in 1963. We are a family owned and operatedbusiness with over 40 years experience.The things that we pride ourselves on the most are our high quality workmanship and service, reliability and quickresponse times.We offer a number of products and services, in particular, 24/7 emergency service, mobile locksmith, accesscontrol system, master key systems, automated keys and locks and new and second hand safes.We have also been endorsed by the SCECC.We service the entire Sydney metropolitan area and are available 24/7 in case of emergencies.Why Use Us 50 year old family run business 24/7 service All types of automotive keys and locks We buy and Sell new and 2nd hand safes SCECC endorsedTestimonialsJust wanted to thank you for the excellent service. I really appreciated that you were able to schedule the work fortoday with only a few hours warning. The installer could not have been more helpful, efficient and courteous. Pleasepass on my thanks to him – a really nice guy.Brian Wilkinson
  3. 3. 24 Hour LocksmithsWe offer a “genuine” 24 hours per day / 7 days perweek / 365 days per year emergency service inSydney and the surrounding suburbs.There are not many locksmith companies in Sydneythat can give such a guarantee.The reality is that you never know when you willneed the services of a 24 hour locksmith. For somereason, we are always on stand-by ready to attendto the needs of customers across all of Sydney.Our service men work around the clock to ensureyou feel safe in your home.In order to take advantage of our 24 hourlocksmith service, simply give us a ring on 1300 655787 and we’ll attend to you right away.Mobile LocksmithWe offer an efficient and prompt mobile locksmithservice, with a fleet of 10 mobile workshopsservicing the entire Sydney Metropolitan Area.While we offer an emergency lockout service, wealso respond to the majority of our general servicework on the same day.The great benefit of running such a large fleet isthat makes us a leader in the industry andguarantees customer satisfaction as we can alwaysarrange to have a mobile workshop attend to everycall out.In addition to our normal daytime service, we alsooffer a “genuine” 24 hours per day / 7 days perweek / 365 days per year emergency service. Younever know when you need a locksmith becauseit’s usually when you least expect it.To have one of our mobile units come out to you,simply call us on 1300 655 787 and we’ll attend toyou right away.Automotive LocksOne of our most used services is our car locksmithservice. These days, everyone has a car and ourkeys are an important asset. However, there arealso people losing their keys, getting their keysstolen or getting locked out. We are all human andthis unfortunately happens.For this reason, Abbott Locksmiths offers a fullautomotive lock service ranging from cutting keysto all ‘standard’ vehicles as well as the latest inmodern transponder immobiliser technology that alot of the modern day European and Japanese carsentertain.We offer a comprehensive repair, re-key, servicefor replacement on virtually all makes and modelswith all locks being able to be re-keyed to user’soriginal key for convenience.In case of car lockout, we offer a mobile locksmithservice which also involves making keys on site. Wehave a fleet of 10 mobile workshops which means
  4. 4. that any car lockout can be responded to in a shortperiod of time.In order to take advantage of our car locksmithservice, simply give us a ring on 1300 655 787 andwe’ll attend to you right away.We have the computer system that enables us todo most transponder keys in our shop.24 hour mobile service is only emergency work, eg– if someone gets locked out or locks their keys intheir car. It is a service we can provide for Australiawide as we have subcontractors all over Australia.
  5. 5. Getting A Car LocksmithService Is EssentialConsider yourself in this type of situation. You are onyour way home after work and you remembered yourwife telling you to purchase in ingredient for yourdinner tonight. You hurriedly left to buy the ingredientthat your wife need after parking your car in theparking-lot. When you came back after a few minuteslater, you find out that you got locked out of your car.It’s almost night-time, you are hungry, and your wife isanxiously waiting for you to come back home. What areyou going to do in this situation? Are you going to breakyour car window to gain access? Are you going to gohome and leave your car unchecked just to get a sparekey? These things can be done but you’ll end updamaging your vehicle or worse, stolen. When faced inthis situation, the most sensible thing to do is to seekhelp from a professional locksmith.Yes, these professionals are your greatest allies whenfaced with such dangerous situation. A lot of people getmugged in parking lots around the country, so it’s badnews if you get yourself locked out in that spot. Leavingyour car behind is also not a good idea as they maybreak your car’s windows and take whatever valuablesthey can find inside.Things like these happen naturally and there’s nothingyou can do about it. However, instead of opting for sillyideas like breaking the window of the car or leaving itbehind, you can hire the services of the mobilelocksmith in your area. These people know that theirservices are always needed which is why going mobile isthe best answer to people who are in need ofimmediate response. In addition, these experts aregreat because they can all locks, even the ones with themost sophisticated designs. No matter what type ofvehicle you own, once you get yourself into a locked outsituation, you will be aided by these experts. They havesophisticated equipment that helps gain access tomodern locks.You might be having second thoughts about hiring alocksmith because of the possible cost. In order toappreciate what these people do, you need to thinkabout what will happen if you get mugged or got yourautomobile stole just because you failed to acquire fastresponse from a professional. You need to rememberthat the parking lot is a dangerous place. The longer youstay there, the higher the risk you will get robbed.Hiring the Services Of AProfessional LocksmithA lot of people in the country are in need of securityalarms in their houses due to the seemingly growingnumber of burglary incidents. It seems that a lot ofpeople are becoming more and more desperate toacquire money that they would even steal. The globalrecession has greatly affected many individuals sothere’s no wonder why there are so many who wouldtry break into a house just to gain some cash. It’s a pitythat some people would do such a thing. However, thisis not something that you should tolerate. You too aredoing your best to feed your family, which is why it isessential that you protect them at all times fromwhoever it is that might try harming them. Install goodsecurity alarms in your property with the help of aprofessional locksmith.Many people are having second thoughts with regard toinstalling security alarms in the dwellings because of thepossible cost. It’s true that these items are usuallyexpensive but you need to think about the long-termresults. You need to spend your money now to saveyour money later from burglars. People are gettingmore and more desperate so you need to make surethat they wouldn’t be able to gain access to yourproperty easily.If you do not know where to purchase these items, thenthe best way to look for them is by asking yourlocksmith. These professionals know where to purchasegood quality items that are right for your budget. Hewill also be able to determine which type of alarmwould go best with your property. This way, you will beable to prevent purchasing items that might not beeffective against the intruders.
  6. 6. These professionals are also knowledgeable in installingthese sophisticated products. If you are planning toinstall security cameras in every corner of your house,then you will need help from the professional. Askinghelp from the expert could spare you from the stress ofcoming up and down the ladder to install the items andalso prevents you from getting in danger from falling.Finding trustworthy locksmiths in your area is essentialas he will play a big part in your family’s safety. Heshould know which type of security alarm would go bestwith your house and be knowledgeable in installingthem. If you are still unsure of his trustworthiness, thenmake sure to check his papers for authenticity.How a Locksmith Can HelpSecure Your PlaceIf you are a person who is dedicated in managing yourbusiness, then you must be aware of the importance ofsecurity in your business’ place as well as in yourresidence. Since you are merely relying on it, you haveto consider putting alarm system, surveillance cameras,complex locks, and other needed security measures toprotect your place from theft and other possible crimes.Once you have a tough security system in your office aswell as in your home then you will be now at peaceregarding the safety of your enterprise, you and yourfamily as well as your employees.In this concern, how can a locksmith helps you inprotecting your place? Since it is where the livelihood ofyou and your workers comes from, you must find waysto insured it before it’s too late. Hiring a professional,experienced, and a dependable lock specialist isdefinitely a good decision to make. You will have apeace of mind once you place is fully protected fromintruders and unauthorized persons.A business place where there is a strong protection iscertainly attractive to consumers, investors, andcapitalists. Therefore, it is really advantageous to fortifycommercial and residential properties with highlyadvanced devices that prevent crimes to take place. Ifburglars realize that it’s too difficult to penetrate thatarea where there are lots of valuable possessions, thenthey will be afraid and they will immediately abort theirmission.The role of a locksmith is very important when it comesto security matters. Your place and possessions will be100% safe if you depend on a skilled and trustworthylocksmith. His job is to save people from lockoutproblems, develop high defense over valuablebelongings and properties, and to repair and maintainsecurity systems in residential and commercialestablishments. These are the essential services inwhich locksmiths are expert with.On the other hand, it is not all about making profitswhen you have an enterprise being managed but it alsoaccompanied with a responsibility to protect it fromthieves. Finding the right lock specialist is crucialbecause it is serious task that must only be done by anexpert, reputable, and authorized person. Since thereare numerous locksmith companies nowadays, it is a bitchallenge for us to pick the best one to help us indeveloping security measures in our properties. But ifyou do an assessment and a background check, then itwill be easy to determine who the right one is.Overall, a business’ place will be kept away from riskswhen a business proprietor knows the importance ofprofessional locksmiths. The hard-earned investmentsand profits will be safe 24/7 and you will have anenjoyable venture knowing that your properties, yourstaff, and your family are safe from threats.