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What is a learning agreement   formulating one year 3 1 oct 2012
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What is a learning agreement formulating one year 3 1 oct 2012


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presentation to ba textile students at nuca

presentation to ba textile students at nuca

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Do you rememberthe first time you saton an aeroplane andit was about to takeoff?
  • 2. Formulating aLearning agreement why what how
  • 3. whatwhat interests you?
  • 4. whatwhat are your core ideas?
  • 5. whatwhy? - consider theevidence
  • 6. whywhy are you doing it?
  • 7. whatwhat do you want toachieve?what are you going to do?
  • 8. whattitle
  • 9. whatfocus on the issues youwish to pursueidentify your learningneeds
  • 10. whatdefine the scope andnature of the studyidentify access andresource issues
  • 11. howhow are you going toachieve the learningoutcomes of the unit?
  • 12. howhow does it relate to theaims and assessmentcriteria of the unit?
  • 13. practicaltimetablewhat can you actuallydo in the time you arewilling to give to thecourse? – be honest
  • 14. practicalbudgethow much are you actuallywilling to spend ?how much time are yougoing to give?
  • 15. practicalabilitydo you need to learn newskills ?
  • 16. contentbe clear and preciseabout what it is thatyou are planning to do
  • 17. contentthink about what youwould like to study andhow this relates toyour practice
  • 18. howhow do you achievesuccess?
  • 19. materials ambition - what are you going to do? titleprocesses context description of what you are audience interested of others what do you want at the end?
  • 20. timetableactivity 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9ResearchTestingSamplingFinal piecesCreatingpresentationPresentationPecha KuchaTrip
  • 21. ProposalWhy?Why are you doing it?connectionsvisionfuturerelate what you intend to do on this unit to the development ofyour practice and/or your professional knowledge/skills.
  • 22. ProposalWhat are you proposing to do?Be clear and precise about what it is that you are planning to do.What you would like to study?What you would like to produce?What you would like to achieve?Is it achievable?
  • 23. ProposalHow?State clearly how you will achieve your intentions.This may also refer to how you plan to present your work forassessment.
  • 24. ProposalAssessment WorkDescribe the work you intend to produce for assessment andhow it relates to the assessment requirements.Be as clear as possible about how and what you plan topresent.What form will it take? Although the amount of work involvedshould clearly equate to the number of study hours for the unit,this should be quality work and not just quantity.
  • 25. ProposalSchedule of WorkYou must devise a schedule of work clearly indicating how youplan to use your time while doing this work so that you can meetthe deadline.Your schedule of work is important, as it will tell you and yourtutors whether what you plan to do is feasible in the timeavailable.
  • 26. ProposalResourcesAre there any resources or workshop requirements that youcannot provide for yourself e.g. which workshops will you needto use, if any?