Images that relate to the proposal for Hughenden Manor


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images that support a proposal for public work at Hughenden Manor

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Images that relate to the proposal for Hughenden Manor

  1. 1. Les Bicknell – supporting images Hughenden Manor
  2. 2. Limited edition bookworks • These show - • layout and experimental typography • type as having multi-narratives.
  3. 3. Blickling Hall • This shows - • How £50.00 goes a long way. • 500 labels as bookworks planted in and around the gardens. • All based on the theme of water. • Forming a sort of trail which can be followed.
  4. 4. text benches • 26 text benches that function as small moments of contemplation on a footpath or by • Joining up 2 or more to get a longer narrative. • These can be read in any order to make your own sense Through a YOTA project I worked with the Poet Esther Morgan on with the generation of text which was used as content within the fabric of the route for numerous interventions. This included the creation of a set of postcards, benches, growing poetry in grass, new fences, crossing spaces and exhibitions in council offices, shops and post offices.
  5. 5. Marriott’s Way, cycle path, Norfolk County Council Planning and Transport Department. description - Working over 21 miles in liaison with 12 Parish Councils, Norwich City Council and Norfolk County Council on the development of an artistic vision for the path. Consultation sessions included user groups; horse riders, councillors, schools, cycle groups, fishermen and kids bunking off school. These 12 signposts explore the idea of the figure in the landscape and give both practical and spiritual direction.
  6. 6. signposts • 2 of the signposts on the Marriotts Way that explore the physical past and the relationship man has with the footpath.
  7. 7. Norwich Bales • 15 interventions into the Quayside in Norwich. • The work acts as a physical barrier prohibiting the parking of cars and also provides seating and a play area. • The texts reference the history of the space and the people who once lived there. • The shapes allude to bales which would once of laid on the Quayside awaiting collection.
  8. 8. Louth Meridian Line • 3 bronze sculptures and 12 text interventions in Louth – one of the habituated spaces on the Earth that has the Meridian Line running through it. • The conceptual line is marked by a physical line from text created from workshops with the people of Louth about a sense of place.
  9. 9. ‘Home Zone’, Suffolk County Council Environment and Planning Department. description - Retro-fit redesign of two streets in Lowestoft within the context of the national 'homezone' design criteria. Working with the residents of those streets, the business's, local and national services within the County Councils Environment and Planing Department. The work includes ‘text panels’, a new use of materials for bollards, non-play play lines, safe areas, time-travel referencing the history of past residents of the street and their occupations, text message speed bumps, stone flower car parking and the addition of trees and lighting.
  10. 10. Albany wall - Colchester Borough Council description - The creation of a work with Colchester Borough Council and the past residents and workers of the site of a derelict laundry in Albany gardens in the Hythe area of Colchester. The work celebrates the history of the site while providing a talking point for the new residents of area as well as visitors to the sea to town trail. The piece takes the form of 2 large granite pieces referencing the buildings demolished and also the ones newly built. You can walk between the stones are read the words which are generated from community involvement and sandblasted into it. The text is laid put as if one voice, the voice of the space which can be read and reread with each viewing so that the work does not age or to appear fully understood by individuals passing the work repeatedly. There are many stories within the piece - often conflicting and untrue - the beginnings of more urban myths.
  11. 11. South Norfolk District Council - Diss stones
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